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  1. 1. Would you, even if youre in a guild already, like to see the formation of a music guild comprised solely of Bards and Mabibeats people? Even if youre in a guild and dont plan on leaving plz answer. PS: I have no desire to become a guild leader so i would like Yasuno to be the leader and founder of the guild. If he is willing

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This is highly impossible. Yasuno runs this website but he has been inactive in Mabinogi for months. Even if he did come back to make this Guild he would have to pay for VIP or Premium and that's forcing him to pay. Even if he was willing to he wouldn't be active which would mean not many people will join. Furthermore, it will be left to the Officer of the Guild. and since the idea is a Mabibeats Guild then people in Mabibeats would have to join. That would be unfair to people in all other servers not to mention even if he choose a server some people probably like their Guild and want to stay there.

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I don't think you were being inconsiderate Drake, i appreciate the sentiment but as it was mentioned above i haven't been to active in the game for a while due to having a full time job, and going to college full time as well. It is quite hard already for me to run my current website & community projects.

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In Ruairi I have my bard guild that is starting out and trying to get active members. ^^


I had a bard guild called Capriccio for a long time but it has been dead so I decided to make an all new guild in hopes of uniting Ruairis bards more successfully this time.

I recently created Arpeggio as a new bard guild. The guild stone is at the bard camp entrance. ;w;


I know barely anyone plays on my server but if you do feel free to join if you would like.

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Nice~! I love your Guild name it's sounds amazing Arpeggio is broken chords :D
Though the Bard Guild in Alexina is Shiren which is Bard in Chinese but to be more exact it's

though you know there is limits

I am glad you like it. ;-; I took a long time to decide it honestly with some of my bard friends that would be part of the guild. I was worried others wouldn't like the name. ^^;;

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Well, you see, there are some musical guilds out there in Mabinogi. (specifically in Alexina server)

I'm sure most of the members in all musical guilds in Mabinogi has heard of us, or members of this community~

Having a Mabibeats guild would be a struggle for some, because we would have to make the guild in one server of the game, and make another character and lvl it up again.

If your plan is to make only one Mabibeats guild in Mabinogi, then all of the members of this community have to be in the same server as Lord Yasuno. (Which is Alexina)

But, I think its better to have someone else as guild leader, someone that is active in Mabinogi.

We can't always rely on Yasuno, since he is already carrying this community for us. (REAL MVP!)

Let's give'em a brake. But if he does lead it with no problems at all, that's fine too.

I'm looking from a different perspective for this. We gotta care for our fellow members too.:bingo:

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The other problem is for people who are already in a guild they enjoy. I see heaps of people not in guilds but plenty of people are already. As for leadership, not sure if leader is something I could do but I'd be all for helping support the guild since until I figure out 3mle I wont be posting any music scores and I have a feeling there are more like me out there. I guess my point is that a guild would be good, you just need to get the members for it.

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What was the guild that GHOSTLYBARD was the leader of in Tarlach? I swear that was a bard guild. Maybe it died though...

It's Capulet. And though they have some bards, they don't really main bard. They're more of an RP guild more than anything else.

(Also, I hate that guy with a disgusting passion.)

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