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I wanted to use a all skill reset to lower my theory so that it would be easier to play music i make.

I only want to do this because i don't really do combat in this game and really have no use for the magical buffs on scrolls that i make.

So i was wondering if you use an all skill reset that i could just level my skills or do i have to meet the requirements again?

I'd rather not have to go through leveling composition up again just to have easier to play songs.

Thanks in Advance. :)

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16 minutes ago, danilo227 said:

 I tink if u use all skill reset all ur skill swill be deranked but with a normal skill reset only one skill

Im not sure about this .

a normal skill rest only does it for one skill and one rank which why i have to use the all skill reset one instead. 

I have been hold off using one just because i dont know what will happen.

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What I suggest is using just a single Perfect Skill Reset Capsule on Musical Knowledge (not the All-Skill capsule, unless there's other skills you don't need ranked and you need the AP). However, you will want to re-rank Musical Knowledge up to at least C rank so at least you can participate in jams.

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