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  1. Undertale - Bergentrückung

    THIS IS SUCH A PROFOUND STATEMENT!!! A MUSIC AMONG MUSICS!!!! lol jk jk still good tho
  2. Nightcore set fire to the rain

    oh, ok is there any way to make an original type off one of Adele's music scores
  3. [Fulfilled] Adele: Hello

    THERE IS ONLY WORD THAT DISCRIBES THIS: EARGASMIC @‌tanino can u see about my music request of Adele's Set Fire to The Rain
  4. Andy Grammer - Honey, I'm Good

    It follows the basic melody but it is lacking in flair. Good for a first time but I hope to see this in a more complete and fulfilling state.
  5. Musicly gifted

    I know there are a lot of REALLY gifted people on this site, in making mmls by ear, by looking at scores, or even by making them up on their own. What I want to know or rather have, is a list of credible people on this site that someone can call on if they need help with a score or need some music put on paper by ear. As of yet there are no list that one can look on to find a TALENTED person that can aid them in their struggles. I wish to create this list through the topic thread. If this gets enough attention this may even become a FEATURE of Mabibeats, Yasuno willing. This is a call out to everyone talented in these skills so spread the word! If your consider yourself one of these people I ask that you leave your Mabibeats name, your skill(s) as above - list if multiple, and any other notable traits that can be of use in the comments.
  6. Too Much Copy Pasting

    I only agree in regard to the fact that many people make others pay 1000-5000g, I on the other hand keep it 500 and below to offset the cost of the score and the time and skill to make it. After all bards cant make mush of a profit on music anyway. I love playing the Deemo scores They always sound so good. Whenever someone asks where I got it I tell them that I got it from the Composers from Mabibeats.
  7. Music Animated!

    These are some of my favorites the first one im gonna make a music request with! Lindsey sterling YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Partner pet

    I wish I could screenshot what I see but I can get it to work. The thing I see is like when you right click a pet and you see all the things like feed pet, skills and so forth... I don't even have a disposition meter is there should be one.... :I
  9. Partner pet

    The thing has chat on/off but that's all no gift button. the only thing I had react was a stress thing when I fed it
  10. Partner pet

    so how do I gift it, it doesn't have the option to
  11. Partner pet

    I don't understand what is means when the equipment and weapons I try to give my butler says it has to be made exclusive.... Why cant I give my weapons and clothing to him... I checked the wiki but its indirect and has info on gifts, actions, quests, and chat the I cant do with my butler. Im confused so please help me.
  12. Destroy

    Don't you ever want something more to do in Mabi. Like when you get "done" with your life and you want to takeout anger, sadness. boredom, etc. I want to be able to go into a mission like a SM and just DESTROY a mimic town like Tara, Dun, Fila places like these, maybe even just landscapes like the ruins and dragon bones. I want to see the absolute destruction of just... places. Not that im a psycho, im just fascinated with ruins. Think about using a skill on a wall and then the wall crumbles/explodes/melts/implodes/whatever. Just a "in the shower" thought. Maybe have strong to weak monsters that try to kill you. Just think about it and post in the comments your thoughts of approval or disapproval.
  13. Eminem ft. Rihanna - Love the Way You Lie

    Nice! A will play, for when I get a piano. In the mean time I'll play it on my lyre.
  14. Halloween site change?

    I love it its very eye catching!

    Found this on YouTube, its actually a vid on how bards can be op contrary to many players beliefs.