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    🚩ADirtyCouch got a reaction from dotvu in Is it possible to change tempo within a tie on the same track?   
    All this time all it took was placing it before the tie, I'm dead.
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to Kairos in Going from midi to MS2, including tempo changes   
    Finally decided to post my guide here. Doubt its the best and I'm sure someone will make a better one once GMS2 is released, but I haven't seen a video guide that goes over all this information yet. I did make a few mistakes but its good enough.
    Somethings I could have explained better were note lengths and character limits.
    Note length explanation:
    1 = whole note
    2 = half note
    4 = quarter note
    So two half notes equals a whole note, four quarter notes is a whole note, sixteen 32nd notes is a half note. Just a little bit of basic math.

    Character limits:
    MapleStory 2 has 3 different music sheets, one for 3000 characters, one for 5000, and one for 10,000. The 10k sheet is locked by default, you will need to unlock it (which can be done by just playing music and leveling up your mastery). 3ML will show you the amount of characters used in a track at the bottom.
    Midi used in this video can be found here:
    I've also posted the final product here:
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to Retsamehtmai in [Nao] Monthly Ornac Music Contests   
    In case you missed this month’s music contest, here is a video recap :D


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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to Kairos in Is it possible to change tempo within a tie on the same track?   
    Yes this is possible. I have a song that has 2 tempo changes, using this "at120&a1t60&a" plays it all like a single note. This song has 9 tracks and tempo changes are a pain. You just have to put the tempo change before the tie. 
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to Retsamehtmai in [Nao] Monthly Ornac Music Contests   
    Hello all!
    My guild, Ornac, currently hosts music contest every month (on a sunday) on Tarlach. Here's a video recap of the most recent one:
    Contests are held at Emain Macha stage around 3pmPST, ch7. Each contest has a theme that can give you bonus points if your song fits it. In order to enter, you must use a song that you've made, no copypastas. First prize is a steam card, 2m gold and a composition item if you need one. The next contest is scheduled for May 20th with the theme "Baroque"!
    Main forum with more detailed rules here: http://forums.mabinogi.nexon.net/discussion/1177/ornac-events-and-offerings
    Please let me know if you have any questions!
    -S- Sahmei -S-
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    🚩ADirtyCouch got a reaction from 🌟Yasuno in Where am I able to get the festival instruments?   
    Currently they aren't attainable yet, despite being able to be previewed in the in game composer UI.  We do have access to the tuned variants though, which sound the same as their festival equivalents and can be obtained by using handicraft.  You'll need a tuning kit from the musical math dungeon and the instrument you want tuned, though not all instruments can be tuned.  Only the flute, whistle, violin, cello and their milky way versions can be tuned as of this moment.
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to Rydian in Dumping & Converting Video Game Soundtracks With VGMTrans   
    - Intro
