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  1. I'm burnt out from MHW and you just had to bring this piece into MS2. It's like I never left at all.
  2. ADirtyCouch

    Rune Factory 4 - Winter

  3. ADirtyCouch

    Touhou 15.5 - Shining Armillary Sphere

  4. ADirtyCouch

    Touhou 15.5 - Title 4

  5. It's normal to not attach anything, Yasuno and I have to go over submissions first before we generate the previews and downloads when we approve them.
  6. All this time all it took was placing it before the tie, I'm dead.
  7. From what I know, it is not possible to have a tempo change within a tie on the same track. When you enter in the tie, what comes next should be the note you're trying to extend. Since the added tempo change comes right after the tie instead of a note, you can say the tie gets used up and the next note gets played separately because of it.
  8. ADirtyCouch

    White Album 2 - Utawarerumono

  9. ADirtyCouch

    White Album 2 - Utawarerumono

  10. ADirtyCouch

    Dragon Ball OST - Red Ribbon Army

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