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    Hi all, we finally have completed our server migration and move of our websites. With it comes much improved site stability, faster loading times, and just an overall better site going experience! Unfortunately our old host who we had been with for over a year starting showing serious service degradation with in the last few months and refused to fix their back end mysql cluster which was causing endless time outs for us especially during busy times, we currently reach 1.6 million hits a month on just mabibeats! So thanks to our staff members @A_Dirty_Couch and @cookies1 who helped provide money to get us our own dedicated server! It's quite beefy to as we got it on a good special/sale from the data center. Our new dedicated server is not only beefy, but we have unlimited bandwidth and 6 terabytes of hard drive space to use!


    Coming up next i will be releasing the showcase hall! Stay tuned for further updates and community enhancements as well.


    If you run across any bugs, please let me know or post it on the forums!





    Hi all, it's been a while since we had a post first i just want to post about some site updates we have done for the music halls..


    Site Updates

    • - All music halls have finished being brought in line with the new skin color scheme..
    • - Instrument Icons re-done, cleaner font, correct color scheme
    • - Rank & Part images re-done, same as above
    • - Music Player colors updated to new site scheme
    • - MML To Clipboard button colors and font updated to new scheme
    • - Author Comment boxes updated to match new color scheme
    • - Font colors inside the code boxes updated for color scheme
    • - Updated the Microphone option in the instrument list to have a Male & Female Option to better distinct them
    • - Added a "Fantastic Chorus" option to the solo hall. When one of the options are selected it will show a banner like in the picture below to give notice to users that this song sounds better with fantastic chorus. A male, female and then a (M) & (F) option are available. An example picture is below for when both male and female is selected
    • oWqxJ0s.png




    Scheduled Downtime

    Coming up we will be having scheduled down time. During this time we will actually be moving all of our sites to a new server cluster. We will be leaving our shared host we are on currently, to our own VPS cluster to better facilitate the needs of our site. And to also fix the latency and time out problems we have been experiencing for a few months now.

    We have tried working with our host on this issue, but they refuse to acknowledge the problem is on their end (hint, it is. Their MySQL Back End servers are over loaded, and causing the time outs). Because they still have no fixed it even after 2 months we will be making the move to our own. Doing so will enable us to do the following..


    • - Transition to PHP7 (Performance Increase)
    • - Transition from MySQL to MariaDB (Performance Increase)
    • - Enable Op, and MemCaching (Performance Increase)
    • - Switch from Apache to Nginx (Performance Increase)
    • - More Hard Drive Space
    • - Dedicated 2GB Network Lines


    The move will take some time, as MabiBeats alone is about 15GB, and the host is capping our backup file download speeds from the server.  I do not have an exact  date and time for the start of the down time as of yet. But i will keep you all posted!


    Hi all,

    You can read more information about the opening of the site, on the Starbards site itself but i just wanted to make you all aware that the site is now available, and open to accepting ABC Music submissions. For any of you that play Starbound, and play music in Starbound i look forward to seeing you on there as well!

    *NOTE - Your MabiBeats login DOES work on the StarBards site, you do not have to re-register!

    Starbards Site


    Hi everyone, as you can see the site has been updated but i was just finishing up a few things before making a news post. Most things you will be able to see for yourself.. But here is a short list.


    Website & Forum Updates

    • - Halloween banner in effect until October ends.
    • - New Forum Skin.
      • o Ability to change page background by clicking the paint brush in the top right.
    • - Forum posting has been fixed in all the forums.
    • - Pinned topics, and normal topics are now clearly divided by a separator.
    • - When viewing the topic list for a forum, a column has been added to show the topic rep count.
    • - Mabinogi Information profile fields have been changed to a hover tool tip in topics.
    • - Signatures have been enabled, but the options vary per group. Stipulations listed below in spoiler.
    • - Max Rep you can give per day now varies per group.
    • - PM Restrictions now vary per group.
    • - Spoiler button added to the editor.
    • - The music hall "main" listing page has been slightly condensed for a better viewing experience.
    • - Comment tab in submissions disabled, in favor of only having a review tab. (Less confusion)
    • - The MabiBeats 3ML Version has been updated to V2 (Change log can be found on download page)
    • - Various bug fixes, and QOL changes i am probably forgetting to mention.



    • - You can now access our network site by a shortened url of TBNT.win
    • - New network bar running across the top to link to our other (under construction) sites.
    • - Easy to access Network Status button. (Page is not Finished)
    • - Login Handler changed, to allow synced registration and logins across all of our sites.
      • o Ex: If you registered on MabiBeats you are already registered on AnimeGrid, and StarBards


    New Group Enhancements Information

    Information about signatures, rep, etc in the spoiler below

    INITIATE -     3 Rep Per Day
                          No Signature Allowed
                          PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 2
                             - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 1


    MEMBER -     6 Rep Per Day
                          1 Line Signature Allowed (After 5 Days of Joining)
                              - No Links
                          PM Rules same as Initiate


    VETERAN  -   10 Rep Per Day
                           2 Line Signature Allowed
                              - No Links
                           PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 3
                              - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 2


    SENIOR -        15 Rep Per Day
                            2 Line Signature Allowed
                               - No Links
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 3
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 2


    SUPERIOR -    20 Rep Per Day
                            3 Line Signature Allowed
                               - No Links
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 4
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 3


    EPIC USER -   25 Rep Per Day
                            3 Line Signature Allowed
                               - 1 Link
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 4
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 3


    LEGENDARY- 35 Rep Per Day
                            4 Line Signature Allowed
                               - 2 Links
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 4
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 3
                            Allowed to change Display name (Twice every 30 days)
                            Legendary (Orange) glow around forum Avatar


    DONOR -         35 Rep Per Day
                            4 Line Signature Allowed
                               - 5 Links
                               - 1 Image
                            PM's Allowed to start Per Day - 5
                               - Maximum Recipients Per PM - 5
                            Allowed to change Display name (Once every 5 days)
                            Donor (Gold) glow around forum Avatar

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