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  1. Plopster

    Queen- The show must go on- request

    Thank you for the project 🙂
  2. Plopster

    Queen - The Show Must Go On

  3. Plopster

    Queen- The show must go on- request

    Ok so I've made several adjustments especially with the vocal track since it was only like 70% accurate. I think I've made it close to like 95% now at least. The file names tell you which instrument to use and how many characters. I'll also be uploading this to the scores. Enjoy~ showmustgoon8saxophone-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon7tomtom-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon6bassdrum-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon5snare-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon4cymbals-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon3cello-5k.ms2mml showmustgoon2violin-3k.ms2mml showmustgoon1electguit-5k.ms2mml
  4. Plopster

    Ludovico Einaudi - Una Mattina

    Requires a 5k sheet to play UnaMattina.mml
  5. Plopster

    Queen- The show must go on- request

    ShowmustgoonSOLO.mml <-- This is the solo version. I suggest playing it on a classical guitar. I have the ensemble (full) version saved but I haven't separated the parts. Let me know if you want that too and I'll split em up. Could range from anywhere to 6-10 parts EDIT: I'll convert this into an ms2mml file later sorry
  6. Plopster

    Queen- The show must go on- request

    sorry I've been a bit delayed on it. I have it completed on the midi end, just trying to figure out a few parts
  7. Plopster

    Queen- The show must go on- request

    I'll try to make this before this Friday. I love this song too
  8. Plopster

    The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - God knows...

    Loving the drums in this
  9. Plopster

    Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends

  10. Plopster

    Green Day - Boulevard of Broken Dreams

  11. Plopster

    Queen - Under Pressure

  12. Plopster

    Quincy Jones - Soul Bossa Nova (From Austin Powers)

  13. Plopster

    The letter n

    I've been doing this for a while now, but I'm still not sure what it does. All I know is that it's like a rest but it's not really a rest...?
  14. Plopster

    Linkin Park - New Divide

  15. Plopster

    Linkin Park - One More Light

    Love this. RIP Chester ❤️
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