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  1. Don_Vader

    What feature would you like?

    I don't know, but more Cowbell is a start.
  2. So like, the other day I was playing Mabinogi, I think you guys may have heard of this game. If not....well...your like is clearly better than ours. Anyways, I was playing and hanging around Alexina CH3 and I was playing my piano with friends in dunbarton and all of a sudden my Piano disspawned as I was playing. I thought it was so weird, but it got even weirder. Someone setup a shop and I got teleported there. So of course, keeping my calm I said to my friends" WHAT THE WHIPPERSNAPPER IS GOING ON?!?!?! SAVE ME BABY HAYSUESS" (Actual player on Alexina too) And the following photos shows this. And at one point I noticed that when people summoned AOE pet or people sat down in chairs, I would be summoned too and on top of them even if I wasn't using Playing Instrument, and so with that in mind, the following screen shots capture that night.
  3. Don_Vader

    [Alexina] Emain Concert 11/7/2015

    I think I may be late this time....//12:32AM
  4. Don_Vader

    Those Who Loves Undertale and Kazoos

    Thanks little buddy... this makes my day a ton better....A skele-TON
  5. Don_Vader

    Undertale Jam Bands~

    When at 1:34 on Death By Glamour that flute takes over...
  6. Don_Vader

    Undertale Jam Bands~

    I don't think I can forgive myself for having missed this....
  7. Don_Vader

    Yael Naim - New Soul

    Very recognizable and endearing. Wonderfully done Duffie.
  8. Very recognizable and endearing. Wonderfully done Duffie.
  9. Don_Vader

    Is dis Fo' Shizzle?

    cOOOOooool B) Thanks little buddies...
  10. Don_Vader

    Is dis Fo' Shizzle?

    So I keep seeing these "500k for 10k NX" scrolls around Mabi servers as I go shopping and I am more than sure that they are fake, but I wanted to ask you guys what you guys thought about it? Could they be.... Fo' Shizzle?
  11. Don_Vader

    A Question Worth Asking

    Sure! Sounds like a good ole time
  12. Don_Vader

    A Question Worth Asking

    Thanks Guys! I will get to working on your suggestions and I'll check in with you guys later about it. ; )
  13. Don_Vader

    A Question Worth Asking

    To begin, it has been a long while since I posted on MabiBeats, granted it had been a long while since I had played Mabinogi itself. However, I am glad to be getting back into the groove of things with a fervor. I apologies to MabiBeats and its' creators for being a unproductive user, which I hope to rectify. It was hard to think of something to Post considering I'm not the most educated on how to socialize on the Internet, or compose music by means of MML or related Material... But, now I'm trying to not let that discourage me. So to my question... What do you guys think is important to rank up and skills to acquire as a player on Mabinogi to really hold their own in even the hardest of Challenges? For me, I am a Master Warrior, Great Bard and Great Apothcary post Cumulative level 100 (H) but still feel weak. I have many skills R1 or nearly r1 but when I enter places like Peaca, or even Hard Shadow Missions, I have to run out, if I can, in order to not die. It's not like I don't have decent equipment that are useless, but I feel uncomfortable buying things for a online game, cause I've spend hundreds like that before... I don't like Magic because that's never been my thing plus....SPOOPY so no... magic even if it is op and makes you insta-powerful in this game These are my stats with no weapons equiped with RK Gaunlets and RK Boots I look forward to your replies, I'm genuinely curious and would let your input guys.
  14. Don_Vader

    A Little Comic...

    You guys know what favorite area in Mabi and on a women is.... The Pantay Region... AYEAYEAYEAYEAYEAYEAYEAEYEAYEAYEYAYEAEEEEEEEEEEEEE
  15. Don_Vader

    Free Drawings Of Your Character/Characters!

    Okay, now I'm jelly.. I see when you're hunched over in your chair ​for a few hours drawing you're really are doing something kinda cool. So...... Draw me.
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