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  1. Viersell

    Kiki´s Delivery Service - Village Overlooking The Sea

    Beat. tempo. All perfect
  2. Viersell

    Lord of the Rings - Aniron

    Best use of vocals i have heard in a long time
  3. Viersell

    I'm no SSR, but we need new SSRs.

    Oh Lordy lol
  4. Viersell

    Hello, from the other side

    I never really was a combat person I could do it and do it well but music is my strong point, I'll look into it fala ty
  5. Viersell

    Hello, from the other side

  6. Viersell

    Hello, from the other side

    So the reason I have been gone is, because my pc died and as of now I don't know when I'll be able to get it fixed and return to mabi composing. But I wanted to at least say why I have been gone.
  7. Viersell

    Transformers Theme

    Senpai has beat me and I'm proud he did
  8. Viersell

    Fire Emblem Fates If - Lost in Thoughts all Alone / Aquas Song

    Senpai has beat me and I'm proud he did
  9. I have been noticing that some songs in request and fulfilled are being put in fulfilled and closed when not all the requests are met, Example Wolfyboy's FFXIV request had 2 songs Answers and Fallen angel only one of them was fulfilled the other was not. a request was made for a Hatsuni Miku boos theme song thing, and it was never fulfilled yet it's in fulfilled there is more but I'm not gonna list every single one out. Not trying to pick or or be rude or anything, but PLEASE make sure when you are closing a topic from requested that ALL requested are fulfilled not half done as it looks bad on us in the site and in game as well. so if only one song is done then please make a new thread for the finished one and close that and leave the not fulfilled one in the requested as it's Still a active request. thank you in advance.
  10. Viersell

    Final Fantasy XIV - Answers

    while it is good, it could use a break from all mando's like a pinao or cello or harp or lyre something, I play FFXIV daily the drumming of the mando cords is where u lost me. thats why u need to break it from 3 mandos to 2 with a piano or cello or harp etc.
  11. Viersell

    Final Fantasy XIV - Answers

    as someone who plays FFXIV from Beta till now, I greatly like this jam very much you clearly thought about it and planned it well, the instrument choices are well blended. the mando and cello combo is my favorite in this by far, the tuba at parts can be a lil lower but other then that its well done. nice use of the roncadora as well.
  12. Viersell

    Boss Death MML request

    how is this fullfilled? i dont see a reply to this at all or a code or anything as far as i can see this is still open
  13. Viersell

    found fail

    so we decided to look creepy like the stuff of nightmares Enjoy
  14. Viersell

    S> Altam Armor

    Selling items returning to game party Altam Armor offer Dragon shield r2 1 Holiday gift joe piece Flash launcher training pot (sold) Synergy magma volcano cylinder Solo(Es) Astin gloves 2mil (sold) Common fabric bag Guardian/colonels Es scroll expired Safeguard/wave Es scroll expired Phoenix knight bracelet f and hat thing 1 double fighter training 1day 450k 2 double magic training 1day (sold) 2 double alch training 1day (sold) 2 double warrior training 1day (held and sold) 3 double puppeteer training 1day 1 double gunner training 1day (sold) 1 Eternal rest book 2 5x10 javelin bag 2 5x6 bolt bag 1 R1 bdk sword 1 no rank bdk bow 1 Pure blk Phoenix feather sword (sold) 1 White Feather Sword (sold) 1 Fine gem powder (sold) 1 rusty hammer prof (sold) 1 Plat hammer of dura (sold) 1 Spell book repair feather 4 thick thread ball bag 2 fine fabric bag 1 cobweb pouch (sold) 1 common leather 1 of each neam and macha chat bubble sticker 1 fine silk bag 1 thin thread ball bag 2 finest leather bag 1 common fabric 1 Finest fabric bag 2 fine leather bag B/T> Sweethearts flight Devil gloves m Hamlins tuner Demon gloomy Sunday In market for current prices carasek bag (was told 10-15 mil) trinity wear m premium winter newbie wear giant (robe with cat ears on hood) Thank you in advance Ign Viersell Message me here please.
  15. Viersell

    Still got the magic touch

    its a wonderful intsru
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