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  1. Atoyume

    Euchaeta - Kokoro

  2. Atoyume

    The Asterisk War - Lonely Feather

  3. Atoyume

    How Do You Acquire the Verified Composer Status Here?

    I want a #B1AEE7 aura :3
  4. Atoyume

    BLEACH OST- A Requiem

  5. Atoyume

    BLEACH OST - Here To Stay

  6. Atoyume

    Erased OP - Re:Re

  7. Atoyume

    [Fulfilled] ERASED Opening

    Here ya go sounds best on Mandolin, at Rank 1:
  8. Atoyume

    3MLE Updated with Harp Option

    Thank you :3
  9. Atoyume

    Composing in MapleStory2?

    Yeah i want Maple Story 2 to come to us D: Super jelly, they keep adding new instruments too! ooo the possibilities !
  10. Atoyume

    need Training help

  11. Atoyume

    Ah. New Instrument = New Songs! LETS DO THIS PEOPLE!

    is there any duets with the harp? ;-;
  12. Atoyume

    Tove Lo- Habits (Stay High)

  13. Atoyume

    Undertale - Dogsong

    TUBA LOVE <3
  14. Atoyume

    Undertale- Spider Dance

  15. Atoyume

    风居住的街道 (Street Where the Wind Resides)

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