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  1. Pokemonher01

    Mahoutsukai no Yome - Mina & Matthew's Reunion/ Kimi no Yukue

  2. Pokemonher01

    Adventure Time - Everything Stays

  3. Pokemonher01

    Steven Universe - Love Like You

  4. Pokemonher01

    Fairy Tail - Tabidatsu mono he (A Song for the Road)

  5. Pokemonher01

    [Alexina] Concerts Return

    Hello everyone! My name is Poke and some of you may know me for hosting concerts on the weekends. Sadly since I left they weren't able to be kept alive and I'd like to change that! Currently I am looking for bards with a wild selection to try to reduce repetitive/over used songs. This is also to ensure that we have enough acts to keep us going for a while. I'm currently looking for some help from the community on some input! Before the concerts where held at Emain at the Stage but due to an update it was then moved to Emain Restaurant. Location: I'd like some input on possible locations which aren't too big to load so that no one lags out (Locations like Tara cause immense lag for some players). Time: Traditionally this would be 2 hours before the Banquet on Saturday. Personally I'd like to start before then now as I work overnight and this causes conflict with my schedule. I'd like to ensure people are going to come so if you're willing to play in it then please note me at Pokemonher01
  6. Pokemonher01

    The Cure - Just like Heaven

    Nice~ My advice to you is for Cymbals it tends to be the gong noise you want to use the first part in the Cymbals you have is "d+d+v2d+d+v3d+d+v4d+d+v5d+d+v6d+d+v7d+d+v8d+d+v5d2" personally I feel should be the other way around It should end in the gongnoise but muffle it because it is loud Used Tuned Cello and Violin! Normal Cello and Violin are good for those emotionally striking pieces and parts but Tuned is for darker deeper sounds far more serious. I didn't pay much attention the the codes but comparing it to the video provided around 1:20 is when Violin comes in and it's far more serious no longer emotionally evoking like the beginning so this is where the Tuned Violin comes in 1:05 there is a 2nd Cello that plays long notes and are very low. This is the Tuned Cello's calling! Also if you play the tuned cello, tuned violin, cello, and violin you get a very nice sound together I like it sounds so different. Cause there is parts where you can play like 3:50 where multiple violins play and I think playing Tuned Violin and Violin and giving them the same notes or similar ones will give it the sound closest to it. c: Have a nice day
  7. Pokemonher01

    I'm no SSR, but we need new SSRs.

    I'm way late to this topic but, for the reasons of inactivity I don't know about for Cookies but as for me I will elaborate on my absence. I'm still in high school and have a job currently and due to the distance of this job I get about 30 minutes in a day to shower and change before I go since school is 30minutes from my home and then 30mins to get to my job. So I'm roughly busy from 6am -11pm I am on mabi but I don't do much it's more to talk to people though so if you're on please feel free to chat I'd love to I do my schoolwork till 1am to 2am since I'm horrendous at it cause I am taking AP French and Biology which aren't bad but the work is time consuming especially when you have an attention span of a 3 year old. I do get called in a lot to work 8 hour shifts on Weekend free days or to extend my current shifts and to come in during weekdays for 5 hour shifts too (5 hours usually what I do it's a PTJ c: ) When I get some time off I try to do work and catch up and relax a bit since it has a toll on my health since I always been weak but I won't lie most the time I do forget often to come here when I have the opportunity here and I apologize for the burden this has caused Couch I will try to make a more conscientious attempt to check MabiBeats and help out. I also apologize for the inconvenience this has caused players since I too was once a normal ranked member of this Community and understand the desire to share music~ Sincerely, Pokemonher01
  8. Pokemonher01

    Composing in MapleStory2?

    Yes that is how it would work. Overplay is STILL possible but now the excuse "I didn't hear you" can't be used Now you know it's because they're being jerks but the only downside is the economy is always been broken so it's like 50k I think for the cheapest scroll
  9. Pokemonher01

    Composing in MapleStory2?

    It's very similar to MML the only notable thing I can notice that is different is the ranges. The octaves of the Harp are basically the same as a piano and have a much more broad range. Though the only real downside is that all Tempo changes NEED to be made in each track not per instrument but per track so that is the only real downside. The other difference is the scrolls from what I remember only come into 3k and 5k total characters. you can have 16 tracks per instrument if I remember and it will ALL fit as long as all the characters add to the Maximum characters of the scroll or less. Note: I only have played the Harp and Piano there so ranges for other things is unknown Also, last time I saw they where getting something similar to 3MLE in game there is also a sound preview for instruments. I like it because it's impossible to accidentally overplay. Once you're in range you WILL hear the person even if you weren't there when they started. Not to mention you have the free play option which allows you to use your Keyboard as keys to a piano which is a plus but difficult to use.
  10. Pokemonher01

    Sword Art Online - Tender Feelings

  11. Pokemonher01

    Boss Death MML request

    I think you need to be more specific, Boss Death MML from where? I don't see a video or anything NVM It was because of an ad on, anyways Do you have any Sheet music you can find for it? or possibly a MIDI for some users?
  12. Pokemonher01

