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  1. XuetankBoi

    ACDC Back in Black Added drums

  2. So......that Mordhau lutebot system XD..ive tried turning some of the 3mles into midi and playing on there.....some of them songs work but its gotta be simple songs XD pretty funny tho
  3. XuetankBoi

    Final Fantasy 15 - Somnus

  4. FINAL_FANTASY_XV Somnus_Instrumental_Version.wav
  5. ill try to make a jam session version but ill be sure to make it Duet able too :3
  6. felt the emotion! :3 great job!
  7. XuetankBoi

    Your Lie in April ED - Wacci (Kirameki)

  8. you know what'd be very cool? if the new program composed like how Vocaloid softwares work(which is basicly click the note and drag to the length you want) XOXOXOXO!!!! thatd be AWSOMESSSAASASA
  9. very relaxing for the most part :3 i like it
  10. XuetankBoi

    Naruto ED - Wind

  11. XuetankBoi

    Whisper of the Heart - Country Roads

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