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  1. this is some good reverse psychology, rip and welcome
  2. alright nevermind then
  3. is there word about what sound format this uses?
  4. I've played blade once when they let me in on the closed beta weekend, and I have a level 40-45ish slayer I think he is on tempest reach if that's the pvp server. both fun games but I got a new computer recently so I haven't played either in a while. I would like to play it if we are on the same server, but I don't even skype sooo.....
  5. Hi, sans I saw that joke and it was great, me welcoming you is pointless because i'm usually inactive but hello anyway.
  6. Riamz

    is there word?

    Is there word on the starbards website anywhere? I know this is short but starbound is keeping me from mabinogi... and I need a starbound music fix even though you can just convert MIDI to ABC q¬q.
  7. I had to revive this, my friend made this video last year and I still laugh 2much https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=juZdpQQpQ40
  8. Hi! welcome, also if this makes you, guys feel any better I didn't have any finals.
  9. happy (late) new year.
  10. Just a random question, since i've been away from mabinogi for a while, I had some tech difficulties and I can't bring myself to send nexon the required files so right now im just lazing around playing starbound, which is really fun in adition converting music from midi takes like 2 seconds compared to, mabinogi's hard way but in saying that the community, only has a couple of song packs for people that are too lazy how to work out to convert stuff, which lead to the undertale sound pack, in starbound undertale is the most overplayed thing on servers it's terrible q¬q so I was wondering since i've been rather disconnected with mabinogi recently, is there a "popular song" out atm in the community, something like when bad apple was a thing? just for future reference for when I join eventually! so can start to complain straight away, Kudos!
  11. well rip, just another expensive instrument, they should add in an actual cool thing like the 2011 Honda Jazz.
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