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  1. Yasuno

    How do I use the MS2MML File on the song page?

    You don't open the file on your computer, you download it and then open the file inside Maple Story 2 in the composing window.
  2. Yasuno

    Adjusting the music's time/tempo

    @Yaenn - Searching for the tempo tags and making sure they line up and are the exact same in every single track is the only way for it to not de-sync in-game. 3MLE was made based on Mabinogi originally, which works differently (the tempo only needs to be in 1 track) so that is why 3MLE is not letting you hear the error. If the song you are trying to play in-game is from our site use the "Report Submission" button to let us know that it does not sync correctly in the game so we can get the author to either update it, or we will remove it. If this is a song you are importing yourself in 3MLE, then you will need to fix all of the tempo tags.
  3. Yasuno

    How do I use the MS2MML File on the song page?

    If you do not see a download button, but instead code boxes that means you are in the MabiBeats section which is for the game Mabinogi. It has some slight differences, and the MML code there will not always be compatible with Maple Story 2. The website search will search all sections automatically unless you specifically tell it to only search MapleBeats Solo's, etc. Maple Story 2 compatible songs will always have the green download button.
  4. Yasuno

    3MLEmaplebeats MIDI editor downloaded but in japanese

    This happened to someone else in our Discord. They were running the .exe inside the .zip file. You need to extract the .zip file first, and then run the .exe.
  5. Yasuno

    Sailor Moon - Moonlight Densetsu

    Hi, It should work now. We offloaded a bunch of our files, attachments and such to an external CDN (Delivery Network) provider. But there seems to be a bug in the website software itself that causes it to break with certain types of attachments (while others work just fine). In the mean time I have moved forum attachments back from the external provider to the server until the bug can be resolved.
  6. Good luck, I have tried to find ALOE (The original author of the program) and / or the source code for over 4 years now. I even took to Twitter, and emails I found in various places of old team members that helped ALOE on the project and even going as far as sending them messages in Japanese (they are all Japanese). I even used web archive project to look back at pages from years ago to try to scrounge for contact information to no avail haha. However even the team members that did reply have no clue what happened to ALOE, and have no way to reach out to him. None of them had the source code either.
  7. Yasuno

    How do you use multiple Target Tracks?

    @Fearless - We have a Discord, there are many people in there who could assist you with this. They have been helping users daily in there.
  8. Yasuno

    How do you use multiple Target Tracks?

    @Fearless If you want to load them straight into MS2 you can do that (after optimizing them) instead of putting them into a second 3MLE window. The point is though that when you import a track, it over writes the existing tracks in 3MLE. So you either need to have a second 3MLE open to combine everything in, or you can paste it into MS2 Composer Window assuming it doesn't need tempo editing or anything else.
  9. Yasuno

    Hunter x Hunter ED 5 & 6 - Hyori Ittai

  10. Yasuno

    Rune Factory 4 - Spring Theme

  11. Yasuno

    Stranger Things Theme (Anime-ish Style)

  12. Yasuno

    Spirited Away - The Name of Life