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  1. Darkfire16

    Slowly Returning

    So, some of you have probably noticed I've gone dark, or I'm not as active as I used to be. As such, I'm not SSR anymore. I've kind of hit a rut where Mabinogi just honestly isn't that interesting right now. Many like me are simply waiting out the events, awaiting the major update that is Generation 20. I've managed to lose both SSR and my Ambassador status in the game, but for those that are close friends with me, do not worry. I'm alright, just taking a break from Mabinogi until the next actual content update. On the bright side, I've sort of switched games. I compose for Starbound now, more specifically a roleplay server. What really compelled me to this was because of one reason: Starbound has absolutely no limits on composing. Check out some of my works here (Its an in-character radio station for a roleplay server I play on, also other songs.) Soooo yeah. If you have any questions about what I've been up to, ask away.
  2. Darkfire16

    Falaflame's Beginner Guide - How To Start Off!

    Impressive, you catch on quick to the reset-snatch-and-grab tactic most veteran players on new characters do. Yes, when you master close combat, and your below 1k level, talk to Duncan and reset all of your skills to get your CP back down to normal level. You should start training other classes when you feel comfortable with where your close combat is right now. Sure, a guide or a pro player can tell you when and how to do it, but when it comes down to it, it's all about preference. P.S: Rank 1 Windmill, I totally feel your pain. If you get stuck on that like I did, just save up gold for a windmill potion to get past that rank. It's really annoying.
  3. Darkfire16

    Hype Derailment - Samhain Part 1

    Remember all that hype for the next game update, it was going to be either Samhain, or G20, and either had such high hype? >Samhain originally looked awesome in the trailer >All we get is a repetitive dungeon event in rabbie where you fight the black succubus in a one-floor dungeon until the end of time >obligatory joke video here< Oh my god, I hope Samhain Part 2 is more fun than this event. Right now it's about as fun as a bucket of rotten fish.
  4. Darkfire16

    Christmas theme for the site?

    yes pls There should totally be one.
  5. Darkfire16

    A Question Worth Asking

    I wouldn't know archery, I main giant lol.
  6. Darkfire16

    [PLEASE READ] Announcement

    Approvals are going steady, but its not nearly as instantaneous as it was. No worries, though!
  7. Darkfire16

    A Question Worth Asking

    Smokescreen is easy compared to Abyss. Smokescreen doesnt have the same cooldown as Demigod does. Seriously, i timed it. Sakura Abyss's cooldown timer is literally the demigod cooldown timer. Absolutely abysmal.
  8. Darkfire16

    [Resolved] Minor Issue- Resetting of the Instrument Rank

    I actually have noticed this when working on approving a few songs myself. I always thought it was a fluke though. Yeah, If you do make an edit, the rank resets to F. It's really annoying.
  9. Darkfire16

    A Question Worth Asking

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Have you ever tried mastering Sakura Abyss? It is a NIGHTMARE. The ultimate test of patience. If you can master Ninja, you can master anything.
  10. Darkfire16

    Reason for MIA

    I was wondering where the hell you went. Good to know your okay.
  11. Darkfire16

    Undertale Remixes

    Freaking Undertale music got me into the game. Now I'm doing remixes of these songs. Send help. Or tell me what you think, either works.
  12. Darkfire16

    PSA: 2,000 Submissions!

    Send me footage of SSR bloopers, and I will make. I'm thinking an MLG montage.
  13. Darkfire16

    Undertale - Nyeh Heh Heh + Bonetrousle

    This song made me regret doing the Genocide run. R.I.P, Papyrus. I should have gone on that date.
  14. Darkfire16

    Demetori - Jehovas YaHVeH

    This song made me regret doing the Genocide run. R.I.P, Papyrus. I should have gone on that date.
  15. Darkfire16

    M2U - Masquerade

    This song made me regret doing the Genocide run. R.I.P, Papyrus. I should have gone on that date.
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