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Did you know...?

There was a story about a child who reached a mysterious land, guided by a celestial being.

"You're free to start a new life, the way you want it to be..."

Her words sounded sincere and pure, just like her sky-blue eyes. It wasn't his mind, but his heart that got embraced by their warmth.

As years continued passing by, this world became his homeland where he grew from a naive child to a very kind man with a strong passion for music and folk.

But one night, a girl with a pair of pitch-black wings appeared in his dreams. She was laying on the ground, bound tightly by some iron chains.

She asked him for help with tears-filled eyes. Calamity was going to spread out in his world.

As soon as he woke up from nightmare, his mind was already poisoned by this thought.

"Is it true...? This place is..."

For this reason, he chose to believe in the illusion of the dark-winged angel.

Yet he knew the only way to succeed was by the sweat of his brow. So, for the peace of his world, he worked day and night, but he also paid with his only joy without even realizing it.


All this time, even after defeating all foes and gaining glory, he was still feeling empty.

“What have I done wrong? I thought this was the right path…”

Just another sad and confused soul resting in the world, not knowing what to live for… Yes, that was him.

Laying on the green carpet under the hot sun, looking at the azure sky that became the playground of snow-white clouds, he sighed deeply.

That shade of blue was familiar, don’t you think so?

And then a soft voice made its presence felt in the atmosphere:

“Even if the outcome wasn’t as you wished, you can still change it. Believe in rebirth.”

As he heard it, he opened his eyes and found himself laying in his old bed. When he looked in the mirror, he felt like he had been pierced by the memories of eleven years ago.

All he was able to see was just a childish silhouette, greeting him with an innocent smile accompanied by two bright, yet teary eyes, just as pure as before.

Was it a dream? Or maybe a magic spell?

He didn’t know either, but he was grateful that fate gave him a second chance…

Opening the drawer, avoiding the spiderwebs, he found his old violin and a piece of paper next to it:

“Live your life the way you want.”

Holding his dear instrument, he opened the wooden door and took a peek around.

“Good to see you, Duncan.”




Hey, guys!~

So basically... All this time I've been focused on doing quests in game (the storyline was awesome lol), but I forgot the other talents besides warrior and lance combat. First I wanted to be a tailor, then a cook, but my wish wasn't as strong as it was for being a bard. The concept itself was really awesome to me, unique I could say (because of the compose skill). So now I decided to focus a bit more on the music-related skills.


I always thought a bard must be able to tell stories, besides to sing and play songs. Everytime I try to imagine a bard, he's around more people, at night, in front of a campfire. Just like when I started playing lol. But anyway, I've written this because I love stories. Even since childhood, I've been writing and drawing fantasylike things. I can't say that it was perfect, but this way I'm progressing more and more, heh!


However, I never tried composing in game. It seemed too difficult for me, so I avoided doing it by myself. But now I was thinking to give it a chance when I have free time.


Here, I'm mostly interested in OSTs of video games (Ys Origin, Hexyz Force, Tales of, Final Fantasy, Xenoblade Chronicles, Ragnarok Online etc.), however I also love usual songs and even noticed a few wonderful anime soundtracks, but I'm not a fan of OP/EDs. Anyway, I'm glad I can find these here and even leave reviews to tell people how good they sound even in game.


In any case, sorry for the whole length of the text :D (Probably this place wasn't the right one to write stories lol)


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What a wonderful story it is, though! It was enjoyable to read, in my opinion.

Welcome, and I hope you have a lovely time here! :D Composing can seem overwhelming at first, but it gets easier as you gain more experience with it.

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone here. I'm sure someone can find the answer you seek and help out in the process. > w < / Good luck!

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Thank you for the kind words <3



On 13.11.2016 at 3:07 AM, Telmes said:

Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone here. I'm sure someone can find the answer you seek and help out in the process. > w < / Good luck!

Bet I'll have a lot of them once I start this lol.

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