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  1. Hype
    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from Ridgema in Welcome to Mabi Beats!   
    finally a NA mml site. QQ going to be a pain to transfer all the mmls to here.
  2. Jammin
    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from BrantSn in Welcome to Mabi Beats!   
    finally a NA mml site. QQ going to be a pain to transfer all the mmls to here.
  3. Like
    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from OpalDeerling in how to turn a midi to mml guide   
    never took a music class in my life alot of things im doing might be wrong. oh well
    Important letters in 3mle coding
    L= the length of all notes after it default is L4 which is a quarter note i think. basicly it makes all the notes in front of it the same more or less.
    T1~250=tempo  how fast your song is default is t120
    N= basicly a note in number form  n12 = o1c  n13o1c+  n14=o1d  n15=o1d+ and so on
    o1~7=ocatave   dunno how to explain this one moves your notes up and down.
    <> = same thing as o

    i used Initial D rage your dreams for this guide.
    first open 3mle go to file > import standard midi file> (whatever song u want) i used rage your dreams
    i used these options
    Velocity shows you the loudness of every note if u dont have this every note with have a default loudness of v8
    convert on midi tracks to multiple mml tracks shows all the hidden tracks. theres is 6 tracks in this one if u dont select it u only get 1 track.
    even though it has 6 tracks we are going to make it a solo song.

    click ok should look like this now

    now do this makes coding easier,

    i like to do 3-5 sections at a time. easier to break song down in small parts.
    double click on that note where the black arrow is. It will highlight a+ on the bottom of screen copy that and the rest of the text behind it
    r2.v7l8ga+v11>c4cd+c4.d+d4<a+ga+4g+a+    ull get that. open up a new 3mle window and paste it in track 1
    now we are going to do track 2 and stoping on the same point where track 1 ends

    we are going to use those notes. some people are going to say theres 3 different colours on there dont i need 3 tracks to fit them all in.
    if u look closely all the notes are staggered so u can fit them all in one track u just have to make some notes shorter.
    just hover over the bars too see what notes they are if u cant eye it out.

    the bright blue notes is how the track 2 should look like.
    r1<l8d+g>d+c<g+d+>d+c<a+g>fd<rg>d<a+  ull get this code.
    r1o3d+8g8o4d+8c8o3g+8d+8o4d+8c8o3a+8g8o4f8d8r8o3g8o4d8o3a+8 or like this if your bad it coding  they are the same code just the first one is more optimized.
    now for track 3

    we will be using that part for track 3 there are 2 easys ways do this

    click on the pink track. double click that bar and select all that code u see on that screenshot
    or u can change all those pink o2r1l4.b+r8g+r8a+r8gr8 note to
    o2r1l2b+g+a+g this one save more space since track 3 has the least amount of maximum notes.