    Older video game systems didn't have the capability for long recorded audio data.  Even if they could handle modern compression like MP3 (while still running the game on top), storage space was a limiting factor.  While your average MP3 might measure a few megabytes for one song, compare that to the entirety of Super Mario World for the SNES, which is 512KB (half a megabyte)!  Getting futher back, the original Legend of Zelda for the NES measures just 128KB, which is 1/8th of a megabyte.
    For these games, they used sequenced music instead.  That is, they had musical notation (which notes from which instrument go where), and then they either generated the samples using FM synthesis (NES/Genesis and such), or had tiny little pre-recorded samples that they pitch-shifted and used repeatedly (SNES/PSX and such).
    What does this have to do with Mabinogi?  Well, MML is also a sequenced format and uses the second method, it's musical notation using pre-recorded instrument samples.  Since older game systems used sequenced music, it can be converted into various other sequenced formats (like MIDI and then MML).  VGMTrans is a dedicated program for dumping and converting sequenced music from old video games.
    VGMTrans: https://github.com/vgmtrans/vgmtrans/releases
    - Why?
    Why go through all the trouble of making MIDI conversions instead of using an existing MIDI?
    1 - MIDIs don't exist for everything, for more obscure games or tracks they tend to be missing or you only have low-quality options.
    2 - This method dumps the audio from the game itself, getting you as close to the original composition as you can reasonably get.  The tempo is what the game used, the notes will be what the game used, you can see how many tracks there are, etc.
    2 - You don't have to deal with various "tricks" people do in MIDIs that make the resulting import messier and harder to handle (like strange timing, splitting something across too many tracks, reliance on effects instead of notation, and more annoyances).
    - Dumping The Music
    As far as actually getting the raw music data from the games, you have three options.
    A - If you intend to dump music from specific container formats that VGMTrans natively browses (like the Nintendo DS), you're in luck because you can just drag and drop an .NDS ROM onto the open VGMTrans window.
    B - For most formats you can just download archives of dumped soundtracks.  The VGMTrans page lists the formats it supports along with the common file extensions, and some googling can find collections.  While many are on Zophar's Domain in one form or another, there's also dedicated sites for specific consoles, such as http://snesmusic.org.
    C - For most systems you'll have to dump/extract the audio files from ROMs/ISOs yourself using various tools before VGMTrans will parse them.  This may involve using an emulator to play the game and using a function to dump audio data when it's playing (SNES), browsing the disc image to find the music files (PSX/PS2), or specific tools that can browse ROMs/ISOs.  The exact procedure differs from system to system (and even different tools for different types of audio on the same system) so I'm not going to attempt to walk you through this.  A good place to start would be the tools section on Zophar's Domain (choose the system on the left and browse the tools).
    (You will not get any help on downloading ROMs/ISOs from me.)
    - Converting The Music
    Once you have VGMTrans open, you can simply open your file(s) in it.  You could also drag and drop the files in if you happen to have a large collection you want to browse at once.  VGMTrans will parse the files (shown in the upper-left) and any recognized tracks it can deal with will be displayed in a scrolling list at the bottom.

