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how to turn a midi to mml guide

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never took a music class in my life alot of things im doing might be wrong. oh well

Important letters in 3mle coding

L= the length of all notes after it default is L4 which is a quarter note i think. basicly it makes all the notes in front of it the same more or less.

T1~250=tempo  how fast your song is default is t120

N= basicly a note in number form  n12 = o1c  n13o1c+  n14=o1d  n15=o1d+ and so on

o1~7=ocatave   dunno how to explain this one moves your notes up and down.

<> = same thing as o



i used Initial D rage your dreams for this guide.


first open 3mle go to file > import standard midi file> (whatever song u want) i used rage your dreams

i used these options

Velocity shows you the loudness of every note if u dont have this every note with have a default loudness of v8

convert on midi tracks to multiple mml tracks shows all the hidden tracks. theres is 6 tracks in this one if u dont select it u only get 1 track.

even though it has 6 tracks we are going to make it a solo song.

click ok should look like this now


now do this makes coding easier,



i like to do 3-5 sections at a time. easier to break song down in small parts.

double click on that note where the black arrow is. It will highlight a+ on the bottom of screen copy that and the rest of the text behind it

r2.v7l8ga+v11>c4cd+c4.d+d4<a+ga+4g+a+    ull get that. open up a new 3mle window and paste it in track 1


now we are going to do track 2 and stoping on the same point where track 1 ends

we are going to use those notes. some people are going to say theres 3 different colours on there dont i need 3 tracks to fit them all in.

if u look closely all the notes are staggered so u can fit them all in one track u just have to make some notes shorter.

just hover over the bars too see what notes they are if u cant eye it out.


the bright blue notes is how the track 2 should look like.

r1<l8d+g>d+c<g+d+>d+c<a+g>fd<rg>d<a+  ull get this code.

r1o3d+8g8o4d+8c8o3g+8d+8o4d+8c8o3a+8g8o4f8d8r8o3g8o4d8o3a+8 or like this if your bad it coding  they are the same code just the first one is more optimized.



now for track 3

we will be using that part for track 3 there are 2 easys ways do this


click on the pink track. double click that bar and select all that code u see on that screenshot



or u can change all those pink o2r1l4.b+r8g+r8a+r8gr8 note to

o2r1l2b+g+a+g this one save more space since track 3 has the least amount of maximum notes.


now copy those 3 new tracks u made on a new 3mle window and u shoud get something like this should sound more or less the same as the orginal 6 track midi.





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crappy guide needs alot of editing
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