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Composing in MapleStory2?

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It's very similar to MML the only notable thing I can notice that is different is the ranges. The octaves of the Harp are basically the same as a piano and have a much more broad range. Though the only real downside is that all Tempo changes NEED to be made in each track
not per instrument but per track so that is the only real downside. The other difference is the scrolls from what I remember only come into 3k and 5k total characters. you can have 16 tracks per instrument if I remember and it will ALL fit as long as all the characters add to the Maximum characters of the scroll or less.

Note: I only have played the Harp and Piano there so ranges for other things is unknown
Also, last time I saw they where getting something similar to 3MLE in game
there is also a sound preview for instruments.
I like it because it's impossible to accidentally overplay. Once you're in range you WILL hear the person even if you weren't there when they started. Not to mention you have the free play option which allows you to use your Keyboard as keys to a piano which is a plus but difficult to use.

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