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  1. BeastExe

    Blood Blockade Battlefront - Sugar Song and Bitter Step

  2. BeastExe

    Honeyworks - Ima Suki ni Naru

  3. BeastExe

    Honeyworks - Wolf

  4. BeastExe

    About time

    Welcome~ I'm more or less the same. Except I barely even have time for barding these days...
  5. BeastExe

    Honeyworks - Tokyo Summer Session

  6. BeastExe

    Counting Game

    15 (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
  7. BeastExe

    Monti - Csárdás

  8. Don't think you can really do anything about slurs, but as for ties you use '&' So using measure 5 as a reference, it'd be e-2&e-8. And idk if this is the correct section to ask. I probably would've asked this in the composers lounge.
  9. BeastExe

    SO! What's everyone doing for the holiday?

    Working for next semester's tuition. Studying for my classes next semester. Being single for life.
  10. BeastExe

    Hello World!

    Welcome, welcome~ Glad you like the music around here. See you around after finals...? //dead
  11. BeastExe

    What feature would you like?

    ...stacking the stats from titles like in Vindi. At this point, I don't know if there's really anything I'd like added on. I guess if they could magically make this game run better...? Getting stuck on that beautiful pleione engine then watching the game crash and burn... - w-
  12. BeastExe


    What time zone? I can probably join you after I get back from work. o 3o b
  13. BeastExe


    Maybe. o: I haven't been on playing for a few months because of school. Only getting on... or attempting to get on for these attendance events. x_x I usually sit around channel 5 if I do decide to do something.
  14. BeastExe


    Welcome~ Maybe I'll see you around Tarlach over the weekends. I'm not much of a social person though. ; w;
  15. BeastExe

    How's everyone's Halloween?

    It was the usual for me. I went to work. I went home and studied. Rolled up in a ball and wonder why I'm such a klutz cause I knocked my raspberry pi off my desk while I was coding. Then proceeded to make my house dark before the kids in the neighborhood came so I didn't have to have more social interactions than necessary. I usually just take candy from my younger brothers after they come back from trick-or-treating.
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