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    SSR Applications

    By 🌟Yasuno, in Announcement,



    Due to me being so busy in RL at the moment, and not being able to truly scout people out for SSR (or even Verified Composer really) right now i have created a short form that can be filled out on the parent site (TheBetaNet) which will then be sent to my primary e-mail for me to review. If you have been interested in joining the SSR Team please take the time to fill out this form, which will also let me know that you are serious about the position.

    If you are a brand new member, have never posted nor contributed anything your chances of being accepted are zero. Soon i will also link to a Verified Composer application form as well which will have a different set of questions to help me determine if you should be promoted for those of you that are interested and do not want to wait any longer for me to scout.

    Link to SSR Application can be found - here




    Hello everyone!

    Would like to apologize for the unexpected downtime and maintenance mode. We ran an upgrade on our community to take us to the latest software version from Invision Power and the upgrade process timed out when running on the database which resulted in it breaking the upgrade, and our main installation. There was a problem with the database server, it stopped accepting new writes of data entirely it seemed but once that was resolved, i then had to work with IPB to get the installation to continue and fix itself from being broken.

    All is resolved now, if you see anything odd please let me know. Happy Barding!


    Here is a list of ranks that have been implemented, unlike most communities where it goes solely by post count, our's goes by total content count. This includes music hall submissions, forum posts, and other contributions including reviews of songs. Here is the list below, with the required content count to reach it.



    Starting Rank - Nothing Required


    10 Content Count


    50 Content Count


    100 Content Count


    250 Content Count


    380 Content Count


    650 Content Count



    This rank is Admin Invite only


    Not Available


    Just a quick announcement for a shout out to our new SSR's.. and our first forum moderator. As a note: SSR's only have mod power in the music halls, while only forum moderators have power over the forum. Their powers do not over lap to make sure we can keep the roles focused on what they should be doing and watching for.




    Senior Forum Moderator


    If you ever want to keep up to date with "who does what" on the site, you can always check the staff directory located here.

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