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  1. Working on Golden Sun 2 tracks c:

  2. Once again moved to play as Atropos11 in Mabi.

    Looking for new song projects to make, too.


  3. B>Radiant Strings

    I got them, no longer looking for more.
  4. S>Hamelin Tuner

    Again, how do we close topics? I really dont know how.
  5. MML to clipboard not working?

    This issue doesnt apply to MabiBeats anymore. How do we close topics? I dont know how.
  6. B>Radiant Strings

    Please contact me if you can sell me some.
  7. Now playing once more in mabi as my original main, Lachesis1.

    1. Lachesis


      Taking a break from making new songs for a week or so.