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  2. HypeYena

    Final Fantasy VII - One Winged Angel

    Then there's me, a person that stays in beginner maplesolos. This guy has 5 maestro parts, 3 intermediate parts, and 2 beginner parts. THE 3MLE MLG, Monarch of MIDI, etc.
  3. HypeYena

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Main Theme

    Super Fire Emblem brothers Ultimate, with crossovers.
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  7. the link below is the sheet music uploaded by the player in the youtube vid. This cartoon is not well-known but I love the music. If anyone would be willing to create a music sheet for ms2 based on this songg that would be awesome! i can only play 3k and 5k sheets rn but any would be fine https://vasdian.tumblr.com/post/144337151140/there-is-note-sheet-from-my-last-video-bee-and
  8. don1996exx

    Pokemon Sword/Shield- Gym Leader Battle

  9. aloeislands

    Starbound - Atlas

    cannot believe there is a starbound song on here god bless
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  11. Riperinooo

    Spooky Scary Skeletons

    2spooky4me, 10/10 would spook again
  12. Guest

    One Punch Man- Execution of Justice

    Amazing! I'm glad I came back to Mabi and found thise site. Time to grind music ranks
  13. Riperinooo

    The Flash - Main Theme

    Great! Now make Arrowcave theme now :'^)
  14. Riperinooo

    Ray Charles - Hit The Road Jack

    Really well made.
  15. Riperinooo

    Interstellar Theme

    Better than many of the versions created on this site.
  16. Amazing, doesn't have a harsh sound like some of the other creations when trying to force the music to work. This was smooth and well made!
  17. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Tressa, the Merchant

  18. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- They Who Govern Reason

  19. Tohru

    Gabriel DropOut ED - Hallelujah☆Essaim

  20. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Ophilia, the Cleric

  21. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Battle 3

  22. HypeYena

    Banjo Kazooie - Gruntilda Battle Theme

    deserves more views after 2 years of being here. My song isn't this good, and reached half the views in a couple weeks!
  23. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Cyrus, the Scholar

  24. HypeYena

    Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Pursuit ~ Cornered

    Lying coldly is one of my favorites from the series.
  25. HypeYena

    Rune Factory 4 - Spring Theme

    Can't wait for Rune factory 5!😆
  26. bixbite

    Female Trainer Shirt

    looks fantastic!
  27. bixbite

    Xiaoyao Shirt

    very cute!
  28. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Alfyn, the Apothecary

  29. Yasuno

    Counting Game

  30. bixbite

    Parappa the Rapper - Instructor Mooselini's Car Rap

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