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  1. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Tressa, the Merchant

  2. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- They Who Govern Reason

  3. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Ophilia, the Cleric

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    Octopath Traveler- Battle 3

  5. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Cyrus, the Scholar

  6. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Alfyn, the Apothecary

  7. Lachesis

    Counting Game

    This topic is long due for a revival. 289 !
  8. Lachesis

    Games which Allow User Generated MMLs

    Point moot, finally I was lured back to Mabi. Loving each second of it, too. ❤️
  9. Lachesis

    Hello <3

    Such good memories. .... -suspicious look-
  10. Very embarassing to see my last self in this last post. Now, on the matter at hand, I have on my experience seen accidental overplayers/new people who can be politely told, and they happily correct thenselves, And troll people who purposefully ruin everyone's day by overplaying/spamming noise and who will act as if the bards are the ones who are oppresive and not letting them express themselves. The first group is wonderful, and should be befriended, the problem here is how to handle the 2nd group. I agree that blacklisting doesn't resolve the problem. But maybe there could be another way to prepare/mark them in everyone's eyes as a bard troll. Ideas/options: 1. A forum blacklist, copied over to all mabi forums, to increase visibility of the guilty parties, and to encourage EVERYONE to blacklist them in-game. 2. A code of conduct document which the nice people can sign, and everyone can know who are the nice ones, everyone else is a troll by default and should not be accepted. 3. Starting to do concerts in other places, without the knowledge of the trolls. Personally I think this migjt be the best option, but at the same its the hardest to do in reality because people are sometines too lazy to do somewhere else for "just" jamming. That would leave us with just the bards, and the neutral people will just live in a sad, musicless world, and won't ever join tje ranks of the bards. On second thought, I don't like option 3 anymore. Related note: what other music communities are there, that we could join forces to implement a solution with?
  11. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Battle at Journey's End

  12. Lachesis

    Pokemon Sword/Shield- Gym Leader Battle

  13. Lachesis

    Pokemon Sword/Shield- Slumbering Weald

  14. Lachesis

    Pokemon Sword/Shield- Oleana

  15. Lachesis

    Octopath Traveler- Battle 1

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