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What Would You Do If Mabi Shuts Down Forever or Never Existed?

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As title usually says it all but again,

What would you be doing if Mabinogi shuts off for good or never existed from the start?


For me,

Probably just look for another MMO I could play, enjoy and make new friends if the Mabi ends up being gone and abandoned. It be sad to lose all the progress I've done (or pretty much everyone) and all of the money we've spent/gambled into it but stuff happens. :dark::iamdead:

Those who spent so much in Mabi be like: :damn::cries::sic::sob:

tl;dr: find new MMO/other games to play or work at job or catch up on animes.

If the game didn't exist, usually I would still be playing DFO (Dungeon Fighter Online) before Nexon shut it down or I would just play League of Legends/other games with my friends or "most" trashy communities. (I'm sure a lot or almost all games have trashy people)

tl;dr: Leagues everyday.

Any who,

Share out what would you do!:bingo:


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Actually work on the 3 other MMOs im too lazy to level up on. Might go back to Maplestory, I've got a level 60 thunder breaker sitting around. Or TF2. Or just do animations/music/etc.

TL;DR - George Lucas and whatever the hell i feel like doing. *drinks soda*


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If Mabi didn't even exist, I'd still be struggling to find my first girlfriend, whether IRL or long distance.

If Mabi closes down, I'd be struggling to stay in contact with my best friend.


Basically, I'd be lonely.
Honestly though, I don't care much about Mabi anymore besides making music and friends... and my Scathach, can't forget the Scathach.

If it did close down though, I'd just go back to MapleStory or play osu, maybe force myself to get into League again since I'm like 5 levels away from being able to troll ranked.

If it never existed, then I'd probably be long dead because my life sucks.

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If Mabinogi shut down right now, I wouldn't care much. In fact, I might welcome that since I don't play anymore, but I'm involved in moderation on a lot of Mabinogi related places, which takes a lot of time from me.

If Mabinogi never existed, I probably would've gotten involved in some other MMO. I'm currently playing TERA and Vindictus so probably one of those.

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If it never existed, I probably wouldn't be as into music as I am now and probably wouldn't have met a lot of people/friends I talk to on it.

If it shuts down, there will be no point in 3mle which keeps me playing. Everyone I talk to has me added on skype xD. I'll probably just go back to Elsword or start playing DFO.

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Mabinogi is more than a game.

Mabinogi really is an alternate life (Socially)

Without Mabinogi, finding friends, a lover, and having a chance to interact with other people will be limited. It's becoming more of a social program to most people.

I met my girlfriend in a MMORPG called Ragnarok when I was in the Philippines. And coincidentally, she lived very close by (Like 3 houses down the street .-.) Me and her have been together since 2008. Now, were holding this 6,700 mile long distance relationship. (Visited her 2015 of July)

For me, Mabinogi is a hobby. Not the game itself, but the activities I do in the game which is making/transcribing music.

This game literally gave me skills as a musician, making/transcribing music is probably the only thing I do most of my life. Without this game, it would have been harder for me to gain more knowledge and interest in music. (I'm not gonna lie, but the books about music in Mabi are pretty usefull, I copied the whole darn thing.):banzai:

Okay, Enough with the personal stuff xD

If it didn't exist, I would have been playing Steam or Ragnarok again.


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If mabi didn't exist....

- i would be a bit richer

-i wouldnt have made a button of OCs

- i wouldnt have met a bunch of friends online

-i wouldnt have progressed as much in my art

-i wouldnt have learned some musical skills irl


If mabi shut down...

im gonna keep drawing my OCs until another mmo like mabinogi pops up (that is actually good) and stare at the screenshots i have too often.

and probably lose contact with some people.

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Questioning if stuff never existed is never a good question in my opinion. You can't completely determine the sequence of events that would occur if something were to somehow not exist. It's like taking a book and making it into a completely different adaptation during and after the supposed point in history, which would be finding Mabi in this case.

If Mabinogi never existed, I probably would've gotten involved in some other MMO. I'm currently playing TERA and Vindictus so probably one of those.

Saying that Mabi never existed would also be hard to say that Vindi ever existed considering that Vindi is based on Mabi. Something else on top of this is considering how mant people have had Mabi as their first MMO. Who even knows if or how a person will develop interest to play another MMO if Mabi never existed for those people.

If Mabi went down, I'd probably continue to be a moba scrublord for now (I like to think I'm halfway competent at League/Dota 2, but it gets pretty bad most of the time). Would probably still mess around with composing with 3mle every now and then as I seem to have a bit of trouble developing instrument playing skills or just having access to alot of other things that I'd rather not make a list of.


TLDR; I hate the "if this never existed" question. I wouldn't stop attempting to be a better musician/gamer if mabi was down anyways.

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Osu! is that one rhythm game you can play on your pc.

If Mabi didn't exist, well, I wouldn't have bumped into some people that affected my life a bit.

If Mabi were to shut down, well shit.  Would be sad all that time spent disappeared, but I'd probably find something else to invest time in again.

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I would probably be playing Minecraft and watching anime:sigh: I don't have any Xbox or PlayStation... Stuff like this.  :dark:  

  Although Books might be my friends again!!:maikka:    When thinking about it, I guess I have no social life apart from this. I play no other MMORPG.


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to give my two cents or not give my two cents

If mabinogi never existed I'd have never met Dex and be as happy as I am with him we are planning on seeing each other soon

If mabinogi closed 1 I'd be happy to not deal with alot of the people I have to deal with, I'd focus my attention fully on FFXIV and Terraria

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Well as I experienced a MMO shutting down once, it would be awful to experience it again. Losing a lot of friends, never able to speak to them again, guilds gone. Everything.

I wouldn't really know what to do at first, I'd be really sad, but I'd look for another MMO and just play it until it would get the same fate of being shut down.

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if Mabi never existed my pockets would be deeper, I wouldn't be attached to video games as much, I would be way more innocent then I am now, my IRL friends wouldn't yell at me every-time I mentioned Mabinogi I wouldn't be called boring, I would be more healthy/active, I would be less worried, I wouldn't be ticked off as much as I am (gacha releases) my social skills could improve? maybe? and of course I'd be doing better in school, in additon better at art. Honestly though, everything would be better in life.... however Mabi existed and I love it.

To answer if it closed down, I would go the tough guy approach but I'd be really upset q~q, would take me like 2 weeks to recover, i'd then sit patiently for Peria Chronicles, Blade and Soul, Black Desert (the combat looks kinda clunky tho O.o) and I would have time to watch boku no pico and some other good anime, also I would probably make a move onto Tera i'm trying to hit max lvl, lvl 42 slayer (slayer is fun but crap in the long run...) and apparently reaper was ping friendly so I made one but lvling slayer first. but yeah i'd be pretty depressed for a while, and I'd try an keep in contact with Mabi friends I'd probably visit this forum every so often, for a bit till it dies :/.

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