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  1. Kazachi

    Tokyo Ghoul Re: - Asphyxia

  2. Kazachi

    Darling In The FranXX - Torikago (ED)

  3. Kazachi

    Darling in the Franxx - Torikago (Orchestral)

  4. Kazachi

    Stein's Gate - Gate of Steiner (Short)

  5. Well, Hello everyone! Just posting this to see how everyone is doing I haven't been around in Mabinogi for almost a couple years up until now. I also haven't made any recent scores also but that might change. I recently got on at 4/22/2018, seeing how Mabi has been. Looking around at the places I've spent hours on. One of them being the Concert Stage. I was wondering if the concerts are still happening or if the bard community in Mabibeats is still active. If you guys are up for it, we can arrange a concert for next week! Anyways, I'll see you guys around Mabi. Also... Soon, I'll be uploading a piece from Steins Gate titled, "Gate of Steiner".
  6. Kazachi

    Akame Ga Kill - Liar Mask

  7. Heyyo! So, there's this website that's been growing up pretty quick called multiplayerpiano.com I've been on it all day yesterday looking at everyone else's musical skills and stuffz It's completely free and enjoyable (private servers available) ;3 Edit: AddBlock would be very preferable.
  8. Welcome to the world of MabiMusicians ;D Of course, music is meant to be sheared. I agree how boring would it be if someone made a fantastic piece for themselves right?! There's no point to it Edit: If you wan't to make music with us, go ahead and download 3ML! If you don't have any musical experience, you can learn from either musictheory.net or the composition books in Mabinogi (They're actually true)
  9. I Have a piano solo ensemble on the 27th (Saturday) It's my first time and the song of choice is Moonlight Sonata Movement 3! My orchestra teacher is expecting me to win and reach state level, so she's putting all this pressure on my back Any tips for playing competition? D:
  10. .-. I just want to get to octave 0
  11. I love the style And it brought me back good memories
  12. Does anyone know a different version of 3ML that can use LOWER octaves than the newest one?
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