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Submissions to the Solo database for MapleBeats are temporarily frozen as we work to catch up the current pending list.
If you can speak Japanese and English we are looking for some volunteers to help us create a translated language option for Musical Nexus. Please message Yasuno on the website or in Discord



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  1. Alynnia

    Nier: Automata - Amusement Park

  2. Alynnia

    Counting Game

  3. Alynnia

    Counting Game

    Fortay Sixuuuuuu
  4. Alynnia

    Counting Game

  5. Oooo~ I likey~ *finds a song* o uo
  6. Alynnia

    B>Laighlinne Harp

    I know there's someone willing to sell me this lovely harp~ For now i can offer 15-20m at that range. ^^;
  7. Alynnia


    I mainly play Mercy cause no one likes supporting that much (doubt it but it's my point of view from games i played) and Zarya because buff russian lady is tanky
  8. Alynnia

    Unable to log into Mabinogi?

    A friend of mine isn't able to log in as well. Although I'm still in (left game on) ^^;
  9. Alynnia

    Paragonx9 - Chaoz fantasy (Dani's version)

    Another Chaoz Fantasy~ Very well done for a solo
  10. Alynnia

    The last MML you listened to.

  11. Alynnia

    Counting Game

  12. Alynnia

    Let's get this over with...

    He is mean~ Just kidding~ Love you Poke c: Welcome to Mabibeats and hope you enjoy your stay here~
  13. What a lovely song~ I would do this but I cannot find a music sheet for it to transcribe. Hopefully someone can fulfill your request ^^
  14. Alynnia

    [Fulfilled] Kingdom Hearts

    send me an orchestra music sheet and I'll attempt to transcribe it :D
  15. Alynnia

    What are you listening to?

    This song recently release and starts out with a nice gun beat. It follows up with a violin and amazing chorus. Love it!
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