    now copy those 3 new tracks u made on a new 3mle window and u shoud get something like this should sound more or less the same as the orginal 6 track midi.
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    🎶Flameberge reacted to Rydian in Dumping & Converting Video Game Soundtracks With VGMTrans   
    - Intro
    Older video game systems didn't have the capability for long recorded audio data.  Even if they could handle modern compression like MP3 (while still running the game on top), storage space was a limiting factor.  While your average MP3 might measure a few megabytes for one song, compare that to the entirety of Super Mario World for the SNES, which is 512KB (half a megabyte)!  Getting futher back, the original Legend of Zelda for the NES measures just 128KB, which is 1/8th of a megabyte.
    For these games, they used sequenced music instead.  That is, they had musical notation (which notes from which instrument go where), and then they either generated the samples using FM synthesis (NES/Genesis and such), or had tiny little pre-recorded samples that they pitch-shifted and used repeatedly (SNES/PSX and such).
    What does this have to do with Mabinogi?  Well, MML is also a sequenced format and uses the second method, it's musical notation using pre-recorded instrument samples.  Since older game systems used sequenced music, it can be converted into various other sequenced formats (like MIDI and then MML).  VGMTrans is a dedicated program for dumping and converting sequenced music from old video games.
    VGMTrans: https://github.com/vgmtrans/vgmtrans/releases
    - Why?
    Why go through all the trouble of making MIDI conversions instead of using an existing MIDI?
    1 - MIDIs don't exist for everything, for more obscure games or tracks they tend to be missing or you only have low-quality options.
    2 - This method dumps the audio from the game itself, getting you as close to the original composition as you can reasonably get.  The tempo is what the game used, the notes will be what the game used, you can see how many tracks there are, etc.
    2 - You don't have to deal with various "tricks" people do in MIDIs that make the resulting import messier and harder to handle (like strange timing, splitting something across too many tracks, reliance on effects instead of notation, and more annoyances).
    - Dumping The Music
    As far as actually getting the raw music data from the games, you have three options.
    A - If you intend to dump music from specific container formats that VGMTrans natively browses (like the Nintendo DS), you're in luck because you can just drag and drop an .NDS ROM onto the open VGMTrans window.
    B - For most formats you can just download archives of dumped soundtracks.  The VGMTrans page lists the formats it supports along with the common file extensions, and some googling can find collections.  While many are on Zophar's Domain in one form or another, there's also dedicated sites for specific consoles, such as http://snesmusic.org.
    C - For most systems you'll have to dump/extract the audio files from ROMs/ISOs yourself using various tools before VGMTrans will parse them.  This may involve using an emulator to play the game and using a function to dump audio data when it's playing (SNES), browsing the disc image to find the music files (PSX/PS2), or specific tools that can browse ROMs/ISOs.  The exact procedure differs from system to system (and even different tools for different types of audio on the same system) so I'm not going to attempt to walk you through this.  A good place to start would be the tools section on Zophar's Domain (choose the system on the left and browse the tools).
    (You will not get any help on downloading ROMs/ISOs from me.)
    - Converting The Music
    Once you have VGMTrans open, you can simply open your file(s) in it.  You could also drag and drop the files in if you happen to have a large collection you want to browse at once.  VGMTrans will parse the files (shown in the upper-left) and any recognized tracks it can deal with will be displayed in a scrolling list at the bottom.

    (You may need to resize things to properly browse a bunch of tracks at once.)
    Depending on the type of files you're dealing with, you may see only file names, internal names (as in the screenshot), or even titled tracks.  Clicking one and then pressing the space bar (or clicking the play button in the top toolbar) will preview the track for you.
    Note that VGMTrans is still a work in progress and may crash when attempting to play some tracks, especially dummied-out or test tracks in some games, since they can be missing vital data or might be in different unsupported formats from earlier in the game's development.
    Once you've found a track you want, right-click and and choose "Save as MIDI and DLS."  Choose the place to save the file, and there's your dumped and converted MIDI ready to be imported into 3MLE!

