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  1. Its something I always wanted and i know no one had done one before
  2. I was wondering what server will this happen on
  3. you are so right you should do your own work Reta i mean don't be a dick and expect people to just give you things
  4. could someone give me all the bard books to get to rank 1 i would be very grateful thinkyou My character Name is Bloople just so you know
  5. to bad im not on server alexina i could make one but i'm not a bard on there i wish i cond comp and perform i made a person on alexina someone just has to give me all the composing books and musical knowledge books
  6. No internet sucks everyone should get free internet that would be awesome
  7. I drew this because i had no internet today and was super bored.
  8. I would go back to trying to draw or back to playing my ds games what is Peria chronicles
  9. 1 Hunter x Hunter 2 Runma 1/2 3 Astro Boy 4 Magical Index 5 One piece 6 bobobo-bo bo-bobo 7 azumanga Daioh 8 flcl 9 Rave master 10 toriko
  10. Retavr

    TV Show

    Has anyone seen Rick and Morty its really good i love it
  11. Retavr


    think you all you guys are nice oh and you can call me Reta But i like Mari
  12. Retavr


    im new to this site and i like it
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