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  2. LifeisReal

    Game recommendation

    If you are looking for free games, a few that I play are: Dauntless (currently updating a patch and will resume online on May 21, 2019 - it's a free version of monster hunter genre) Tera Online is an mmorpg, its 3rd person hack n slash/action rpg Ring Of Elysium (free battle royale game on steam) Town Of Salem (browser text game, so the more social you are, the better advantage you have to figure out who is what role n defeat your enemies, lying can help or hurt you, too) For paid games, if have money to spend: Astroneer (sandbox PVE survival game on steam) Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes (get a partner and diffuse a bomb by word of mouth - also on steam)
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  5. stephaniesu

    Game recommendation

    Hey all, can you share some of your fave games? I'm looking for new games to try. Thank you very much note names
  6. Yasuno

    Final Fantasy - Battle Medley

  7. Yasuno

    Super Mario World - Polka

  8. Yasuno

    Dragon Ball Super - Dream Tag Match

  9. Yasuno

    Dragon Ball Super - All Out Battle

  10. Yasuno

    Boruto Naruto Next Generations OP2 - OVER

  11. Yasuno

    mordhau Lutebot

    Lol I had to google it, didn't know what you were talking about. That is pretty neat.
  12. XuetankBoi

    mordhau Lutebot

    So......that Mordhau lutebot system XD..ive tried turning some of the 3mles into midi and playing on there.....some of them songs work but its gotta be simple songs XD pretty funny tho
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  14. Sashiku

    Stardew Valley - The Wind Can Be Still (Winter)

    😮 So glad there is more stardew valley music! Very pretty~
  15. Sashiku

    Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - God Knows

    You did a great job.
  16. Sashiku

    Undertale - Finale

  17. Yasuno

    Old user of 3mle

    Hey @Tailofire , Glad you got it figured out. I actually completely forgot about that bug, it's because it tries to load available sound devices at program start. If nothing is there or if there is not an available system default it will freak out. It's a bug that could be fixed if we had the source code but we do not. For the .rar issue, it's because you need the latest winrar to extract it. I used the new rar5 compression format when I archived it and it's caused problems ever since. I have been meaning to switch it to .zip. Will try to get to that soon.
  18. Tailofire

    Old user of 3mle

    Hi there, I'm an old 3mle user from way back. Recently my old version of 3mle version 2 has stopped working. I came to this site to redownload but when I download and open it, a message pops up informing that the program has stopped working and closes. Also, the download for Mabi Beats is only a .rar file, not a zipped folder? How does one run the new program? or is my computer already recognizing I have 3mle already downloaded? *Update/Facepalm*: while typing this post, I realize I had my sound device unplugged. Once inserted, both my old 3mle version 2 and Maple beats started working. I run on window 8.1 ..Odd that is won't run without an external sound device inserted through. Also, Mabi Beats file still .rar file and won't open
  19. susieq

    Spongebob Squarepants - Grass Skirt Chase

  20. SirPhoderon

    Grape Soda by Snail's House/Ujico

  21. SirPhoderon

    Final Fantasy IX - You Are Not Alone

  22. SirPhoderon

    Banda Djavú - Não Desligue O Telefone

  23. SirPhoderon

    John Cale - Hallelujah

  24. Guest

    Final Fantasy V - The Battle

    Song's lit as the holocaust
  25. I don't really know what else to say other than this is really nice to listen to, brings me back.
  26. Guest

    Super Mario World - Polka

    I don't really know what else to say other than this is really nice to listen to, brings me back.
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