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  1. Golden Sun 1 - Colosso Battle Theme

    Was hoping there was the sine wave/arpeggio in the music, tried writing this and couldn't figure out the arpeggio. 0:29 u are missing a few notes there. Overall good effort
  2. Golden Sun 2 - Mars Lighthouse

    0:15 sounds off, the notes meant to go lower i think. The rest sounds spot on, well done
  3. Golden Sun 1 - Mercury Lighthouse

    0:05 onwards, the bass sounds a off and its respective repeating sections. I also feel like theres extra notes at around 0:40. It might be because of the amount of instruments played in the actual music itself, but a good interpretation and rendition of the mercury lighthouse
  4. Lonliest Number/Happy Together

  5. tuplets (again)

    ahh, i didnt read the last row fully, i glanced at it and dismissed it as mml equivalent (completely missed the word triplet). I'll include that in my guide later in the future, thanks!
  6. tuplets (again)

    that part is fairly simple, its just that triplets kinda mess me up, I've also never encountered triplets not in '3's and different note values in the triplets also make it more difficult to work with
  7. Mabinogi Duel (TCG) App

    Has anyone tried this app out on their phone before? Like Mabinogi itself, theres a lot of dodgey stuff DevCat needs to fix and improve. I play that game cuz i like hoarding (cards) as i do items in Mabinogi itself. Thoughts on the game?
  8. tuplets (again)

    its okay, its the thought that counts!
  9. tuplets (again)

    Thanks Lachesis and Argysionnach for helping with my query, it would seem that Argy nailed it for me . Still, I appreciate the effort you put into trying to explain it to me Lachesis!
  10. tuplets (again)

    bump: since i'm back i would like to have a go at this song again. However my question still stands. Now since theres more people in the forum, does anyone know how to write those triplets in midi format
  11. Writing from music sheet into mml guide

    Bump: Since I'm kinda back i can kinda keep working on this. I'm not sure if new people who joined the forums recently have seen this or has found it useful, so any feedback whether is was useful to those people would be helpful!
  12. Overwatch

    yea, a lot of people seem to play McCree, Genji and Reaper. Not many ppl like to play supports esp on American servers. Also a lot of Americans are very salty. In australian servers almost nothing is said haha. I find Tracer, Hanzo, DVa and Mercy (if i dont play this like 5 games in a row) fun.
  13. Overwatch

    Its pretty much announced everywhere, anyone play this? if so who are your fav heros and why? (and op heroes) lel
  14. tuplets (again)

    yes, if u type the first line in 3ml, it will almost be a bar and a half