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  1. Mewing

    Chocobo Theme - Final Fantasy

  2. Hello! I was wondering if anyone had a recommended volume range for music to make it sound as decent as possible in game (not quiet or too loud)
  3. Mewing

    The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Title Theme

  4. Mewing

    Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty Waltz

  5. Could someone please consider making Tchaikovsky - Sleeping Beauty Waltz ? The MuseScore link is meant for Solo (preferably piano as it's beautiful) I tried to make it myself, but the tempo editing was too complicated for me T_T **EDIT** I figured it out and uploaded it ^^
  6. I really like this song! The part 2 piano note is rather quiet though, if I were to point out something I wasn't so happy with :s Other than that it sounds great!
  7. That sounds amazing! If only it were easier to find people to play these with
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