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    🎶Flameberge reacted to Miyoshino in MML adjustments for MusicQ patch   
    MML adjustments for MusicQ patch 
    Original post by @colimoshirabell (a.k.a. シラベル in JP Mari server)
    She says this is mere guidelines, and test listening would be necessary after all.
    Other instruments not mentioned here requires no adjustment.
    Ukulele: increased velocity, peak suppressed (like fig. B)
     v5- -> -1
    Mandolin: decreased velocity
     v13- -> +2
     v4-v12 -> +1
    Lyre: decreased velocity, faster decay
     v12- -> +3 (but lyre's v15 note is apt to make an attack noise)
     v8-11 -> +2
     v3-7 -> +1
    Piano: increased velocity, faster decay
     v13- -> -3
     v8-12 -> -2
     v3-7 -> -1
    Harp: dropped an octave, faster decay, attack noise fixed
     raise an octave (oN -> oN+1)
     now o5d+ and higher notes sounds keener. you may want to reduce their velocity by 1
    Violin: increased velocity, capped duration (3 sec or so)
     v13- -> -3 (comparison of the first 1 sec)
     v8-12 -> -2
     v3-7 -> -1
    Cello: increased velocity, capped duration (3 sec or so), pitch bug fixed (o6d+/o6f+)
     v13- -> -3 (comparison of the first 1 sec)
     v8-12 -> -2
     v3-7 -> -1
    Electric Guiter: timing bug of distortion part fixed
     if you manually fixed the bugged timings, romeve the fix
    [Wind Instruments]
    Whistle: decreased velocity
     v9- -> +2
     v3-8 -> +1
    Chalumeau: decreased velocity
     v9 -> +5
     v7-8 -> +4
     v5-6 -> +3
     v3-4 -> +2
     v1-2 -> +1
    Flute: decreased velocity
     v9 -> +4
     v6-8 -> +3
     v3-5 -> +2
     v1-2 -> +1
     (fyi, o5f+ to o6c are slightly less affected and o6g+ to o6b are slightly more affected)
    Roncadora: decreased velocity
     v11- -> +3
     v7-10 -> +2
     v3-6 -> +1
    Bass Drum: peak suppressed, the special sound of 02d+ removed, slightly lower pitch
     replace the o2d+ sound (if any) with something
    Snare Drum: increased velocity, peak suppressed
     v7- -> -1
    Cymbals: increased velocity, peak suppressed
     v9 -> -2
     v3-8 -> -1
    Hand Chimes: decreased velocity
     v8- -> +2
     v3-7 -> +1
    *if the faster decay or capped duration matter, replace single long notes with 
     multiple short notes (ex. c1&c1&c1 -> c1c1c1) or use another instrument.

    edit. typo

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    🎶Flameberge reacted to 👑Bran in PSA To Visitors Looking For MMLs   
    If you're planning on posting MML arrangements from here onto the bard board, please give credit to the maker of the arrangement.
    Most composers here don't care regardless, but there are some like me that take pride in their work, especially if we're throwing in a couple of hours minimum into making the MML.
    (Me, personally, I have to transcribe mine from scratch or transfer scores to MuseScore and arrange them from there. If you've ever done those before, you'll know that both processes take a lot of time.)
    All of the submissions may be free for the picking, but that does not mean that you're allowed to take all of the credit of the MMLs you choose.
    The same thing also applies if you're submitting MMLs from Naver's MabiCafe site and/or other Mabinogi sites onto Mabi Beats. Just giving a heads up, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    🎶Flameberge reacted to 🎶Kyubeii in This Shit Serious?   
    Welp i saw somebody named "Curple" upload my unravel for chime on the bard bulleting but that person didnt seem to bother crediting in the comment even tho the time it takes to do so is less than 10 seconds so i decided to note, enjoy.

    So first i noted the person why he/she uploaded my song without permission nor credit:

    Welp afterwards i told the person u can credit using the comment section since u have to write something in anyways.

    So i asked the person to delete it 

    I said he/she can just keep it on but atleast have the manners to add in the comment who made it

    Welp since the person obviously lacked a brain i asked again to delete it

    I told the person i hoped that in ten years he /she would develope manners 

    So since the person obviously tried to  make it sound like im the bad guy here i told the person instead of just stealing it to put the name in the comment since it takes about 10 seconds to write in the comment who made it but way longer to transcribe music for the game. This reply was the best i got by far.

    I replied with the fact that most of the music played on alexina originated from here and that we are the ones making the goddam n music for it.

    From there on i stopped replying since well, i felt my braincells dissapearing the longer i seemed to bother with that person.
    But that didnt stop her/him from writing 2 more notes

    So while i was laughing another note dropped in

    I simply replied with , maybe for attention? idk i dont have ur problems.

    Well i told the person that i dont have to  upload all of my music again on a broken bard bulletin in where the search doesnt even work right.

