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  1. Flameberge

    Xenoblade Chronicles - mechanical rhythm

  2. Flameberge

    Tales of Xilla 2 - Song 4 You

  3. Flameberge

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Desolation

  4. Flameberge

    Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Counterattack

  5. Flameberge

    Xenoblade 2 - Incoming

  6. Flameberge

    Xenoblade 2 - Where We Used To Be

  7. Flameberge

    Gundam Unicorn - PIANO UC-NO.3

  8. Flameberge

    Looks like Sabina will finally get her just desserts.

    i highly doubt thats theres 100 lunites in the whole NA server combined and thats just one of the mats over 100 runs havent seen one drop yet.
  9. Flameberge

    MML adjustments for MusicQ patch

    so did they remove the 15 track limit that can be played at once in game?
  10. Flameberge

    Tuned Instruments (and 3MLE)

    nvm havent updated winrar in like 5 years no wonder why it didnt work
  11. Flameberge

    Tuned Instruments (and 3MLE)

    qq broken 3mle download. damn thing wont extract
  12. Flameberge

    This Shit Serious?

    you should expect people to steal your mmls once u post it up anywhere on the internet. i know it sucks. i have a couple of codes people posted up here that i posted up on the old mabimml site that people took. its good that u solved it.
  13. Flameberge


    dunno read that there using a new midi table whatever that means going to guess that we have to change the ranges on most of the old codes.
  14. Flameberge


    gg time to recode all your mmls that you made.
  15. Flameberge

    Deemo - moon without the stars