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  1. WinterWyvern

    Australian Anthem

  2. WinterWyvern

    I can't get around this /TT_TT\ plz help!

    SSBU theme.mml I'm not familiar with the theme, but i think i fixed it. 3 tracks of the melody started 1 bar early for some reason.
  3. WinterWyvern

    FMA - Brothers

  4. WinterWyvern

    Question about Grace Notes

    they are both correct yea, i tend to write it in that format values so i know whats going on, so its a preference thing.
  5. WinterWyvern

    Question about Grace Notes

    you essentially put the grace note value(s) in then take the beats of the grace note and remove it from the next non-grace note. for example if you have a grace note of a quaver/half note (which they usually are) then a minum note then you would write it as g8a8&a instead of g8a2. If you think g8 isnt fast enough you can try faster values i.e 16>32>64 etc. i.e g16a16&a8&a and so on
  6. WinterWyvern

    Final Fantasy 1 - Opening Theme

  7. WinterWyvern

    Spirited Away - Always With Me

  8. WinterWyvern

    Two Steps From Hell - Strength of a Thousand Men

  9. WinterWyvern

    Alan Walker - Spectre

  10. WinterWyvern

    Mili - RTRT

  11. WinterWyvern

    Mili - RTRT

  12. WinterWyvern

    Golden Sun 1 - Colosso Battle Theme

    Was hoping there was the sine wave/arpeggio in the music, tried writing this and couldn't figure out the arpeggio. 0:29 u are missing a few notes there. Overall good effort
  13. WinterWyvern

    Golden Sun 2 - Mars Lighthouse

    0:15 sounds off, the notes meant to go lower i think. The rest sounds spot on, well done
  14. WinterWyvern

    Golden Sun 1 - Mercury Lighthouse

    0:05 onwards, the bass sounds a off and its respective repeating sections. I also feel like theres extra notes at around 0:40. It might be because of the amount of instruments played in the actual music itself, but a good interpretation and rendition of the mercury lighthouse
  15. WinterWyvern

    Lonliest Number/Happy Together