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  • Version History

    • 09/20/2019
      • Added new Drum Set instrument
      • Added new version of Harp
        • Marked with a (New) tag in 3MLE, we left the old sounds just in case.
      • Added new version of Tuned Flute and Whistle
        • Marked with a (New) tag in 3MLE, we left the old sounds just in case.
    • 01/14/2017
      • Old Instruments have been updated to reflect Music Q Patch
      • Tuned Instruments Added: Flute, Whistle, Violin and Cello
      • Electric Guitar, Violin and Cello sound have changed:
        • The distortion effect no longer sounds awkward for guitar
        • Violin and Cello sounds cut off earlier than before (Same goes for Tuned Versions)
      • Harp no longer needs to go to o0 as all the sounds have been shifted up 1 octave, so o0 -> o1 -> o2, etc.
      • Bass Drum's o2 d+ is no longer a different drum sound.
    • 02/03/2016
      • Harp Added to Instrument List options (Thanks Blargel!)
    • 09/27/2015
      • Updated the included .dls file to fix some issues with Voices, and Chorus
      • Removed superfluous (unused) voices, and chorus and now only point to NA Versions
      • Fixed Snare Drum to what it sounds like in-game, instead of the real snare sounds in the file.
      • Added an option to still use the other Snare Drum sound.
      • Merged Festival Instruments from the KR files, into our NA .DLS file.
      • Added Festival Instrument versions to the instrument drop down. 
    • 04/15/2015
      • First Release



    • Version History

      • 10/19/2019
        • The following instruments have been added:
          • Koto
          • Shamisen
          • Shakuhachi
          • Taiko Drum
      • 07/28/2018
        • The Tom Tom (Formerly, TomTam) has been updated to point to the correct sound files.
          • The name has also been corrected from Nexon's Translation error of "TomTam" to "Tom Tom"
      • 05/17/2018
        • First release of 3MLE MapleBeats Edition
          • All instruments that show in the in-game composer have been added to the instrument list.
          • The .DLS using the same sounds as MS2 has been included in the package.
        • The instrument list is grouped by the instruments family.
        • 3MLE itself has had some aesthetic changes for branding purposes.
          • The "About" section has been updated to include a link to our site since we have been the maintainer for a few years.
          • The icon for the MapleBeats version has been updated to the MS Mushroom.
          • The window title now notes that it is the MapleBeats edition for clarity.
        • The TomTam might currently be assigned to the wrong ID. This will be double checked during next MS2 Beta, or Release.



      • Musical Nexus Discord
      • There are now two versions of 3MLE available. One is for MabiBeats which is geared toward the game Mabinogi, while the other is for MapleBeats which is geared toward MapleStory 2. They do have different instrument lists, and different .DLS sound files so please make sure you download the appropriate version for your needs.

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