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  1. In my music hall post, it seems the mandolin part (the 2nd part) isn't played at all in Ensemble Preview. When I copy and paste the posted mml to 3MLE, that part is played correctly. Did I something wrong?
  2. Miyoshino

    The Rolling Stones - 19th Nervous Breakdown

  3. MML adjustments for MusicQ patch Original post by @colimoshirabell (a.k.a. シラベル in JP Mari server) https://twitter.com/colimoshirabell/status/814076037826945025 She says this is mere guidelines, and test listening would be necessary after all. Other instruments not mentioned here requires no adjustment. [Strings] Ukulele: increased velocity, peak suppressed (like fig. B) v5- -> -1 Mandolin: decreased velocity v13- -> +2 v4-v12 -> +1 Lyre: decreased velocity, faster decay v12- -> +3 (but lyre's v15 note is apt to make an attack noise) v8-11 -> +2 v3-7 -> +1 Piano: increased velocity, faster decay v13- -> -3 v8-12 -> -2 v3-7 -> -1 Harp: dropped an octave, faster decay, attack noise fixed raise an octave (oN -> oN+1) now o5d+ and higher notes sounds keener. you may want to reduce their velocity by 1 Violin: increased velocity, capped duration (3 sec or so) v13- -> -3 (comparison of the first 1 sec) v8-12 -> -2 v3-7 -> -1 Cello: increased velocity, capped duration (3 sec or so), pitch bug fixed (o6d+/o6f+) v13- -> -3 (comparison of the first 1 sec) v8-12 -> -2 v3-7 -> -1 Electric Guiter: timing bug of distortion part fixed if you manually fixed the bugged timings, romeve the fix [Wind Instruments] Whistle: decreased velocity v9- -> +2 v3-8 -> +1 Chalumeau: decreased velocity v9 -> +5 v7-8 -> +4 v5-6 -> +3 v3-4 -> +2 v1-2 -> +1 Flute: decreased velocity v9 -> +4 v6-8 -> +3 v3-5 -> +2 v1-2 -> +1 (fyi, o5f+ to o6c are slightly less affected and o6g+ to o6b are slightly more affected) Roncadora: decreased velocity v11- -> +3 v7-10 -> +2 v3-6 -> +1 [Percussion] Bass Drum: peak suppressed, the special sound of 02d+ removed, slightly lower pitch replace the o2d+ sound (if any) with something Snare Drum: increased velocity, peak suppressed v7- -> -1 Cymbals: increased velocity, peak suppressed v9 -> -2 v3-8 -> -1 Hand Chimes: decreased velocity v8- -> +2 v3-7 -> +1 *if the faster decay or capped duration matter, replace single long notes with multiple short notes (ex. c1&c1&c1 -> c1c1c1) or use another instrument. edit. typo
  4. Miyoshino

    Jan Van der Roost - Concert March "Arsenal"

  5. Miyoshino

    Jean-Michel Jarre - Calypso

  6. Miyoshino

    John Fogerty - Travelin' Band