    (You may need to resize things to properly browse a bunch of tracks at once.)
    Depending on the type of files you're dealing with, you may see only file names, internal names (as in the screenshot), or even titled tracks.  Clicking one and then pressing the space bar (or clicking the play button in the top toolbar) will preview the track for you.
    Note that VGMTrans is still a work in progress and may crash when attempting to play some tracks, especially dummied-out or test tracks in some games, since they can be missing vital data or might be in different unsupported formats from earlier in the game's development.
    Once you've found a track you want, right-click and and choose "Save as MIDI and DLS."  Choose the place to save the file, and there's your dumped and converted MIDI ready to be imported into 3MLE!

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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to Mairujyat in Hi and stuff!   
    Kinda found this site by chance - I've been an avid Mabi player since it hit NA back in 2008, though never did much with the composition skill until recently (never felt ambitious to really chase it down, haha). Incidentally I've been pursuing a career in music composition (mostly retro-sounding stuff and 90s RPG-sounding noises), so since coming back to the game after I think a 2-ish year hiatus the MML side of things has been pretty fun to play with here and there!
    I'm mostly kinda interested in writing as well as transcribing original compositions and using Mabinogi's MML as a sort of playground to mess with MML formatting, and just ease into figuring out how to use it, as I'm more used to MIDI spreadsheet formatting, or the piano roll in FL Studio. I've already put down two arrangements of a couple of my songs on the in-game bard board, but I think MabiBeats might have that feature beat (OH NO A PUN!!!!!). One of them's a solo thing for lyre, the other's a HORRIFYING 16-PIECE MESS BECAUSE THE MUSIC Q UPDATE TEMPTED ME - I also have no idea how the latter one sounds though because I haven't found a good way to hear them all play at once - and finding 16 players in-game for a jam session is pretty hard, turns out! lol
    Speaking of original compositions - is there a section or category for them? I see a lot of genres but I kinda have no idea where to put my stuff later down the line. lol
    Anyway, I'm looking forward to being a member of the MabiBeats community!
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to 👑Aeronica in Mabinogi Anonymous   
    I was a semi-hardcore fashionogi and player of music and jams on Alexina for a number of years. I helped maintain the guildstone of Hetalia until we decided neither of us wanted to invest in the service to keep it up. Hetalia was less a guild and more of a fan club anyway. I was known then as Vitorika. These days I'll logon to Mabinogi just to see what all the kids are wearing these days. My days of spending too much money on NX and chasing rare items have passed, but My enjoyment of Mabinogi Music and MML has not stopped. Over the last year or so I've been working on a project to bring a little bit of MML to Minecraft. Your input and ideas are welcome. 
    You can find me on the Mabi beats discord channel.
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to Miyoshino in MML adjustments for MusicQ patch   
    MML adjustments for MusicQ patch 
    Original post by @colimoshirabell (a.k.a. シラベル in JP Mari server)
    She says this is mere guidelines, and test listening would be necessary after all.
    Other instruments not mentioned here requires no adjustment.
    Ukulele: increased velocity, peak suppressed (like fig. B)
     v5- -> -1
    Mandolin: decreased velocity
     v13- -> +2
     v4-v12 -> +1
    Lyre: decreased velocity, faster decay
     v12- -> +3 (but lyre's v15 note is apt to make an attack noise)
     v8-11 -> +2
     v3-7 -> +1
    Piano: increased velocity, faster decay
     v13- -> -3
     v8-12 -> -2
     v3-7 -> -1
    Harp: dropped an octave, faster decay, attack noise fixed
     raise an octave (oN -> oN+1)
     now o5d+ and higher notes sounds keener. you may want to reduce their velocity by 1
    Violin: increased velocity, capped duration (3 sec or so)
     v13- -> -3 (comparison of the first 1 sec)
     v8-12 -> -2
     v3-7 -> -1
    Cello: increased velocity, capped duration (3 sec or so), pitch bug fixed (o6d+/o6f+)
     v13- -> -3 (comparison of the first 1 sec)
     v8-12 -> -2
     v3-7 -> -1
    Electric Guiter: timing bug of distortion part fixed
     if you manually fixed the bugged timings, romeve the fix
    [Wind Instruments]
    Whistle: decreased velocity
     v9- -> +2
     v3-8 -> +1
    Chalumeau: decreased velocity
     v9 -> +5
     v7-8 -> +4
     v5-6 -> +3
     v3-4 -> +2
     v1-2 -> +1
    Flute: decreased velocity
     v9 -> +4
     v6-8 -> +3
     v3-5 -> +2
     v1-2 -> +1
     (fyi, o5f+ to o6c are slightly less affected and o6g+ to o6b are slightly more affected)
    Roncadora: decreased velocity
     v11- -> +3
     v7-10 -> +2
     v3-6 -> +1
    Bass Drum: peak suppressed, the special sound of 02d+ removed, slightly lower pitch
     replace the o2d+ sound (if any) with something
    Snare Drum: increased velocity, peak suppressed
     v7- -> -1
    Cymbals: increased velocity, peak suppressed
     v9 -> -2
     v3-8 -> -1
    Hand Chimes: decreased velocity
     v8- -> +2
     v3-7 -> +1
    *if the faster decay or capped duration matter, replace single long notes with 
     multiple short notes (ex. c1&c1&c1 -> c1c1c1) or use another instrument.

