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  • Some Songs lost from MapleStory 2 section of website.


    Hi everyone,

    The maintenance and server / database move went without a hitch so this issue is not related to that.

    What Happened

    Unfortunately during the maintenance I realized that I made a mistake a week back or so with some of the file storage. Some of the older MapleStory2 song listings were using a different format for the MS2MML file download than we currently use.

    I mistakenly thought we had updated them all already but it turns out, this was not the case. Unfortunately I was not able to find any backups of this particular storage block either. I was able to get a count of the songs that were lost in this process, and due to the MS2MML files no longer being available nor the MML code in general I have removed all of the listings associated with the broken MS2MML files.

    • Solo - 695
    • 2 Person - 45
    • 3 Person - 10
    • 4 Person - 10
    • 5 Person - 7
    • 6 Person - 7
    • 7 Person - 2
    • 8 Person - 3
    • 9 Person - 1
    • 10 Person - 0

    Those numbers are the exact counts of the amount of songs that were lost in each section for MapleStory 2. I greatly apologize for this blunder, it pains me as we lost a lot of GREAT music submissions from users who do not even visit the site any longer. If you are still an active user from back in the days of MapleStory2 beta you will have to resubmit those songs. All of the above songs that were lost were from early May - August 2018.


    How will we prevent this from happening again

    I have actually already solved this issue. Previously before the site maintenance we were on a lone dedicated server box with a lot of inefficiencies and old back end set ups. I did not just clone the server hard drive and move it to the cloud, I redid the entire back end of how my websites are setup as well as the databases, search service, etc. I then moved over all of the data separately and re-imported the databases from scratch.

    An added benefit of now being in the "Cloud" is that our data no longer lives on one lone hard drive either, it is split up and duplicated in the "Cloud". We also have automatic scheduled back ups now that shoot off into a separate backup storage block in a different datacenter that the cloud provider has.

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