    5 months ago was when i deleted all of my stuff on here and there was nothing before i added some back and the tokyo ghoul for chime was in there so clearly a lie but meh 

    So i told the person i already found others that actually do upload songs and claiming its theirs

    Finally the person seems to understand after all this time. Case Closed.
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from 🌟Yasuno in what are you buying on black friday.   
    this better be on sale.
    nexcon isnt getting my money.
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    🎶Flameberge reacted to 👑opalthira in The Scariest Little Ghost event guide   
    NOTE: I found a forum thread with all the answers on it  you can find it here:http://mabinogi.nexon.net/Community/forums#%2Fshowthread.php%3F1556027-The-Endings-You-Got-The-Choices-You-Made-(Little-Ghost-Event-Possible-Spoilers)%26nxid%3D10
    However I have also posted the answers on this thread as well Enjoy.
    I would recommend trying to do this event on your own first so that you can enjoy it more. 
    I figured i would post how to get the all the ending for the event so that people don't get too stumped. 
    This guide should be spoiler free.

    Aflie 1: (This one works)
    Find the little ghost
    Who says you need to be scary?
    I know i know
    I want to go to the haunted house
    Leave him alone
    Fight Colton
    Fight Colton again
    Tell me about your past
    We should go together

    Alfie 2:
    Find the little Ghost
    So what happened Yesterday?
    Take your time
    (Fight Colton again)
    I saw Colton
    It is better to know
    We should go together 
    Look behind you