    edit. typo

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    🚩ADirtyCouch got a reaction from 👑opalthira in Tuned Instruments (and 3MLE)   
    Tuned and festival instruments are practically the same sound wise, but they're still separate items.
    These are just what I've noticed from my old MMLs, but to me the piano, violin, and cello are louder than they were before.  All the old wind instruments aside from tuba (flute, whistle, chalumeau, and roncadora) sound more quiet than before (v15 flute is no longer cancer for example).  Cymbals seem louder than they did before too.
    This is just from me observing how some of my songs sound before and after the Music Q patch.  If anyone else can confirm the changes that have been made, that'd be great.
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    🚩ADirtyCouch got a reaction from 🎶Telmes in Tuned Instruments (and 3MLE)   
    Tuned and festival instruments are practically the same sound wise, but they're still separate items.
    These are just what I've noticed from my old MMLs, but to me the piano, violin, and cello are louder than they were before.  All the old wind instruments aside from tuba (flute, whistle, chalumeau, and roncadora) sound more quiet than before (v15 flute is no longer cancer for example).  Cymbals seem louder than they did before too.
    This is just from me observing how some of my songs sound before and after the Music Q patch.  If anyone else can confirm the changes that have been made, that'd be great.
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    🚩ADirtyCouch got a reaction from 🎶Telmes in Submissions before Music Q   
    Keep in mind that since the Music Q patch hit, changes have been made to all instruments (such as their volume). Since most song previews were generated before the patch, their MMLs may not be what you expect in game. If you've submitted a song here, please consider updating your MMLs to reflect the changes and leave a report for staff to get to updating your previews. Thanks!
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to 👑Bran in PSA To Visitors Looking For MMLs   
    If you're planning on posting MML arrangements from here onto the bard board, please give credit to the maker of the arrangement.
    Most composers here don't care regardless, but there are some like me that take pride in their work, especially if we're throwing in a couple of hours minimum into making the MML.
    (Me, personally, I have to transcribe mine from scratch or transfer scores to MuseScore and arrange them from there. If you've ever done those before, you'll know that both processes take a lot of time.)
    All of the submissions may be free for the picking, but that does not mean that you're allowed to take all of the credit of the MMLs you choose.
    The same thing also applies if you're submitting MMLs from Naver's MabiCafe site and/or other Mabinogi sites onto Mabi Beats. Just giving a heads up, and thank you for taking the time to read this.
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to Marad in Another rookie around   
    Did you know...?

    There was a story about a child who reached a mysterious land, guided by a celestial being.

    "You're free to start a new life, the way you want it to be..."

    Her words sounded sincere and pure, just like her sky-blue eyes. It wasn't his mind, but his heart that got embraced by their warmth.

    As years continued passing by, this world became his homeland where he grew from a naive child to a very kind man with a strong passion for music and folk.

    But one night, a girl with a pair of pitch-black wings appeared in his dreams. She was laying on the ground, bound tightly by some iron chains.

    She asked him for help with tears-filled eyes. Calamity was going to spread out in his world.

    As soon as he woke up from nightmare, his mind was already poisoned by this thought.

    "Is it true...? This place is..."

    For this reason, he chose to believe in the illusion of the dark-winged angel.

    Yet he knew the only way to succeed was by the sweat of his brow. So, for the peace of his world, he worked day and night, but he also paid with his only joy without even realizing it.


    All this time, even after defeating all foes and gaining glory, he was still feeling empty.

    “What have I done wrong? I thought this was the right path…”

    Just another sad and confused soul resting in the world, not knowing what to live for… Yes, that was him.

    Laying on the green carpet under the hot sun, looking at the azure sky that became the playground of snow-white clouds, he sighed deeply.

    That shade of blue was familiar, don’t you think so?

    And then a soft voice made its presence felt in the atmosphere:

    “Even if the outcome wasn’t as you wished, you can still change it. Believe in rebirth.”

    As he heard it, he opened his eyes and found himself laying in his old bed. When he looked in the mirror, he felt like he had been pierced by the memories of eleven years ago.

    All he was able to see was just a childish silhouette, greeting him with an innocent smile accompanied by two bright, yet teary eyes, just as pure as before.

    Was it a dream? Or maybe a magic spell?

    He didn’t know either, but he was grateful that fate gave him a second chance…

    Opening the drawer, avoiding the spiderwebs, he found his old violin and a piece of paper next to it:

    “Live your life the way you want.”

    Holding his dear instrument, he opened the wooden door and took a peek around.

    “Good to see you, Duncan.”

