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Maple Beats Solos are now available to submit to again!
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    The Submission Limit System and Auto Unapprove system have been completed and now implemented. Below is an explanation of what each one accomplishes.


    Submission Limit System

    This allows us to set a cap on how many submissions you can have pending at any one time. Once you reach the limit you will not be able to submit anymore songs until some of them have been approved. There is a counter in the top right that will let you keep track of how many you have pending as well as their approval/rejection status.

    Your current submission pending limit can be found in the top right bar to the left of the notifications.



    If you click on the Pending text it will drop down a window similar to the notification window. Here we can see that my first submission of Megalovania was removed or rejected. If it is removed or rejected you will get a private message about it from an SSR Member with a reason.

    For the most recent submission we can see it has a flag, this means it is still pending approval and has not been touched yet.


    When an submission is approved the flag will be replaced with a green check mark:


    You are able to click on the song title and it will take you straight to the submission. The list will only show about the most recent 15 submissions, if you want to see previous ones then you can click on "View All" to see the entire history list.



    Here are the current group limits for submissions:

    • Default Group Limit: 8 Submissions
    • Composer Group Limit: 10 Submissions
    • Pro Group Limit: 12 Submissions

    This system also helps us to keep the submissions pages mixed up instead of having one user across 5 pages in a row because they were submitting many at once. But aside from this it also helps us and our staff keep the queue in check instead of letting it get to upwards of 600 submissions pending.


    Auto Unapprove System

    We now have an automatic unapproval system. This means that when you edit certain fields in your submission that require a manual check or intervention from the SSR team that the record will unapprove (be hidden) until it has been checked and updated.

    Yes, this does mean you no longer need to report your post for an update. The system will detect that certain fields have been edited and notify us automatically for an update!

    The following fields will always unapprove a post temporarily for reapproval:

    • 3MLE Save File Uploads (MapleBeats)
    • MML Code Box (MabiBeats)
    • Recommended Instrument Choice
    • Piano Roll Preview (Pro Member Option)

    If any of the above fields are edited in your submission after approval then it will temporarily unapprove it until it has been updated by us.


    Hi everyone,

    The maintenance and server / database move went without a hitch so this issue is not related to that.

    What Happened

    Unfortunately during the maintenance I realized that I made a mistake a week back or so with some of the file storage. Some of the older MapleStory2 song listings were using a different format for the MS2MML file download than we currently use.

    I mistakenly thought we had updated them all already but it turns out, this was not the case. Unfortunately I was not able to find any backups of this particular storage block either. I was able to get a count of the songs that were lost in this process, and due to the MS2MML files no longer being available nor the MML code in general I have removed all of the listings associated with the broken MS2MML files.

    • Solo - 695
    • 2 Person - 45
    • 3 Person - 10
    • 4 Person - 10
    • 5 Person - 7
    • 6 Person - 7
    • 7 Person - 2
    • 8 Person - 3
    • 9 Person - 1
    • 10 Person - 0

    Those numbers are the exact counts of the amount of songs that were lost in each section for MapleStory 2. I greatly apologize for this blunder, it pains me as we lost a lot of GREAT music submissions from users who do not even visit the site any longer. If you are still an active user from back in the days of MapleStory2 beta you will have to resubmit those songs. All of the above songs that were lost were from early May - August 2018.


    How will we prevent this from happening again

    I have actually already solved this issue. Previously before the site maintenance we were on a lone dedicated server box with a lot of inefficiencies and old back end set ups. I did not just clone the server hard drive and move it to the cloud, I redid the entire back end of how my websites are setup as well as the databases, search service, etc. I then moved over all of the data separately and re-imported the databases from scratch.

    An added benefit of now being in the "Cloud" is that our data no longer lives on one lone hard drive either, it is split up and duplicated in the "Cloud". We also have automatic scheduled back ups now that shoot off into a separate backup storage block in a different datacenter that the cloud provider has.



    Hey Everyone,


    Website Maintenance

    Edit: Website Maintenance is now complete, no hiccups have been found during my testing.

    If you find anything wrong with certain website sections please let me know right away.


    Hello Japan

    I just wanted to throw in a quick shout out to all of our new Japan visitors, I am not sure where our website got shared at but for the first time ever Japan has taken the spot for #1 visitors to our website for this month. Japan is at 2.6 million visits this month and rising while the USA is at 1.9 million.

    If you are a native Japanese speaker, that can also speak/type English well then please send me a private message on here or in Discord if you would like to contribute translations for the website so that system text can be in Japanese if the Japanese language option is selected.


    @ADirtyCouch Retirement

    Couch has now retired from the website after years of service. Couch started as an SSR (Song Submission Review) team member and worked his way up to being a website administrator. He has helped me through many situations and issues with the website as well as provided answers and training to volunteer staff and users.

    He has a busy real life currently and has not been able to contribute to the website for some time. He asked to be moved to the retired role, and as of this post he is now in the retired staff group.

    If you also have appreciated Couch's service to our website send him a note and let him know!



    Hi All,

    Since the update came out that added Cymbals, Snare Drum, and a Bass Drum I have updated 3MLE to add these instruments plus the Celesta and Recorder.

    The drums in-game only play 1 note sound, no matter which note you play. To try to mimic this function I have locked the drums in 3MLE to their corresponding notes in-game. Normally with drums you can have a little bit of variance in the sounds, or since this is digital use pitch bending to achieve the same function.

    Nexon has opted out of this method so the drums have been locked to their 1 sound. Unlike in-game where you can play any note to hear the sound, you must keep your notes on the right note in 3MLE to hear the drum sound. The drums have been locked to the following notes:

    Snare Drum: D2
    Bass Drum: C2
    Cymbals: C3

    When viewing the drum in the instrument list, it is also included in it's name what the notes need to be.


    These sounds are originally in the drum kit. I extracted them from the drumkit dls and spliced them manually back as individual instruments so they can be selected correctly in 3MLE.

    We can see here how it sounds, as long as they are on the right note as in the video:


    You can download the new version of 3MLE Maple Beats Edition on its usual download page here.




    Hi all,

    A new feature has been added to the site allowing you to bookmark forum posts and submissions in the music databases. This will allow you to categorize and bookmark your favorite music on the site and keep it all in one handy place. 



    • You can set a bookmark as Private or Public, if the bookmark is public it will appear on your profile.
      • Private bookmarks will not show up in your profile, or on the activity feed.
      • You can "Sticky" a bookmark to the top of your list, and if it is public to the top of your profile.
    • You can create categories for your bookmarks, break them up between solos and ensembles, your favorites, or maybe a playlist for Halloween, Christmas, Touhou, Undertale, Meme, Etc
    • You can export your bookmarks to XML or HTML format for external sharing.


    Where To Access

    You can access Your Bookmarks anytime by clicking on your username in the top right, and then clicking on "My Bookmarks"


    Once in that area, you will be able to see your bookmark categories and view them all at once or filtered by categories only.



    Profile Bookmarks

    If a user has their bookmarks as public you will see a new tab on their profile simply named "My Bookmarks", you will be able to see a list of their bookmarks.

    As an example you can see my public bookmarks here: Yasuno Bookmarks



    How to Bookmark

    When you are viewing a submission, the "Bookmark" button will now appear next to where the Report Submission button it at the bottom of the post.



    If you have any questions please feel free to respond to this announcement post, or ask in our Discord.

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