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  1. Kairos

    Complex Tempo changing

    Maybe check out this post? They are basically creating a new midi for each track with the tempo and importing into 3mle. Might be easier to create the 30 midis and import them than to manually input the tempo changes.
  2. Kairos

    Issues with triplets when importing MIDIs

    Try changing Quantization to 1/64. I've noticed on a few songs with short quick notes that should all be the same length end up with a few that are longer than the rest, sorta like you are describing.
  3. I started this but ran into more problems than the song is worth to me. I'll attach my work so someone else can finish it. Its not horrible if you just optimize and paste in ms2, but doesn't come close to my standards. I used the midi provided, cut some tracks, tempo changes were not different enough so I used the same tempo throughout, and it is currently about 10150 characters so more needs cut. Last issue is that when 2 of the same note are played on different tracks at the same time it cuts off the other (ex. a1 and r4a2. this will cause the a1 to be cut off in game by the a2., 3MLE does not reflect this and will play without this cut off so beware). Lunatic_Eyes_Invisible_Full_Moon.mml
  4. Kairos

    PONPONPON for my PomfPomf

    MS2MML attached while it waits to be approved. ponponpon.ms2mml
  5. Kairos

    Going from midi to MS2, including tempo changes

    3mle will normally only put the tempos into one track, but MS2 requires tempos for every track, otherwise they we desync. So if we have the two tracks below: /*M 0 */ t145>c+8.<b8.>c+8t120e4.t100&e16.r32 /*M 1 */ t145c8.<b8.a4t100g8a8b8 and /*M 0 */ <<a2>>c+2 /*M 1 */ <c2>r2 So we have 5 tempo changes in track 1, we will need to place those into track 2 (every track in the song if you have more than two). To do this correctly you want to look at the column on the left for track one, it has the time stamps for each event including tempo changes. The 1st, 2nd, and 4th tempo changes are easy, 1st and 4th are at the start of the measure (watch the time stamps! 3ml can't always make the start of measure visible like this, it could be before or after the indicator) so we can just place those in. The 2nd is at time stamp 0.0192, this is exactly half the measure, I recommend playing around placing the tempos until you find the right place, but in this case it is easy because track two has only 1 note that is half the measure long so the tempo can just go after it. (track2) /*M 0 */ t145<<a2>>t120c+2 /*M 1 */ t145<c2>r2 Now we just have the 3rd and 5th, these are a little harder because we are going to have to edit notes or rests to get them right. Lets start with the 5th tempo, editing rest is a little easier than editing notes, I like to split everything into 8th notes(or rests) so the r2 becomes r8r8r8r8. Now play around placing the tempo in at different spots until you find the right time stamp, this time it happens to be after the first r8. Now the second measure of track two is: /*M 1 */ t145<c2>r8t100r8r8r8. Now for tempo 3 we have to do the same thing but we need to edit a note, so to split a note we need to add ties (&), c+2 becomes c+8&c+8&c+8&c+8. The ties make it so each of those notes still sounds like its just a single note. Tempo changes will need to go between the note and the tie that follows it, like this c+8t100&. Again play around find the right time stamp, this time it is after the 3rd split note, c+8&c+8&c+8t100&c+8. Now an 8th note might not always be what you need to split rests/notes into, its possible you will need to split into 16ths or even 32nds. Final product is below. Optimizing the track we condense the extra rests we made but not the notes, you will have to manually optimize that if you are short on character count. /*M 0 */ t145>c+8.<b8.>c+8t120e4.t100&e16.r32 /*M 1 */ t145c8.<b8.a4t100g8a8b8 and /*M 0 */ t145<<a2>>t120c+8&c+8&c+8t100&c+8 /*M 1 */ t145<c2>r8t100r8r8r8
  6. Kairos

    Going from midi to MS2, including tempo changes

    Thanks for the feedback! This was kinda a low effort post on my part though, so that is why I didn't add any text examples, already had the video done, I was just pasting it here. For the default note length, you really shouldn't have to worry about it because 3ML doesn't add it in at all until after you optimize the tracks, and it is much easier to do editing before optimizing. Same deal with "n##" not used until after optimization, and I honestly realized it was a thing like the day after I made the video (MS2 doesn't even mention it in any documentation), lol. For import options, the left options I just leave all on because again optimization removes anything unneeded and I'm too lazy to find out what each of them really do. I say to never use reduce rest because it makes all notes play until the next note in the track, so if a track has a f note then 5 measure of rest until the next note, this option is going to cause that f note to continue to play for those 5 measures instead of having rest in it. Out of nearly 100 songs I have made only once have I purposefully used this option, and it was because a song used excessively small rests between notes (note then r64 then note then r64...) and it was only to save character count. It has uses but the average user will never need it.
  7. Finally decided to post my guide here. Doubt its the best and I'm sure someone will make a better one once GMS2 is released, but I haven't seen a video guide that goes over all this information yet. I did make a few mistakes but its good enough. Somethings I could have explained better were note lengths and character limits. Note length explanation: 1 = whole note 2 = half note 4 = quarter note Etc. So two half notes equals a whole note, four quarter notes is a whole note, sixteen 32nd notes is a half note. Just a little bit of basic math. Character limits: MapleStory 2 has 3 different music sheets, one for 3000 characters, one for 5000, and one for 10,000. The 10k sheet is locked by default, you will need to unlock it (which can be done by just playing music and leveling up your mastery). 3ML will show you the amount of characters used in a track at the bottom. Midi used in this video can be found here: https://musescore.com/scorpio5/scores/5043474 I've also posted the final product here:
  8. Yes this is possible. I have a song that has 2 tempo changes, using this "at120&a1t60&a" plays it all like a single note. This song has 9 tracks and tempo changes are a pain. You just have to put the tempo change before the tie.
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