    Hey, guys!~
    So basically... All this time I've been focused on doing quests in game (the storyline was awesome lol), but I forgot the other talents besides warrior and lance combat. First I wanted to be a tailor, then a cook, but my wish wasn't as strong as it was for being a bard. The concept itself was really awesome to me, unique I could say (because of the compose skill). So now I decided to focus a bit more on the music-related skills.
    I always thought a bard must be able to tell stories, besides to sing and play songs. Everytime I try to imagine a bard, he's around more people, at night, in front of a campfire. Just like when I started playing lol. But anyway, I've written this because I love stories. Even since childhood, I've been writing and drawing fantasylike things. I can't say that it was perfect, but this way I'm progressing more and more, heh!
    However, I never tried composing in game. It seemed too difficult for me, so I avoided doing it by myself. But now I was thinking to give it a chance when I have free time.
    Here, I'm mostly interested in OSTs of video games (Ys Origin, Hexyz Force, Tales of, Final Fantasy, Xenoblade Chronicles, Ragnarok Online etc.), however I also love usual songs and even noticed a few wonderful anime soundtracks, but I'm not a fan of OP/EDs. Anyway, I'm glad I can find these here and even leave reviews to tell people how good they sound even in game.
    In any case, sorry for the whole length of the text  (Probably this place wasn't the right one to write stories lol)

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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to 🎶Kyubeii in Boss Death MML request   
    [email protected]+ff+g+4f+4ff+<b1&b4>ff+ff+g+4f+4ff+b1&b4l8d<b2&bab2>e4.<ab>d<b2&bab2f+2&f+>d<b2&b>c+d2g+2c+16d16f+d2&dc+l4dc+f+el8gf+1&f+c+<bgf+edc+>f+2.c+<ba+f+edfed2d4<bl4babb2.&b8>dc-8df+l8f+edc+<a2&a>dl16<bbb8l4babl8bbbabb4a>d4<a4b1&b4.ab>d<b16b16b>e4f+2&f+f+4.af+f+f+ede4.d1d4ddc-l4f+eded16e16f+1&f+c-d8ef+.e8.e16e8de2c-8d8ef+&f+16f+16el8f+a4f+2.f+f+f+f+4d4ec-df+4.d4ed16d16ef+4ff+1c-4dl4ef+.ee8de2c-8d8ef+.ef+8af+2l8f+edel4c-.f+e8dagf+l4.ef+edc+2l8&c+c+4f+1&f+f+edfedl4c-.f+e8dedel8def+d<b1&b1&b>f+4el4dedel8def+d<b1&b4>f+4def+d<b1&ba+4b>c+4d+4.<b4ba+4b2a+b>c+4f+2.ed+c+2.&c+l4ed+.c+c+8d+8eg+g+8f+ed+.<b1&b.>c+dc+8d.f+.l8f+edel4.dd4c+8df+l8f+gaf+l4d.ed8c+d8e.e8degf+1&f+2ec+f+1l8&f+f+edfed<b4.b4>de4f+4.e.e16ed4e2c-de4f+4&f+16f+16e4f+a4f+2.f+f+f+f+4d4ec-df+4.a.l16ag8eel8df+4ff+1c-4de4f+4.e4ed4e2c-de4f+4.e.e16f+a4f+2&f+ddel4c-.f+e8dagf+l4.ef+edc+2l8&c+c+4f+1&f+f+edfed<b4.,r1l8<d<bb>d<bbabbab>e4<bab>d<bb>d<bbabbabf+4f+ab>d<bb>d<bbabbab>e4<bab>d<bb>d<bbabbabf+4f+ab>d<bb>d<bbabbab>e4<bab>d<bb>d<bbabbabf+4f+l16ab>cc+l8>d<b2&bab2>e2&edd2&dc+d2<f+2&f+>dd2&d<ab2>e2&edd2&d<al4ben49g>d8l4.c+ed<a>d4<b4a+>edc+e4l1d&d&d&d&d&d&d&d&d2l4.dc-4e2dd2dc-4e2dd2dc-4e2dd2dc-4e<d1l2>d<g>e<af+>c+dl4n42d.dl4.dee4edd4dddl2dd<g>e<af+>c+dl4n42d.dl4.dee4ec+ed<a>d4<b4a+>edl8f+edfedc-d2.<al2b>e&e8d.c+8d<f+&f+8>d.<a8b>e&e8d.l8c+d1&ddd1l4&d<f+.al1>d+d+c+c+eeen44l2dddddd<f+f+>eeeel4.c+ed<a>d4<b4a+>edl8f+edfed<b1&b4.l2>d<g>e<af+>c+dl4n42d.dl4.dee4edd4dddl2dd<g>e<af+>c+dl4n42d.dl4.dee4ec+ed<a>d4<b4a+>edl8f+edfedc-d2.,l1rrrrrl4o2bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbl8>d<b2&bab2e4.ab>d<b2&bab2f+2&f+>d<b2&bab2e4.ab>d<b2&bal4baf+eg8l4.f+egc+d4c-4f+egf+l4aa+bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb8bb8b2.g.gg.a.aa.f+.f+f+.b.bb.ggggaaaabbbbbbbbg.gg.a.aa.f+.f+f+.b.bb.ggggaaaaf+1&f+1f+.e.g.f+.dc-bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbl1bn39b>f+c+<c+e2g+2bg+l4gggggga+a+bbbbbbbb>c+c+c+c+c+c+ee<f+1&f+1l4.f+egf+d4<b1&b4>gg4gaa4af+f+4f+bb4bl4ggggaaaabbbbbbbbg.gg.a.aa.f+.f+f+.b.bb.ggggaaaaf+1&f+1f+.e.g.f+.dc-b2;

