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What feature would you like?


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Hi there everyone! Right now I am really bored so I feel like I should make a new forum! I have been a dedicated Mabinogi player for 5 years and I do have a few features I wish would be added to the game. So I figured  why not let everyone else chime in their thoughts!. The only thing I want to be added in Mabinogi is a homestead feature that allows you to design the INSIDE of your home or tent. I just feel it would be fun to not just create a great homestead, but also a beautiful house.


The basic view of a house party I want to have in Mabinogi ;w;

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That would be amazing.


Personally, I want a way for any player to re-do their Generation quests (namely the final boss fights of each) and be able to instance raids/dungeon bosses.

For example, there could be an option at the Crystal Ball in Dunbarton library to "Replay Generation" or "Refight Boss" for the Generation quests... the other dungeons (not just Ciar/Rundal) could get Boss Trial passes (even for Abyss bosses - Duke and Sephirot), the Iria dungeons could get special "Boss Rush" artifacts to use instead of passes, and perhaps a new area could be added somewhere (maybe the gate of Metus?) for players to confront the raid bosses directly (solo play would have less/no 'army' spawns in the case of White/Black Dragons).


It would certainly make getting transformations easier.

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I'd like a shared Bank, possibly it could be purchased after marriage or possibly it can be opened for business partners. To prevent scamming and stealing I feel withdraws should be consented by both players if it is beyond the point of the money you've put in there. So if I contribute 10m and someone was to contribute 500k then that someone wanted to withdraw 600k since it's beyond what the put it would ask me if that is OK to withdraw.

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Things I want,....

  • Remove Friends List Cap (200 is far too short I don't even know who to add/delete anymore)
  • Add Chat Filter Option (Seriously, we're in 2015 and most games have this feature by now)
  • New text font that does;t cause so much lag (Please.. this has been demanded for years, its to a point where GeForce GTX 980 vs. Mabinogi = Mabinogi wins)
  • Ability to choose how system announcements are displayed (The ones that scroll on top the screen, would love if you could make them go in the system chat for example)
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An ability to actually grow "real" crops on your homestead.  

A complete Redux of Carpentry.  Sucks that all you can make is bows... and firewood.   Perhaps the most lack luster crafting field in the game.   I don't expect Carpentry to make complicated things, but more "Base" materials to be used for crafting other things should be available in Carpentry craft.   Being everyone wants none Carpentry based bows, all Carpentry is useful for now is making firewood. lol

Handicraft should be able to make Instruments.  

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Another feature that really bugs me is the fact that elfs cannot dual wield swords. It really irritates me because this is the only game ever that made elfs unable to dual wield when every other game does. So my dream of having a fast moving dual knife wielding elf is crushed to dust in a instant before my eyes, and I hate the chefs passion weapon cause to me it is not a dual wield  but instead a cooking tool!

It makes me so mad cause I have both the elucinator and the dark repulsor and I have to choose between one or the other!

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For homesteads:

- Customizable homestead bg (up to those hills you see far away) and even larger HS (Lvl 16+ ?)

-Option to change HS location

-Courcle area to homesteads

-Storage in customizable HS house (gold/items)

-More tree kinds

-More bushes 

-More mansions to choose from (compared to the human houses and so on)

-Bigger ponds / lakes / possible rivers?

-Implement in-game material options to pon-only stuff (sakura trees, colored streetlights, stars...)


-Blacklisting making it unable to send notes

-Violins/Cellos to be louder

-More weapon variety to use with Bash/Rage impact, not only the classic warrior ones 


-Turn guild inviting off option

-Customizable Guild Hall


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Awesome things.


All my want.


Also we need an option to disable PvP completely (like when you right click to "request duel" that option would not show up / same with pet battle) and a way to hide our duel ratio.

And as an expansion to the aforementioned "All dungeons get boss trial passes" let those passes have a solo or party option (party mode wouldn't register on the boss board, obviously)

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Hmmm...It'd be neat if we could switch between servers, but that'd probably be pushing it.  A better engine for Mabinogi would be nice too, but once again, that'd require a lot of effort on Nexon's part.  Something easy...maybe letting same genders hold hands during couples flight?

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Another feature I believe would be a fun skill improvement in the game would to be able to repair your own weapons with the blacksmith skill. I end up spending a fortune of gold to repair my rare and high damage weapons after a couple a dungeons, and i just feel if you are a high level blacksmith you should be able to repair your own gear instead of risking it by using fergus or hoping for blacksmith coupon.

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More things:


-More quests to gain Crusader Levels  (for example, 7 Daily Quests, and you stil need at least 5 to get All Daily Clear).

-Master of Composing Title (lets say by buying a new Book, "Mabibeats Secret Technique to composing".

Equipping this title would let you increase Composing Limits to 1500, 1000, 800.

-Likewise, Master of Musical Knowledge (Similar Book).

Equipping it would let you not go off-key on Jams.

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