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  1. I just spent the last 6 or so days grinding Puppetry and Cleric to master. I finally just finished mastering Cleric and am now a Soul Star 

  2. Woohoo! Finally after like...  Months of procrastination, I finally achieved Master Bard!

  3. Finished G3 for the first time yesterday on an alt, and became a Dark Knight. Interesting stuff.

  4. Mabinogi OST - Avalon Gate BGM

    this is incredible and sounds almost exact to the original! Great job! \o/
  5. SHK - Death Moon

  6. Just got rank 1 Musical Knowledge! Woohoo~! Now to work on getting to Master Bard since I've been procrastinating training. 

    1. Newleaf81


      Procrastinating: too hard to come away from

  7. Raggs no Chinkonka

    Could someone do this song as a jam band, and have the singing parts used as the song skill please? Thanks
  8. Starting on working on making a weapon more stronger, I've never actually done gem upgrades or used blue ups to upgrade anything. Only made my tribolt wand up to step 2 before my RNG knocked it back to 0 then got it back to 1 again 

    1. Falaflame


      RNG on step-upgrading is very fickle. Sometimes (though, rarely), i've had it get to step 5 on bare minimum number of stones, while other times I end up consuming over 100 stones trying to get it to step 3. .-.

  9. Touhou 5- Romantic Children

    Beautiful! I love it, great job as always!
  10. I got Rank 1 composing on my main! Whoop whoop!

  11. [Fulfilled] ERASED Opening

    I'm not sure if theres a Midi for this song yet, but if someone manages to make this into an MML i will love you
  12. Composing in MapleStory2?

    oh god yes just when I thought MapleStory 2 couldn't get any better.
  13. Let's get this over with...

    Took you long enough to join, Maggs.
  14. I hate when I watch one video of something, and like it, or if I accidentally click on a video on YouTube. They decide to recommend me 7475834738752878 videos of that specific thing. Like, YouTube, can you not? I just wanted to watch that ONE video, not every video in the universe on that one thing.