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    Hey everyone,

    Welcome back. Please excuse any weird layout issue or miss-aligned items etc that you may see as I update the website. There will be quite a few changes coming to the website over the next few weeks. The entire theme, as well as the music submission areas will receive a face lift among other things.

    The website backup was completely restored successfully, so if you had an existing account with us you should be able to log back in like normal.

    Note: For those of you that are still at your submission pending limit, the submissions won't be approved until most of the task list below is finished. Once these various tasks are done submission approvals should be faster going forward.

    Task List | Key: Not Started, In Progress, Complete

    • Update General Website Related Things
      • Apply the 30 updates we have missed to the framework and then fix new errors
      • Update Terms / Privacy Policy / Guidelines
      • Remove Broken Ads
      • Update Login Methods (Facebook, Twitter, Discord, etc)
      • Update overall theme, port some things from old theme
      • Switch to a cleaner / more legible font
      • Update Third Party Plugins
      • Remove Old / Archived / Broken related things to clean up database structure
      • Reconnect Web Hook Notifications + Role Sync to our Discord Bot & Server
      • Fix our Sitemap and Website Verification on Google Search Engine Console / Webmaster
      • Re-Initialize our Google Analytics
      • Update Friendly URL's in Mabinogi Halls to be more descriptive
      • Update the Activity Stream to be more descriptive
      • Move 3MLE Downloads to our CDN Apollo
      • Allow Composers, and Pro Members (+Staff) to change their own Display Name once every 30 days
      • Allow Users not in the above groups to change their own Display Name once every 120 days
      • Allow users to deactivate or delete their own account.
      • Allow Members and above to delete their own Submissions without Mod Action (The first rank, Initiate cannot)
      • Fix the Email Template(s) CSS Coloring + Text Coloring
    • Update Various Images / Logos / Reacts / Emotes
      • Reaction Emojis
      • Menu Layout and Imaging
      • Main Logo & Email Logo
    • Update Submission Layout & Design
      • Re-Arrange overall layout to accommodate for the below two changes
        • Mabinogi Hall
          • Change Mabinogi Hall from images to button style from MS2 Hall for Listing Display
          • Port Pro Member options from MS2 Music Hall to make sure they are par with each other
            • Port Listing Image Display | Composer & Pro
            • Add Visualizer Image Background Display | Composer & Pro
            • Add Pager Background Image Option | Pro Only
          • Implement 2 column layout on record view with Instrument Panel / New Song Previewer
             *Note - Not all previous songs will be updated to the new layout, but all new songs will use it.
            • Solo Hall
            • 2 Person Ensemble Hall
            • 3 Person Ensemble Hall
            • 4 Person Ensemble Hall
            • 5 Person Ensemble Hall
            • 6 Person Ensemble Hall
            • 7 Person Ensemble Hall
            • 8 Person Ensemble Hall
        • Maplestory 2 Hall
          • Implement 2 column layout on record view with Instrument Panel / New Song Previewer
          • Switch to new file download system and update template to show new download tracking data
    • Implement New Music Preview Piano Roll
      • Create Custom Web SoundFonts (Progress Report)
        • Mabinogi
          • Layout Testing in Progress: Ex1, Ex2, Ex3
            • Add 3MLE Instrument ID Map
            • Add Mabilcco Instrument ID Map
        • Maplestory 2
      • Attach to our CDN Apollo for Note Delivery
    • Implement Final Fantasy XIV Hall
    • Create Final Fantasy XIV 3MLE Version
    • Setup our CDN Service | Apollo
    • Setup a REDIS caching server
    • Separate the Database into it's own server group for scalability.
    • Update Music Hall Listings With Better Filtering & Sorting
    • Merge each games music halls into 1 for each (Reliant on the above being finished)
      • Mabinogi - Merge 10 Halls into 1
      • MapleStory 2 - Merge 10 Halls into 1

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