    Just a Base i made have fun with it
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to 🎶Hatagumi in Serial Experiments Lain OP (Request)   
    once its been approved you can find it here 
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    🚩ADirtyCouch got a reaction from 🎶Lachesis in Request to change Mabibeats profile name   
    There you go.
    Edit: You might still show up as Orbital on the online users list, but your display name and profile should list you as Tskamato.
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    🚩ADirtyCouch got a reaction from 🎶Viersell in Lilium/Lost in thoughts   
    I don't have Lilium but here's a lyre version of lost in thoughts:
    Rank 1
    Chord 1:
    Chord 2:
    Song (Both work but female is preferred):
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    🚩ADirtyCouch got a reaction from 🌟Yasuno in Undertale Jam Bands~   
    Sorry for necro'ing but I just wanna put this here
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to 👑tanino in 3MLE Quick Tips   

    Although MabiBeats ships 3MLE with all the required configurations for it to work, there are some things that could be useful to know, as such here's a few of my personal favorite tips that oddly enough not many people know.

    1. The Search Function & Replace Function
    Hitting the keys CTRL + F (much like any text editors) will bring up a small windows which can be used to look for snipets of text in the MML code you're working on.
    It will only search in the selected track however, not the whole MML.
    This window looks like this. (Due to Windows Version variations yours might look slightly different but all the buttons are at the exact same spot).

    How do I use it? Simple!
    Type what you wish to search for in the "Search what" field. Click on Search Up if you want to search anywhere BEFORE your currently selected text in the MML Code, otherwise click Search Down. If there is nothing found, a prompt will display informing you as such. Here's an example GIF.

    Alright, now that we know how to search, lets talk about replacing, and how it can be used.

    First, the replace function is also limited to the track you have selected. It's very useful when transposing an MML up or down an octave in the event that an MML contains a lot of Midi Number Notes. These notes are marked with the letter "n" followed by a number. When you change the octave, the number notes are unaffected because they ignore octaves and instead directly tell the MML where the note should be regardless of any other conditions.
    Here is what an N note looks like in an MML Code:  (Highlighted for your understanding pleasure :'D)
    If you happen to be transcribing say... a Mandolin or Lyre MML to something like.. a Piano, Harp or Electric Guitar, Midi Number Notes are you worse nightmare, however fear not! This is where the Replace function comes into play.
    To replace a part of your MML Code, you must first search for what you want to replace, as described above. Then, Click on Replace, two new buttons will then appear, as well as a new text field.
    IMPORTANT: You are Replacing the content what you typed in the search field with what you type in the Replace field. Clicking on Replace will replace the selected MML with what you have tpyed in the Replace What box.
    Clicking Replace All will replace ALL found matches to what you have searched for to the contents of the Replace What box.
    If you replace more than one element, a small (sadly untranslated) box will tell you how many matches were replaced. Here is an example in which we are replacing Midi Number Notes with rests.

    Now this is a CRUCIAL thing to know when dealing with Midi Number Notes, very useful and will save you A LOT of time.

