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  1. Ivy

    Deltarune - Rude Buster

  2. Ivy

    Deltarune - Before the Story

  3. Ivy

    Child of light - Dark creatures

  4. Ivy

    Hi and stuff!

    Hello and welcome! There isn't really an original section only, but showcase hall might be it if you don't want to share the code of your songs :U the closest thing is to just mention they're originals in the title i guess. There's also a new composer program in the works, so maybe you'll find something you like in it when we hear more about the dev work it currently is undergoing? Hope you have a blast here!
  5. Ivy

    I'm no SSR, but we need new SSRs.

    I'm willing to cool you down if you get burned, just sayin'. naw, i do agree on it. why even have a 'retired staff' group as well if there's little staff actually left too... As i said before, it just means this place needs more delegates. some tidbits from when the website was still white background kinda shows too (like the copy mml button on submissions), but as far as i'm concerned, it's very minor compared to staff shortage. we need more crafters in da house, get my drift? (staff. staves. yeah its just late dont mind me)
  6. Ivy

    Yuri!!! on Ice OST - Yuri on ICE

  7. Ivy

    Submissions before Music Q

    Anything with cellos, harps, flutes and violins will need to be looked at.
  8. Ivy

    Hey all

    Hi, and welcome to mabibeats. i'd encourage you to join the discord server as well if you wanna do more than lurk. We don't bite! (at least, i can talk for myself. the others, not sure )
  9. Ivy

    Lazy Town - We are number one

  10. Ivy

    midi file wont load into 3mml

    Did you try playing the MIDI in another program? Maybe it actually doesn't have any sound to convert into code? I'm not sure what may be the cause otherwise...
  11. Ivy

    midi file wont load into 3mml

    This may sound dumb, but make sure you're actually importing the midi (and choosing the file) instead of exporting it. Parsing usually happens when you're trying to export a file.... from what I've experienced.
  12. Ivy

    Homestuck - Showtime (Piano Refrain Solo ver.)

  13. Ivy

    Homestuck (First Turn Fold) - Gold Pilot

  14. Ivy

    Fire Emblem Awakening - Chaos

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