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  3. I made a Cosmic Wheel and Gustaberg.. but this is probably a dead thread lol.
  4. Tks!!!!! While there is no "better" already helps a lot.
  5. Plopster

    Queen- The show must go on- request

    sorry I've been a bit delayed on it. I have it completed on the midi end, just trying to figure out a few parts
  6. Last week
  7. Krystalkitty

    Kemurikusa - Indeterminate Universe

  8. Krystalkitty

    Plants vs Zombies - Brainiac Maniac

  9. Krystalkitty

    Shovel Knight - Main Theme

  10. Hopefully you can find a better one. ReZero ED - Styx Helix [10k].ms2mml
  11. ducklling

    Kimi no Todoke OP

  12. ducklling

    Tiesto - Red Lights

  13. Pikachu212

    Pokemon Red And Blue - Pokemon Center

  14. Ashix

    Porter Robinson & Madeon - Shelter

  15. Ashix

    The Legend of Zelda - Gerudo Valley

  16. Krystalkitty

    Kimetsu no Yaiba - Kamado Tanjirou no Uta

  17. Krystalkitty

    Pokemon Ruby & Sapphire - Fortree City

  18. Lunachoz

    Mario Kart Wii - Wario's Gold Mine

  19. Lunachoz

    Fire Emblem Three Houses - Fodlan Winds

  20. Hi all Maplestory 2 songwriters! I would like to request the song from the end of the anime Re: Zero! YouTube video link on topic!
  21. Lazy_Venusaur

    Queen- The show must go on- request

    I'm surprised that someone replied
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