    2. Fix to Flickering / Invisible Tracer
    You may have noticed that when you play an MML, the small vertical bar that shows you the current position of the MML playing flickers or is not showing at all.
    If this annoys you, don't worry, its very easy to fix!
    Go to your Settings -> Preference and do the following change.
    Under General -> Drawing Frame Rate -> Switch it from High: 60FPS to Default: 30FPS Save your work and reload 3MLE, your tracer should now be working!   3. Registering *.MML files

    If you wandered into the 3MLE settings, you may have found an option called *.MML File association, what this does is it tell Windows that .MML files should be opened with 3MLE, it will also give them a small icon instead of a blank unknown file type image.
    YOU CAN ONLY CHANGE THIS SETTING IF YOU RUN 3MLE AS AN ADMINISTRATOR, to do so, right click your 3MLE exe file or shortcut and click on "Run as Administrator".
    Simply click on Register to Regiser the file association, and Unregister to remove the association. If the file is already Registered it will ask if you want to override the registration. If you are not running 3MLE as an Administrator you will get an error message saying that the File Association failed.

    What the MML File icon looks like in Windows

    I'll likely add some more useful tidbits about 3MLE to this. There is a lot to know that can help folks out there. Thanks for reading my thread.

    Kind Regards,
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    🚩ADirtyCouch got a reaction from 🎶Viersell in A update   
    I was wondering where you went, a shame to hear that you were hacked. 
    Glad to see you active again.
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to 👑Ivy in Skill resets Question   
    If you use an all-skill reset, youll only have to rerank the skills, no need to work on the reqs again.
    and if you got any master titles, you get them back when you rank the skill again to 1.
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    🚩ADirtyCouch reacted to 👑tanino in Public Discord Server   
    Hi everyone,
    I am aware that the user @Zarorian has created a Discord server and shared it with everyone, but I'd still like to share my own here if anyone is interested.
    Although not officially a MabiBeats server, it's ported off my Mabinogi Skype chat which I've been running for almost 3 years now, and also publicly available via my Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook accounts.

    The server is essentially for Mabinogi but chats about other games and any sort of topic that doesn't break the rules is perfectly fine and welcome!
    Everyone is welcome and the rules are as follows;

    Global Rules, these apply to all channels (Text and Voice)
    - No spamming (For voice; No loud music / control your background noise) - Respect others, trolling is only allowed if it doesn't become a problem, those who abuse of trolling and start drama will be banned without a warning. (This means be careful of topics such as religion, sexual orientation and political views, ect. because they may offend others.) - No Sexually explicit content (Images, chat topics and videos are not allowed in both the chat and the voice channels) - Although this is a Mabinogi related server, topics about just about any game are welcome, we're here to have fun and chill. - If you have a problem with a member please contact a Moderator or Admin The link to the server is: https://discord.gg/011uMxXLy9yRFlwwY
    You can also find a join button on my tumblr (Bellow my Twitter Feed) as shown bellow;

    As I said this is NOT an official MabiBeats server and it has no affiliation with MabiBeats, regardless of this if you have trouble with some content on the site send a report using the appropriate function and a Mod/SSR/Admin will  get to you, if this fails in a reasonable amount of time (48 Hours is considered a reasonable time.) then you can pop a message in the Discord server and it is likely that one of the SSR's will see it.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my thread.
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    I don't know if this is what you wanted, but "gate" values change when you alter a note's length/duration and "vel/value" changes with volume.  For example, by default notes in 3MLE are in L4, so the default gate value is 96.  If I were to make them L8, halving the default length, it would change to 48.  If I were to make them L2, which is double the default length, then the gate value would change to 192.  So basically, gate values for each note are based off of their own respective lengths.
    For vel/value, it is based on volume.  The default volume in 3MLE is 8 so the default value is 8 until you alter them to become anything between 0-15.
    I've honestly never paid attention to the gate and vel/values, so I'm not sure if this is the info you wanted.  Hopefully someone else can enlighten you.
    Edit: Tempo can also appear in vel/value when you input a new tempo.  The default t120 won't show, but any new tempos you input will.
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