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something thats been bugging me

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I have been noticing that some songs in request and fulfilled are being put in fulfilled and closed when not all the requests are met, Example Wolfyboy's FFXIV request had 2 songs Answers and Fallen angel only one of them was fulfilled the other was not. a request was made for a Hatsuni Miku boos theme song thing, and it was never fulfilled yet it's in fulfilled there is more but I'm not gonna list every single one out. Not trying to pick or or be rude or anything, but PLEASE make sure when you are closing a topic from requested that ALL requested are fulfilled not half done as it looks bad on us in the site and in game as well. so if only one song is done then please make a new thread for the finished one and close that and leave the not fulfilled one in the requested as it's Still a active request. thank you in advance.

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13 hours ago, Lachesis said:

Maybe we could also, for each request thread only ask for one song, and 

make one thread per song.

this would avoid the "half-done" issue altogether and also would look more organized imo.

Agreed. I believe the Mabinogi forums do something similar for their suggestions and bug reports.

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Thats because technically there is a rule of 1 topic per request because its to much to keep track of a topic with 18 requests. I can see how keeping it in one topic is actually better from an organization stand point. But when you have 18 requests, and it sits there for 8 months because people forgot about it and only fulfilled 2 it ends up leaving clutter and being confusing.

I meant to outline the 1 request per topic rule, but i forgot.

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