    Kyle 1: (This one works)
    Haunted House
    You should be more kind to your brother
    I was there for a minute
    (use force)
    Is that really best for him?
    Will you think it over once more?
    Kyle 2: 
    Haunted House
    You should be more kind to your brother
    I was there for a minute
    (use your words)
    (Use force)/Will you think it over once more?
    Colton 1: (This one works)
    Go to the pasture
    Force him to listen
    What happened Yesterday?
    Its his fault
    See Kyle
    Tell the little ghost to pretend he doesn't know
    Who are you talking about?
    Colton 2 
    (Wait for him to talk)
    No its not his fault
    Go see Kyle
    Give him a sincere apology
    William 1 (This one works)
    You intrigue me...
    We should go back to the house together
    With the little Ghost
    Not with those intentions
    Because this is best for everyone
    William 2 
    Go to William
    You intrigue me...
    We should go to the house together
    With the little ghost
    I will not stop you
    Because you are wrong
    I will continue to update feel free to add your choices on here as well. 
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from 🎶Lachesis in How to make midis with only 3 tracks?   
    depends on the midi your using midis that uses alot of instruments have more tracks. if the midi your using is just one instrument it could have 5 notes playing at once in some parts which will give you 5 tracks. You more or less have to manually edit it to 3 tracks.
    taking a guess could be wrong.
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    🎶Flameberge reacted to 🎶Viersell in something thats been bugging me   
    I have been noticing that some songs in request and fulfilled are being put in fulfilled and closed when not all the requests are met, Example Wolfyboy's FFXIV request had 2 songs Answers and Fallen angel only one of them was fulfilled the other was not. a request was made for a Hatsuni Miku boos theme song thing, and it was never fulfilled yet it's in fulfilled there is more but I'm not gonna list every single one out. Not trying to pick or or be rude or anything, but PLEASE make sure when you are closing a topic from requested that ALL requested are fulfilled not half done as it looks bad on us in the site and in game as well. so if only one song is done then please make a new thread for the finished one and close that and leave the not fulfilled one in the requested as it's Still a active request. thank you in advance.
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from 🎶Telmes in something thats been bugging me   
    tell them to put a youtube link of the song they are requesting too.
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from 🎶Viersell in something thats been bugging me   
    tell them to put a youtube link of the song they are requesting too.
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from 🌟Yasuno in Unable to log into Mabinogi?   
    mabi works just got back from work too.
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    🎶Flameberge reacted to 🎶Atoyume in [Fulfilled] ERASED Opening   
    Here ya go sounds best on Mandolin, at Rank 1:
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from Cima in Want to see a game MADE FOR PROS!   
    tetris more hard core
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    🎶Flameberge reacted to 🚩ADirtyCouch in [Fulfilled] Can anyone make this song Time is a Place?   
    Hope this is to your liking.
    Rank 4 Piano: 
    Rank F Cello:
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from 🌟Yasuno in The new music partner   
    rank 4 playing at level 70 wiki lies
    think it might gain 1 rank of playing every 10 levels after 50.
    think level 100 will give u rank 1 playing
    level 79 partner now level it tommarow to see if it gets rank 3 playing
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from 🎶Atoyume in [Fulfilled] Undertale songs!!   
    ill try the first video.
    [email protected]+ra+2grb+ra2g4>c4c<a+gafefgd2l4ab+a+2>ecdfl8edce<a+4>d4c<gab+a2r1.l16o0a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+v14a+4>c4v10ddddddddddddddddddddddddd4f4o0a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+>ccccccccccccccccl8da>d<ada>d<ac2r2l16o0a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+a+4>c4ddddddddddddddddddddddddv14d4f4v13l32o0ga+g2.&g8.ab+a2.&a8.a+n15a+2.&a+8.>cegc4.&cv13l8>frerl16dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4c8.g8.f8ed8c8.e8dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4c8.g8.f8ed8c8.e8>dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4c8.g8.f8ed8c8.e8dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4c8.g8.f8ed8c8.e8dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4c8.g8.f8ed8c8.e8dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4dfefd8.d8efb+a4l8c+.g.fe16dc.ed2.<a>cd4.fg16fe.fd2<aa16>cc16fe2v13d.f.gl16o0a+v10>fa+fn10fa+fn10fa+fn10fa+fcgb+gcgb+gcgb+gcgb+gda>d<ada>d<ada>d<ada>d<acgb+gcgb+gcgb+gcgb+gn10fa+fn10fa+fn10fa+fn10fa+fcgb+gcgb+gcgb+gcgb+gda>d<ada>d<av15d8a8>d8f8v13c<ab+a>c8f8e8dc+.r.e8>fedcd8<a8b8.g8.def8.g8db+8a2v14>fedcd8<a8b8.g8.def8.e8ce8d2v12gfd+dd+dcd+d8.<a8.a>dd+fd+dca+agf8g8a8.bb+bagagaba8.d8.v15def8.e8.c8d4.def8.e8.c8d4.def8.e8.c8d4.del8f.e.cd4.cl4drc-rdrc-ra2,v10l8<frarv12g2v10ergrv12f2v10drfrv12e2v10crdr<v12a2>v10frarv12g2v10b+rgrv12a2aga>cd4<fre32f32e16dcev14d2r1v12<f4a4g4.ad.e.fa2v14f4a4v12g4.ad.e.b+a2ara+r>c4.d<f.g16ga>c4.d<f.>e.cl2<afgl4v14fav12g.l8ad.e.fa2v15f4a4v13g4.ad.e.b+a2v14a4a+4>c4.d<f.g16ga>c4.d<f.>e.c<a2f2g2v12o0frfrv10l2a+a+>cco0aaaaa+a+>cco0aaaav11l4a+a+8.a+16ra+>cc8.c16rco0aa8.a16raa2a2a+a+8.a+16ra+>cc8.c16rco0aa8.a16raa2a2a+a+8.a+16ra+>cc8.c16rco0aa8.a16raa2a2a+a+8.a+16ra+>cc8.c16rco0aa8.a16ral8a>c+eal4n25c+l8.n10df8a+2ceg8b+2da>d8f2<ceg8v14dfl8g>>a2.fga4.gfg16e.rd2.fga4.gfl16ge8.b+ra2.f8g8a4.g8f8ge8.crd1v9l2<<cc+l8da>da<gb>dgn22c<a>ed<afdda>d<ao0gb>dga+co0a>edo0af>do0a+a+>ga+da>d<do0a+a+>ga+v13def4f2v9>d<afv11dl8.ddd8ddd8eee8eee8ddd8ddd8eee8eee8dl16dr8drd8.dr8drd8.d8.drd8.dr8drd2,l2rv12o2drcr1.<fr>dre4r.e4r.dr1l4v10dd<a+2a+ra+2v14a+a+l2>drdd4f4grv12grddel4v13dd<v11a+2a+ra+2a+a+l2>drdv13d4f4grv11grddel8<v13frerl2v10ffggddeeffggddeev11l4ff8.f16rfgg8.g16rgdd8.d16rde2e2ff8.f16rfgg8.g16rgdd8.d16rde2e2ff8.f16rfgg8.g16rgdd8.d16rde2e2ff8.f16rfgg8.g16rgdd8.d16rdr1>f2.rl2grfrgv13l8f.g.f>d2.ccc2c.c.c<f2.>ddc2c.c.rd2.<a+a+>c2c.c.r<f1v9l2<gar>g4r.drg4r.<ara4r.>d8e8f4rl8.f<ar8o0v11a+a+a+8a+a+a+8>ccc8ccc8o0a+a+a+8a+a+a+8>ccc8ccc8al16.ara16r16g8.br>d8l8.<aal16arg8.b.r.ara2;  
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    🎶Flameberge reacted to 🎶Viersell in Project Final Fantasy: By Viersell Averos   
    I'd like to share some near and dear to my heart I have been working on using 3mle as a base as well as keyboard. But I have been working on songs not for mabi but for my own entertainment and I've started a project of covers in the tone of MML of FFXIV and other Final Fantasy games as well. I'd like to share what I have so far and I hope you all enjoy this.
    I hope to make a album of this work.