    Pokemon - Oracion

  13. Pokemonher01

    [Fulfilled] song request

    (Everything is for piano) Oh gosh well here is a solo Then here is a duet
  14. Pokemonher01

    Lucas Graham - 7 Years (Request)

    Tanino's version sounds perfectly fine for me but meh I never heard the song before so I wouldn't know much of it. I modified the Tanino's MML 2 octaves up for you [email protected]<a+a+a+&a+2>b+2<a+a+a+&a+2r2v15>g4l8ffdfc4<a+4fr>dfc4<a+4g4>dccccccn46d4c16<a+.>g4ffdfc4<a+2r1.v11>a+2r2rv15<a+a+>cd4c4<a+a+a+>cdfc<a+r4a+16a+16>cdcn46cdcn46cdfc<a+r4a+>cdcn46cdcn46cdfc<a+r4a+>cdca+cdcn46cdfcn46gfffdfl4c<a+f>d8f8c<a+gl8>dccccccn46d4c4gfffdfc4<a+2r2a+1&a+1ra+a+>cd4c4<a+a+4>cl16dfdc8.<a+8r4a+a+l8>cdcn46cdcn46cdfc<a+ra+a+>cdcc<a+ra+a+>cdfc<a+ra+a+>cdcn46cdcn46cdfcn46g4ffdfc4<a+4f4>dfc4<a+4.g>dccccccn46d4cn46g4ffdfc4<a+2r1r1.ra+a+>cd4c4<a+a+4>cl16dfdc8.<a+8r4a+a+l8>cdcn46cdcn46cdfc<a+ra+a+>cdcc<a+ra+a+>cdfc<a+ra+a+>cdcn46cdcn46cdfcn46g4ffdfc4<a+4f4>dfc4<a+4.g>dcccccca+d4cn46g4gaa+agf4.r1r1.r4g4ffdfc4<a+4fr>dfc4<a+4g4>dccccccn46d4c16<a+.>g4ffdfc4<a+2r1r1.ra+>c4d16d16dc<a+ra+a+16a+16>cdfc<a+ra+a+>cdcn46cdcn46cdfc<a+ra+a+>cdcn46c<a+a+a+>cdfc<a+ra+a+>cdcn46cdcn46cdfcn46g4f.f16dfl4c<a+gl16>cdf8c8.cc8.cc8.cc8.cc8.dc8.cc8.a+d8.c<a+4l8ra+a+>cdcn46c<a+a+a+>cdc<a+4r>ffffffdddddc<a+a+4>g4ffdfc4<a+4g16g.>dfcc<a+16g.g16g.>dfcccccn46d4c4g4gaa+ag4f2r1r1.g4gaa+a+a+4a+4g16g.a+a+a+a+a+16g.g16g.a+a+a+a+aaaga4a+4g4gaa+ag4f2r1r1.g4ffdfl4c<a+g>d8f8c<a+gl8>dccn46cccn46d4c4g4ffdfc4<a+2r1r1.t89v13>g4ffdfc,v11l8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfg2l8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfv7a+1v11a+2.fl2<a+a+ggl4>gn46ac<a+2a+b+l2a+a+ggl4>gn46ac<a+2.>cd2d2gd+gd+g8d+d+8ffn46dn46cdfdfdfdfdfdf<a+2.>cd1<a+1&a+2>c2a+da+>cd<d>d<d>d<d>d<d>d<d+l8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl2<a+.>c4d1<a+1&a+>cl4a+da+>cd<d>d<d>d<d>d<d>d<d+l8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfda+dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl4dfdfd2a+2l1n46d<a+&a+2>c2a+d<g2l4>gn46gn46fn46a+n46a+>cd<d>d<db+cb+cb+cb+ca+n46a+<a+>b+cb+cd2ddddddl1rrrrr.l8a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agfl1rrrrr.l4dfdfdfd2l8a+agfr1r1r1.a+agfr1.a+agfl4dfdfdfl8a+agf,r2v7l1<gfd+&d+2f2gfd+&d+2r2gfd+&d+2f2gfg&gg2.f4a+d+4.l2d+d+&d+8fgg4a4a+1d+1&d+fg.a4a+1d+1&d+fg.a4l1a+d+&d+<g2.a4a+d+l2&d+fg.a4a+1d+1&d+fa.a4a+1d+1&d+fg.a4l1a+d+&d+g2.a4a+d+l2&d+fg.a4a+1d+1&d+fa.a4a+1d+1&d+fg.a4l1a+d+&d+>g2.a4a+g&g2f2g2.a4fg&gga+d+&d+2f2ga+d+&d+2d2d+2.f4gfdd+l2fgdl4ddddddd2dfl2ffd+dd+fdd4f4ffd+d+d+fdd4f4ffd+d+d+fcc4f4ffd+d+l1d+dfd+&d+2f2d2.f4fd+&d+v5d2.c4<a+;
  15. Pokemonher01

    WoW - Temple of the Moon

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