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  1. Please write more music from Made in Abyss! that anime's OST is amazing and I wish i could honestly play every song from it in mabinogi orother games that support MML

  2. Dragonball Super Limit Break X Survivor

  3. I'm a fan of you - Holy shit that profile song scared me...- Kyubeii. Your music in-game is good, and so are the ones I see you composed on here, so when I see your stuff I'm like "ohhh I wana try this" and a lot of the time it's good.

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    2. Kyubeii


      sry that my prof song scared u , apparently it does with alot of ppl and ty

    3. Kimcheolsu


      OMG I JUST LISTENED TO THE REST OF THE SONG, well i'm in the middle of it but I only recognize it 1. the tune 2. the japanese part. omg I love this song, where was it from /QAQ/ KIMI KIMI KIMI~~~~ *dances to the rest of the music*
      Let me just stay here for a while replaying this song.

      Your profile song is awesome! Q^Q KIMI NA TAKA JA NAI I didn't say that right (~#-#)~    This is a remix isn't it?



    4. Kyubeii


      its that


  4. Undertale - Dummy

  5. Persona 5 Life Will Change

  6. Where am I able to get the festival instruments?

    i so want em aswell , making old banjo&kazooie music for those will be so good
  7. Canon Arr

  8. LoZ Breath of the Wild - Hyrule Castle

  9. Sword Art Online - Swordland

    From scrap i only do originals / effects and such. Midis are the easiest / fastest way to compose but well most people suck at transcribing even those into decent mmls *sighs*
  10. Sword Art Online - Swordland

  11. LoZ Breath of the Wild - Main Theme

  12. Golden Sun 3 - Ship Battle Theme

    This sure brings back memories. Still waiting for the next one after dark dawn TxT. I mean i liked the old ones better but gotta play em all anyways xD.