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  4. Kyubeii

    Maple Templates Req

    Anyone here a good designer for these templates? im looking to have a Futaba one with this skincolor. https://gyazo.com/002c66fa0cf98b25bafacf5cbf8fd325 if anyone is that skilled. And if anyone is interested i wouldnt mind composing mmls with midis for templates
  5. Retsamehtmai

    [Tarlach] Monthly Ornac Music Contests

    Hello all! This is just a quick reminder that this month’s music contest is happening this Sunday, September 23rd! Join us at Emain Macha Stage on CHANNEL 3 around 3pmPST! To those that want to participate, please try to get your scrolls approved before the contest, or arrive early to get them checked so things run smoothly.
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  7. likezero123


    very love this music😊 http://sperion.web.fc2.com/score/pianoucno1.pdf pianoucno1.mid
  8. KigenRanbu

    Qin's Moon: 9 Songs of Heaven

    Can you make an mml of this song? Thank you!
  9. In honor of the finale of adventure time, thought I'd drop a request for this lovely little song. Perhaps once better version of 'Time Adventure' come out as well those can be done too! But for now. A copy of this would certainly be lovely, to give the people of Mabi some feels in their day. Fair warning of spoilers in the video! Unless you're ready for them or have already watched it yourself!
  10. Retsamehtmai

    [Tarlach] Monthly Ornac Music Contests

    Hello all! I am happy to announce that the winner of the 20th Monthly Ornac Music Contest/Tarlach Fair Bard-off was Maggs who played Empty Chairs at Empty Tables from Les Miserables by Claude-Michael Shoenberg in a jam! She won first prize of 2m gold, unknown song vol.1 and a 20kNX+ code. Second Prize of 1m gold went to Ariannette who played Our Parting from Sword Art Online in a jam! Third prize of 500k gold went to Xeirox who played Deemo – Goodbye by Chamber Chu as a solo! The next music contest will be held September 23rd, 2018, with the bonus theme of “Shanty/Pirate-esque”. The location is back at Emain Macha Stage, but we will now meet on CHANNEL 3! The contest will still start around 3pmPST. Judge pool will be: Retsamehtmai, Maggs, Laeryhn, Buns and Hawkleaf. **Judge Availability: Message or note us in game to get your scrolls checked** + Retsamehtmai: Availability varies due to work, usually on from 12a to 3a EST but may be on other times as well :3 + Maggs/Rifka: Usually on Rifka(main) from 10p to 12a EST + Laeryhn: 2-4 hours before a contest + Buns/Zerodeath: Varies + Hawkleaf: Varies We finally got some community feedback, and we’ve come up with some things to try to make these contests a bit more fun! First off, participants will now be separated into two categories: jam and solo. We figure it’s better if the often more robust jams compete against other jams and vice versa if possible. We’re also adding a “freeplay” category where you can play any song you want even if you did not compose it! The only thing we ask is that you are able to tell us who the mabi composer is. Unfortunately, freeplayers are not eligible for grand prizes, but still get 20k gold for performing. The judge pool will now be changing somewhat as well. The winner of a contest will now be a judge in the next one so we have a bit more variety! Also, if there is ever a time where a participant wants a critique of their song, or is curious about why their song is placed where it is, don’t hesitate to ask a judge. We’d be happy to discuss it with you. :3 Anyway, please join us every Sunday until the contest for freeplay concert at lake calida around the same time as usual. :3 *Don’t forget about the raffle for those that attend! You could win a musical item!* Please let us know if you have any questions. -S- Sahmei -S- Contest Recap Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgvzpLBC8v0 Event rules: https://docs.google.com/document/d/14cGesTS9e8djqCSskBPMKTdY4OL6xpm6WgK-3w32IU8/edit?usp=sharing Ornac events and offerings: http://forums.mabinogi.nexon.net/discussion/1177/ornac-events-and-offerings
  11. FinnFreezer

    Dragonforce - Through The Fire And Flames

    Ty ^^
  12. Chaojin

    B>Lunar Dragon Helmet M PLEASE

  13. FinnFreezer

    Mii Channel

    Nice Meme
  14. Yasuno

    A Hat in Time - Train Rush

    @Celcia Hi, I did a 9 Person Ensemble version here for you:
  15. Yasuno

    A Hat in Time - Train Rush

  16. Mythra

    Grimoire of Zero OP - Hakkensha wa Watashi

  17. Mythra

    Super Mario Odyssey Ost - Steam Garden

  18. Terrahiro

    The Imitation Game - Main Theme

  19. Flameberge

    Xenoblade Chronicles - mechanical rhythm

  20. Peanut

    Mabinogi - Alone With My God (Milia's Theme)

  21. xXJackXcutionXx

    Kingdom Hearts - The Medley that Never Was

    Will the score be out anytime soon? ^^
  22. tsukinaga

    TRIGGER - Secret Night

  23. tsukinaga

    40mP - Time Machine

  24. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KevvoZY_y0U This is a song I've seen in the past being played on piano by a youtube user, but sadly lost track of it. If any of you would be so kind as to make a scroll of this I'd be really thankful. Thanks for your time!
  25. XuetankBoi

    Final Fantasy 15 - Somnus

  26. XuetankBoi

    Doki Doki Literature Club - Doki Doki Literature Club!

    Amazing O~O
  27. Celcia

    A Hat in Time - Train Rush

    I am BEGGING someone to do this one ♥
  28. WeebGod

    Luffy's fierce attack

  29. WeebGod

    One Piece - Hope

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