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Want to see a game MADE FOR PROS!

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For those undertale fans out there, (including myself), I was caught up in the fandom of the game and started browsing on youtube for multiple fanart and junk. When i stumbled on a video of an actual undertalexstepmania(Dance Dance Revolution) arcade game made in London. Prepare yourself......for this game only those with the most DETERMINATION and LIGHTING FAST FEET will survive! Here is a video of some of the hard screens and two players actually attempting it.


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Beautiful example of a person's first day on Rise of Flight. Love the rolling wheel at 0:39, just shows how realistic this simulation is.  I call airplanes on this game flying coffins.  All respects, you can not imagine how hard it is to fly aircraft that are often less advanced than a modern day lawn mower.  Takes some serious practice just to reliably be able to take off the ground on this game. lol


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