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College and Moar TTwTT


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Well, school has started for me not too long ago. I was assigned with 2 Advanced Placement (AP) classes for my Junior year.
8 Hours of homework per week, It sucks. QQ 

soon after the first semester is over I'm gonna have to deal with Running Start (A program where the student can attend college and high school in one day.) at the next semester. But it's worth it because I can take of 2 years out of 4 to get my AA Degree.

Saying this, i'm not going to be online for quite a while in Mabinogi and Mabibeats. 

How about you guys? How's your school/work/collage going?

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School sure has kept me busy. The bunch of stuff I need to do combined with that I can't be log in and stay up as late as I'm used to has kept me away from Mabinogi, but fortunately not affected too much outside of that when it comes composing and such. I can see it getting worse though >.<

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I'm so sick of college even though I'm only a sophomore. It must be because I'm not in an university (I'm in a technical college finishing my general courses so that I can transfer out).

Fortunately, I gave up on Mabi because most of my old friends just don't play anymore. I'm tired of trying to make new friends as well. It just doesn't work out regardless of how I try to approach people, so there goes my social aspect. I already obtained Soul Star, so my final goal has been achieved. I've nothing else to do on Mabi, so it's best that I drop the game and play when people force me to. Good thing that I stopped now because I need to finish my courses, and then transfer out so that I actually experience college life.

I have a stash of around 14 MMLs that I haven't played, so I think I'll keep them private as well. I don't know if I'll submit them to MabiBeats because a few people have already stolen my MMLs... So much for having credit as a Mabi composer.

I quit Mabi, will only play if people force me to. I hate college with a passion. I have a ton of MMLs and will continue adding to that amount, might not submit because of people stealing my Deemo MMLs.

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Stolen? You could easily prove yourself though considering you share the same name as in-game and are the original poster listed here on the site. o3o

I think he means people compose it in-game and claim they made it. Plus most mabi players are too lazy to go to a website and check for the original poster so they just believe whoever said it is the creator. Ignorance is bliss.


I see that happen with my songs aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime.

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I may be a little over a week late to this topic, but school is still going on. ; - ;

Glorious cs projects everywhere. At least... it's interesting. However, I'm not too sure if interesting makes up for all the sleep I've lost. ; w;

One day, I'll somehow make codes debug themselves. >:C //melts away

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