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    Hi all,

    You can read more information about the opening of the site, on the Starbards site itself but i just wanted to make you all aware that the site is now available, and open to accepting ABC Music submissions. For any of you that play Starbound, and play music in Starbound i look forward to seeing you on there as well!

    *NOTE - Your MabiBeats login DOES work on the StarBards site, you do not have to re-register!

    Starbards Site


    Hi everyone, as you can see the site has been updated but i was just finishing up a few things before making a news post. Most things you will be able to see for yourself.. But here is a short list.


    Website & Forum Updates

    • - Halloween banner in effect until October ends.
    • - New Forum Skin.
      • o Ability to change page background by clicking the paint brush in the top right.
    • - Forum posting has been fixed in all the forums.
    • - Pinned topics, and normal topics are now clearly divided by a separator.
    • - When viewing the topic list for a forum, a column has been added to show the topic rep count.
    • - Mabinogi Information profile fields have been changed to a hover tool tip in topics.
    • - Signatures have been enabled, but the options vary per group. Stipulations listed below in spoiler.
    • - Max Rep you can give per day now varies per group.
    • - PM Restrictions now vary per group.
    • - Spoiler button added to the editor.
    • - The music hall "main" listing page has been slightly condensed for a better viewing experience.
    • - Comment tab in submissions disabled, in favor of only having a review tab. (Less confusion)
    • - The MabiBeats 3ML Version has been updated to V2 (Change log can be found on download page)
    • - Various bug fixes, and QOL changes i am probably forgetting to mention.



    • - You can now access our network site by a shortened url of TBNT.win
    • - New network bar running across the top to link to our other (under construction) sites.
    • - Easy to access Network Status button. (Page is not Finished)
    • - Login Handler changed, to allow synced registration and logins across all of our sites.
      • o Ex: If you registered on MabiBeats you are already registered on AnimeGrid, and StarBards


    New Group Enhancements Information

    Information about signatures, rep, etc in the spoiler below

    INITIATE -     3 Rep Per Day
                          No Signature Allowed
                          PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 2
                             - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 1


    MEMBER -     6 Rep Per Day
                          1 Line Signature Allowed (After 5 Days of Joining)
                              - No Links
                          PM Rules same as Initiate


    VETERAN  -   10 Rep Per Day
                           2 Line Signature Allowed
                              - No Links
                           PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 3
                              - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 2


    SENIOR -        15 Rep Per Day
                            2 Line Signature Allowed
                               - No Links
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 3
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 2


    SUPERIOR -    20 Rep Per Day
                            3 Line Signature Allowed
                               - No Links
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 4
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 3


    EPIC USER -   25 Rep Per Day
                            3 Line Signature Allowed
                               - 1 Link
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 4
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 3


    LEGENDARY- 35 Rep Per Day
                            4 Line Signature Allowed
                               - 2 Links
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 4
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 3
                            Allowed to change Display name (Twice every 30 days)
                            Legendary (Orange) glow around forum Avatar


    DONOR -         35 Rep Per Day
                            4 Line Signature Allowed
                               - 5 Links
                               - 1 Image
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 5
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 5
                            Allowed to change Display name (Once every 5 days)
                            Donor (Gold) glow around forum Avatar


    SSR Applications

    By 🌟Yasuno, in Announcement,



    Due to me being so busy in RL at the moment, and not being able to truly scout people out for SSR (or even Verified Composer really) right now i have created a short form that can be filled out on the parent site (TheBetaNet) which will then be sent to my primary e-mail for me to review. If you have been interested in joining the SSR Team please take the time to fill out this form, which will also let me know that you are serious about the position.

    If you are a brand new member, have never posted nor contributed anything your chances of being accepted are zero. Soon i will also link to a Verified Composer application form as well which will have a different set of questions to help me determine if you should be promoted for those of you that are interested and do not want to wait any longer for me to scout.

    Link to SSR Application can be found - here




    Hello everyone!

    Would like to apologize for the unexpected downtime and maintenance mode. We ran an upgrade on our community to take us to the latest software version from Invision Power and the upgrade process timed out when running on the database which resulted in it breaking the upgrade, and our main installation. There was a problem with the database server, it stopped accepting new writes of data entirely it seemed but once that was resolved, i then had to work with IPB to get the installation to continue and fix itself from being broken.

    All is resolved now, if you see anything odd please let me know. Happy Barding!

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