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  4. Paused for about two weeks, but I've almost finished transcribing Ruairi's Black Dragon Knight theme. If there are any songs from Mabi's OST that you'd like me to transcribe, preferably solo piano pieces, feel free to message me if you have Discord or ping me in the Nexus server.
    I'm a fledgling with orchestral music, so those may take significantly longer, but I can finish solo piano within a month or two, more or less.

    You can find my transcriptions/arrangements here on my MuseScore profile; I've only uploaded seven scores at the moment.

    I'll also try pieces from other media, but only if a publicly available score doesn't exist for said piece.

    I do this as a hobby, so please don't rush me. ;o;

  5. An American Tail - Somewhere Out There

    Love this song. I actually watched this movie not too long ago on Netflix. The memories <3
  6. Tale as Old as Time ((HARP VERSION))

    Wonderful!~ Love it <3
  7. Muse - Blackout

  8. Tetris Attack - Glacier Stage

    I got hit hard by nostalgia. If I may suggest, adding in a bass line as the 3rd harmony line would be terrific, as the bass is missing. I would've loved these songs a lot more (read: I've also listened to Sea Stage and Breeze Stage) if there was a bass line playing during these scores. If you update these songs, I will be notified, because I have followed them.
  9. Donkey Kong 64 - Crystal Caves

  10. Spider man 2 - Pizza Minigame

  11. Spider man 2 - Pizza Minigame

  12. Kagamine Rin: Lost One's Weeping

  13. Sound Horizon - Ark

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