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The new music partner

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 rank 4 playing at level 70 wiki lies

think it might gain 1 rank of playing every 10 levels after 50.

think level 100 will give u rank 1 playing

level 79 partner now level it tommarow to see if it gets rank 3 playing

can you share what's the most effective way to level ur partner up? O:

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can you share what's the most effective way to level ur partner up? O:

i just spamed alby adv hm with a 2x exp combat pot.

bought a tuner for partner already no more need to level it up.

think im right about level 90 rank 2 and level 100 rank 1 playing




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Alright. Thanks for the information.

Is there any events giving those out? And if so, how do I acquire them?

If not, I suppose I can spare some NX to get the 2x exp potions.

trade in them H coins for rng boxes for some 2 x exp pots. think u might be able to buy exp pots from people who bought all those booster packs that didnt use them.

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Alright, I did what Flameberge suggested and I got from Lv52 to Lv64 using Alby Adv HM in 4 runs, 3 of them using combat exp 2x potion.

I kinda feel like, even without the potion, I think I can hit 70 no problem. I think the curve gets ridiculous shortly after that, though.

Also, food for thought, Laighlinnes can play r1 scores with playing instrument as low as rank 5 (Lv60). Though at least not without 5 fails before it happens.

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Alright. I've gotten my Laighlinne partner to Lv83, which means r3 playing instrument and musical knowledge. And from what I've gathered from the level scaling.

Lv70 to Lv80 is pretty much 2 to 2.5 levelups from Alby Adv HM with the Combat EXP x2 potion (not taking into account the boss room because I crash there).
Lv80 to Lv90 is pretty much 1.5 to 2 levelups in the same dungeon with the same setting.

And if I were to guess, Lv90 to Lv100 is probably 1 to 1.5.

This is approximate 17 more levelups for me to hit Lv100, so on average, it should take ~14 more runs of Alby Adv HM, all using Combat Potion EXP x2 potion.

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I already knew. In fact, I know someone who has already. (Teana)

I wish the partners always came with the tuner so they never messed up for jams

I can just get technical here story-wise.


They don't need the tuners. They're part of the ancient Pathelonian race. As such, there really is no excuse for them to fail at all, lol.

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