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  1. You did a lot of work here. I'm finding the mml in the ms2mml files is full of a lot if wasted characters. For instance you don't need to put & between rests. But aside from a little cleanup I'm enjoying it.
  2. I was a semi-hardcore fashionogi and player of music and jams on Alexina for a number of years. I helped maintain the guildstone of Hetalia until we decided neither of us wanted to invest in the service to keep it up. Hetalia was less a guild and more of a fan club anyway. I was known then as Vitorika. These days I'll logon to Mabinogi just to see what all the kids are wearing these days. My days of spending too much money on NX and chasing rare items have passed, but My enjoyment of Mabinogi Music and MML has not stopped. Over the last year or so I've been working on a project to bring a little bit of MML to Minecraft. Your input and ideas are welcome. You can find me on the Mabi beats discord channel. Cheers!
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