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  1. Plopster

    Guns N' Roses - November Rain

  2. I usually go for full band midis with like 5+ parts to them and recently I've even gone as far as 20+ track midis. But then I came across 30+ track songs and I've realized that after like track 25, every following track I try to open is blank. However, when actually listening to the midi, all those parts/instruments that were supposedly blank were present and audible. I used 3mle to extract the midis and winamp to listen to it. One more thing I've found is that when I have multiple instances of 3mle open to accommodate for 16+ tracks, they tend to desynchronize even though they were in sync at the start. One instance of 3mle will play at a slightly faster tempo than the other despite both of them being derived from the same midi as well as having the same listed tempo. However, in game the whole ensemble sounds just fine. Not sure if it's just me. Just wondering if there is a reason for the blank tracks or even better: a fix? The desynchronization isn't much of an issue as it is a nuisance when trying to prooflisten to the song.
  3. Just wondering what everyone's approach to it is, and if I'm doing something wrong
  4. Plopster

    Queen - The Show Must Go On

  5. Ok so I've made several adjustments especially with the vocal track since it was only like 70% accurate. I think I've made it close to like 95% now at least. The file names tell you which instrument to use and how many characters. I'll also be uploading this to the scores. Enjoy~ showmustgoon8saxophone-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon7tomtom-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon6bassdrum-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon5snare-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon4cymbals-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon3cello-5k.ms2mml showmustgoon2violin-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon1electguit-5k.ms2mml
  6. ShowmustgoonSOLO.mml <-- This is the solo version. I suggest playing it on a classical guitar. I have the ensemble (full) version saved but I haven't separated the parts. Let me know if you want that too and I'll split em up. Could range from anywhere to 6-10 parts EDIT: I'll convert this into an ms2mml file later sorry
  7. sorry I've been a bit delayed on it. I have it completed on the midi end, just trying to figure out a few parts
  8. I'll try to make this before this Friday. I love this song too
  9. Plopster

    Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

  10. Plopster

    Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  11. Plopster

    Queen - Under Pressure

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