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  1. Kairos

    Complex Tempo changing

    Maybe check out this post? They are basically creating a new midi for each track with the tempo and importing into 3mle. Might be easier to create the 30 midis and import them than to manually input the tempo changes.
  2. Kairos

    Issues with triplets when importing MIDIs

    Try changing Quantization to 1/64. I've noticed on a few songs with short quick notes that should all be the same length end up with a few that are longer than the rest, sorta like you are describing.
  3. I started this but ran into more problems than the song is worth to me. I'll attach my work so someone else can finish it. Its not horrible if you just optimize and paste in ms2, but doesn't come close to my standards. I used the midi provided, cut some tracks, tempo changes were not different enough so I used the same tempo throughout, and it is currently about 10150 characters so more needs cut. Last issue is that when 2 of the same note are played on different tracks at the same time it cuts off the other (ex. a1 and r4a2. this will cause the a1 to be cut off in game by the a2., 3MLE does not reflect this and will play without this cut off so beware). Lunatic_Eyes_Invisible_Full_Moon.mml
  4. Kairos

    PONPONPON for my PomfPomf

    MS2MML attached while it waits to be approved. ponponpon.ms2mml
  5. Kairos

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu - PONPONPON

  6. Kairos

    Attack on Titan - So ist es immer

  7. Kairos

    Attack on Titan Medley

  8. Kairos

    The Ancient Magus' Bride - "Main theme"

  9. Kairos

    Elfen Lied - Lillium

  10. Kairos

    Ken Burns: The Civil War - Ashokan Farewell

  11. Kairos

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Mor Ardain

  12. Kairos

    Portal - Still Alive

  13. Kairos

    Mario Odyssey - Shiveria Town

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