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  1. Koumiki

    Dark Souls - Nameless Song

    Thank you! ;v;
  2. *I'd like to clarify that I'm not sure I can request this because someone already posted it, but I was looking for like a trio version. If someone could make this with the harp/lyre, violin, and something else-- (I would say flute or female vocals, but both of those don't quite capture the sound produced from the vocalist's voice in this song...) If someone could do this for me, I'd be really, really, really really happy. ;v; (Would say I'd love you forever but some people would take that too literal-) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bpI-KeK-PQg
  3. Koumiki

    I can't log into my character. ;A;

    Ha, ha! Changing the channel worked. ;U; Thank you, both of you!
  4. *Someone please tell me if this is in the wrong category, or if someone else has had the same issue and asked about this.* So, two days ago, I left my computer (technically tablet- Surface Pro 4) on overnight, so that I could try and sell some stuff in Belvast. When I woke up yesterday, I realized I had forgotten to plug my computer charger in, so my computer died. Turned my computer back on, saw that Mabi had froze, so I opened task manager and closed Mabinogi. I can reopen it and log in, put in the secondary password and everything is fine. The problem is when I try to sign into the character that was sitting in Belvast, Mabinogi stops responding, and I get a pop-up telling me a problem has occurred and the program needs to be closed. I've tried signing into this character multiple times, but every time I try, this happens. I was able to sign into my unicorn just fine, though- so the problem only occurs with this character. Does anyone have a solution or suggestion for me to try? ;w;
  5. Koumiki

    To the Moon - Everything's Alright

  6. Koumiki

    Nana - Broken Rose

    I LOVE YOU. ;U; I love dis song. ;w; You did wonderful on it.
  7. Koumiki

    Cher Lloyd - Want U Back

  8. Koumiki

    mabinogi Community "the song"?

    I hear people play Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites a lot. As well as Linkin Park. Then again, I haven't really thought of it as overplayed because I love Linkin Park. X'D
  9. Koumiki

    [Fulfilled] Paper Mario TTYD - Shadow Queen Part 2

    It's a shortened version and a five-person ensemble, but here you go. c: *Clickypoo on dis link*
  10. Koumiki

    Alexina Emain Concert for EU Timezone

    Sign me up! >U< I'd love to come and watch. I'm from US, but during the weekends my sleep schedule is out of whack, so chances are I'd be awake during the day. :3
  11. Koumiki

    David Guetta - Titanium ft. Sia

  12. Koumiki

    Paper Mario TTYD - Final Battle (Pt. 2)

  13. Thank you so, so much. ;U; That helps me out, a lot.
  14. First off, someone PLEASE tell me if I posted this in the wrong topic, or if this question has already been answered. I tried looking for anything about this, but I'm coming up with nothing. ;-; Anyways, basically I'm working on changing sheet music to midi for the song "A Little Pain" from the anime Nana. The link below is the sheet music I'm referring to, and on measure five (and further, too) there's a tie. Knowing about slurs would be pretty nice too, but right now I'm only worrying about ties.
  15. Koumiki

    Greetings ^-^

    I'm a Mabi noob in general, but welcome back to the bard community! We hope you enjoy your stay.
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