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I'd figure it's time to explain my long disappearance. 

Not sure how many of you heard or know, but 4 months ago I was hacked and everything I worked for was gone items bags weaps music etc even my scores and tuner was taken. So I have officially retired and quit the game the account is currently in lock at my request till I know what I want to do with it. I will still be making music and editing when time allows but as for the game itself 4 years of hard work gone, I do not have the energy to rebuild.

i hope this clears things up, but as said I will still be here in mabi beats making music etc. 


All my best, Viersell


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So at the request of a few friends begging me to log in or they would kill me I did I have partly returned to game but it will a long time before I can feel comfortable in the game again. So I wanted to leave this here as well this isn't fully final but it's a major chunk of what was take from my account in April.

most if not all the cloths were pure blk, black and red, blk and gold, blk n white.

Stolen item list from April 9-10th 2016 that was the day of the hack
*means was bound to me
Also note the person put about 30-40 dollars of nx into my account for the bound items to be removed and let medal also opened a few new gach that was around at that time. Also I had a email in my inbox on April 9th informing me of someone via the mabi website trying to reset my password
And nx still could tell me where the items went to or anything or who hacked me. This is why I want to know who it is as they made it a point to drop and sell my music scores as I found 4 of my scores that I would one never sell two never share, i saw those in ch 1 this early afternoon. So they made it personal.

Heathcliff set
Asuna sets
Kirito set
Magical troupe suit male * 
Trinity wear * (Hikkimori can vouch this sell was legit)
Premium winter newbie wear Giant (robe) * 
Merlin set
Starlet dress
Prof j set 
Chef set
Cross empire set
Fairy set
Talvish set
Huws suit * 
Vampire hunter m * 
Kaito suit
After school m
Maike set
Odran suit
Winter prince suit and dress
Shamala m
Ronin set m
Count cookie suit
Shylock suit
Anti fomor suit

Red demon
Black demon
Incubus wings

Lunar dragon helm m
Count cookie
Bat and pumpkin crowns m

Devil gloves

Ancient vampire
Fairy shoes m
Beach sandals

R1 bdk
Rebis cylinder
Cross empire swords guns shield
Rose rapier
Origin staff
Origin greatsword
Cletic druid and guardian staffs
Dorwa r1
Golden dorwa
R1 black stars
R1 tanues gun
Vales shield r1
Avon shield
Health cliff sword and shield

Albino tiger

Demonic gloomy Sunday *
Battle mandolin
Solar glory violin and reg violin
Solar glory guitar and reg guitar
Solar glory lyre
Hamlins tuner *

Carasek bag (Link can vouche this trade was legit, he was a admin for the Facebook group not sure if he's still there or not, this was the last item bought in my account and item traded to me in game that I was online for, was a few days before the hack)
Lux bag
Mari doll bag
Pinky ruiari doll bag
Music scroll bag

Grim reaper
Cress officers robe

hs items:

Dragon so far is what I see.

mini gems, dragon and returned trickster

chairs: ghost, class clown, coffin, yeti, pequin, xmas wreath, xmas chimney, 

Items belonging to my friend that I was holding on to that was stolen.
 Altam wig, Devil Suit, Devil Boots, Holy Guardian Angel Wings.

If you see anyone selling this stuff and know for fact that they had no way of getting it please let me know, I truly want to find who hacked me so I can report them. Because selling my music has made this personal

Anyways I'll be on and off in mabi playing music.


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