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  1. Wolfboy_Gamer

    When M game joins E!

    This was completely surprising when i discovered Bayonetta the over sexual female witch joins smash bros. When you play the original M game you have to be surprised when they let her on the E game Smash Bros. Check out the original trailer of Bayonetta 1 and 2, and then her coming the smash. bayonetta trailer 1 Bayonetta 2 trailer When she entered smash...It was a must buyX'D
  2. Wolfboy_Gamer

    Video Game animation videos!

    Post some of your favorite animated parody's of your favorite video games!!! Here is a few of mine! This one is not very long for an Undertale animation....but the artistic skill could be used for a movie.
  3. Wolfboy_Gamer

    Want to see a game MADE FOR PROS!

    For those undertale fans out there, (including myself), I was caught up in the fandom of the game and started browsing on youtube for multiple fanart and junk. When i stumbled on a video of an actual undertalexstepmania(Dance Dance Revolution) arcade game made in London. Prepare yourself......for this game only those with the most DETERMINATION and LIGHTING FAST FEET will survive! Here is a video of some of the hard screens and two players actually attempting it.
  4. Wolfboy_Gamer

    Hello World!

    Haha I know the feel for finals my friend! Welcome to mabibeats the family that loves music. After you recover from final (like me lol), I am sure your going to give us some interesting mmls
  5. Wolfboy_Gamer

    Project Final Fantasy: By Viersell Averos

    Brother...... I LOVE YOU!!!!! YOU MADE MY DREAM MML*crys tears of joy as i hug you*
  6. Wolfboy_Gamer

    Friends Forever?

    Hi there everybody Wolfboy here, with a topic that will really warm your hearts! It has been now 5 years, and I have been a dedicated Mabinogi player, and like all old players we tend to look back on our friends list to see some old faces and new ones too. We delete those who quit or anger us, or re-add players in forgiveness. So this topic today I want you to post the most best,close,and most trusting friend/family/spouse in your entire Mabi lifetime! And if you want too! Post a picture of you and your best buddy together or just them as a dedication too those Mabi BFFS we all know and love! I have one friend who is actually my mabi daughter right now who has been with me for 4 and a half years....Never deleted her and always looked out for each other, we never asked anything from each other, but always gave presents to surprise the other. We helped each other in bad times, and and picked each other up when we fallen out of line. We always were jolly together smiling and laughing, it was like a party that lasted forever! I Dedicate my Number one Favorite Player of all time is christal444. They only regret is i do not have a screen shot of her right now.>W<
  7. Wolfboy_Gamer

    A way to pass time

    Pretty simple power, imagine yourself getting mugged or attacked by armed enemy. You only need to look into their eyes and break them down mentally in 2 seconds, thus rendering your enemy broken on the ground and you yourself uninjured. Also please do not try to judge other peoples posts of powers. This is a free thinking forum and will not take bullying.^w^
  8. Wolfboy_Gamer

    A way to pass time

    Hey there everyone! Right now I am super bored so I figured why not makeup a random topic for a forum. I started watching some anime when thought of a good topic that might be interesting. The main idea that popped into mind was "powers," a lot of fictional based anime's usually have a diverse unique power the main character or the side characters control. Now to avoid people from stating the justice league or marvel hero's I will say the only restriction on this topic would be anime or manga based powers. So no superman powers or spiderman, because everyone knows them. So Post three power you wish you had, a picture or video clip of the anime character who has them, and include the anime its from. So that way if people don't have to ask for anime shows name. Powers I want: Power: Op Op Devil Fruit Description: Turns anything around the blue circle into one big operation table, Able to slice off limbs and reattach them without killing the victim, including removing the still beating heart of a enemy. Anime: One Piece Character: Trafalgar Law Power: Flash Step Description: The Power to create a burst of speed allowing the user to move faster then the human eye can track. Anime: Bleach or dragon ball z Characters: Majority of all soul reapers in Bleach, All main fighters of Dragon Ball Z Power: Tsukuyomi Description: A illusion Genjutsu that requires eye contact to be perform, In which case the target is trapped in a illusion completely under the users control. With experience user can make a few seconds of the illusion seem like days. Anime: Naruto Character: Itachi Uchiha Cannot wait to hear your guys.
  9. Wolfboy_Gamer


    Welcome to the party my friend!
  10. Wolfboy_Gamer

    What feature would you like?

    Another feature I believe would be a fun skill improvement in the game would to be able to repair your own weapons with the blacksmith skill. I end up spending a fortune of gold to repair my rare and high damage weapons after a couple a dungeons, and i just feel if you are a high level blacksmith you should be able to repair your own gear instead of risking it by using fergus or hoping for blacksmith coupon.
  11. Wolfboy_Gamer

    Mabi Character Drawings

    Hi there everybody you favorite wolf is creating another fun little forum! This topic will be dedicated to art created of your mabinogi character! Post artistic drawing based on your favorite mabinogi characters, but please note give credit to the creator of the image as you do! If you are the original artist than just write in by me! Here is a anime version of Wolfboy60 Created by the player morganmist.
  12. Wolfboy_Gamer

    What feature would you like?

    Another feature that really bugs me is the fact that elfs cannot dual wield swords. It really irritates me because this is the only game ever that made elfs unable to dual wield when every other game does. So my dream of having a fast moving dual knife wielding elf is crushed to dust in a instant before my eyes, and I hate the chefs passion weapon cause to me it is not a dual wield but instead a cooking tool! It makes me so mad cause I have both the elucinator and the dark repulsor and I have to choose between one or the other!
  13. Wolfboy_Gamer

    Pretty huey Glitch I was experiencing the other day

    Haha that also happened to me and poke.We combined hahaha!
  14. Wolfboy_Gamer

    What feature would you like?

    Hi there everyone! Right now I am really bored so I feel like I should make a new forum! I have been a dedicated Mabinogi player for 5 years and I do have a few features I wish would be added to the game. So I figured why not let everyone else chime in their thoughts!. The only thing I want to be added in Mabinogi is a homestead feature that allows you to design the INSIDE of your home or tent. I just feel it would be fun to not just create a great homestead, but also a beautiful house. The basic view of a house party I want to have in Mabinogi ;w;
  15. Wolfboy_Gamer


    Welcome I am the party dog! I really wish you and me were in the same server as me, I have a feeling me and you would be great dancers by your picture!:D Well either way welcome to the party my friend! Pour yourself a drink and party with the family!:D
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