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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from Endymion0 in Hai Sabina~   
    sabina feminist comfrimed censors people who questions her by banning Kappa.
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from Don_Vader in A Question Worth Asking   
    get more str
    str gives u more def so you will be more tanky.
    get rank 1 final hit
    get rank 1 lulluby to stall monsters so u can pick them off 1 by 1.
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    🎶Flameberge got a reaction from 🎶Darkfire16 in A Question Worth Asking   
    get more str
    str gives u more def so you will be more tanky.
    get rank 1 final hit
    get rank 1 lulluby to stall monsters so u can pick them off 1 by 1.
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    🎶Flameberge reacted to 🚩Falaflame in A Question Worth Asking   
    You should consider taking up lances, as that will boost your Strength considerably. Since your main source of damage comes from close combat weapons, and your damage from said weapons come off of Str, it's good to take up skillsets that reward large amounts of Str.
    Rank everything on Knight talent to 1 except for Lance Counter. Rank that to r1 only if you plan on maining lances (as some of the end-game lance enchants do require r1 in Lance Counter), but otherwise leave that for last.

    Once you've mastered Lance talent, you could as well move on to Ninja, as that's your next major source of Str. However, this skill is extremely grindy, and will require a major test of patience. (Trust me, Ive went through it. It REALLY tested my patience.) You can rank every single skill in Ninja except for Explosive Kunai (r2) and Smokescreen (r3).
    Once you've mastered Ninja, you can work on Carpentry, as that's another major source of Strength. This one is almost as bad, and may even consume some money if you're not already well-versed with Weaving. What I suggest doing is buying a bunch of Carpentry Woodworking Planes, and keep (regular) reforging them until you get Carpentry Exp 2 level on the plane. That way you can avoid the dumb requirements like "create a signed bow" as that is completely luck-based. That being said, be prepared to Harvest Song a lot, and I may suggest doing speed-upgrades on your Lumber Axes, as this WILL take a while.

    I dont even think you even need to rank Handicraft under Carpentry Talent to master it. But if you do, I'd say raising it to B is probably best. That was my rank when I got Master Carpenter.
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    🎶Flameberge reacted to 🚩Blargel in Too Much Copy Pasting   
    Your request is being taken care of right now by one of our SSR members.
    This is just my opinion, but I feel like if your song is popular enough to be played a lot, even if no one knows you made it, it's something be proud about.
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