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Hi and stuff!

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Kinda found this site by chance - I've been an avid Mabi player since it hit NA back in 2008, though never did much with the composition skill until recently (never felt ambitious to really chase it down, haha). Incidentally I've been pursuing a career in music composition (mostly retro-sounding stuff and 90s RPG-sounding noises), so since coming back to the game after I think a 2-ish year hiatus the MML side of things has been pretty fun to play with here and there!

I'm mostly kinda interested in writing as well as transcribing original compositions and using Mabinogi's MML as a sort of playground to mess with MML formatting, and just ease into figuring out how to use it, as I'm more used to MIDI spreadsheet formatting, or the piano roll in FL Studio. I've already put down two arrangements of a couple of my songs on the in-game bard board, but I think MabiBeats might have that feature beat (OH NO A PUN!!!!!). One of them's a solo thing for lyre, the other's a HORRIFYING 16-PIECE MESS BECAUSE THE MUSIC Q UPDATE TEMPTED ME - I also have no idea how the latter one sounds though because I haven't found a good way to hear them all play at once - and finding 16 players in-game for a jam session is pretty hard, turns out! lol

Speaking of original compositions - is there a section or category for them? I see a lot of genres but I kinda have no idea where to put my stuff later down the line. lol

Anyway, I'm looking forward to being a member of the MabiBeats community! :D

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Hello and welcome!

There isn't really an original section only, but showcase hall might be it if you don't want to share the code of your songs :U the closest thing is to just mention they're originals in the title i guess.

There's also a new composer program in the works, so maybe you'll find something you like in it when we hear more about the dev work it currently is undergoing?

Hope you have a blast here! :byeb:

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