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9 hours ago, Falaflame said:

I'm definitely hype.

But I'm saddened I probably wont get the tuner by the time this update happens. ;w;

Same. ; w ; I'm also dreading the starting prices for any new items...haha...BUT I AM STILL HYPE! >:D NOTHING SHALL DERAIL THE HYPE TRAIN...hopefully.

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The hype for me when KR had this update was updated instrument files cause the trailer made them sound so good. However, instead, I was hugely disappointed that NONE of the instrument files were updated in any way (unless it'll be different for NA or there was information I missed).

Edit: I just read this from a forum post on mabination whoops

"One thing I really don't like about the update is how they messed with the old instruments.

Electric Guitar's fix is good, but they also changed instruments volume, which is not good. If you were using V15 on flute in a big party jam, reducing flute volume means Velocity value for every single track needs to be readjusted. Since V0 to V15 does not scale linearly, you cannot simply do V(x-1) for each track and expect it will work.

And they nerfed Cello so that the maximum note duration is like 2.5 sec before decaying, which destroyed many good MMLs."


The nice thing about this update though is I think 16 man bands are now possible lol.

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I'm still hyped for it, honestly. And even if they changed the volumes around, I honestly think it's for the better. V15 flutes, while they may be fine in jams, are especially grating on the ears when played solo. So jammers will have to play around the new changes, if I must say so myself.

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On 12/11/2016 at 9:45 PM, Yasuno said:

Those instruments look pretty nice actually. Now all we need is to use the exact same function that the Free Play thing uses (hitting the key combos) and implement that with dancing, then we have DDR!

Don't we already have that if you got the traveling music boom box from doki doki?

Just turn off background music and dance to the music being played? (never used it while someone is playing music so idk if it blocks it out or not)

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3 hours ago, opalthira said:

Don't we already have that if you got the traveling music boom box from doki doki?

Just turn off background music and dance to the music being played? (never used it while someone is playing music so idk if it blocks it out or not)

I believe we do have it. o: There was a permanent and temporary version, iirc, but idk if it blocks out sound or not.

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6 hours ago, Kyubeii said:

So what exactly do we get? "music q is comming" on nexon site doesnt rly say much and i wont watch that stream

There's going to be a music dungeon that you can get stuff from, including some of the Milky Way instruments (from dailies I think? I can't remember). There's also gonna be new quests, one of which the GMs said will give the Milky Way Lute, if I remember correctly. The composing interface will be updated with a keyboard and a couple of other things, and there will now be a board for sharing MMLs in-game. We'll also be getting some hot-time events, although I don't know what we will get from them. HOWEVER, I think one of them, iirc, is the Music Q outfit the GMs were wearing in the stream. A new action we'll be getting from the update is the Freestyle Jam, which is kinda like DDR but with instruments. There's also a...I can't remember the name for it, but there's a jam mode where it should cancel out all other sound (or at least other instruments) so you can play your jam without interference. I also heard (not from the stream, but forums) that the instrument midis and how some instruments were being handled were getting updated, but I'm not 100% sure how much so.

Most of this is scattered bits I remember off the top of my head from the stream and forums, but we'll see what we'll get specifically come Thursday.

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15 hours ago, Flameberge said:

dunno read that there using a new midi table whatever that means going to guess that we have to change the ranges on most of the old codes.

I heard that they did change how some instruments were handled, but we'll see. o: I would probably test the old MMLs first when it comes out, just in case, before updating them.

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I think i will delete all of my mmls on here again or ask if they can switch it into showcase somehow. Just found several of my songs from here on the mabi bard thing without any credit even tho u could just put my name in the comment. hmm..


Least they could do is spell it right....

I think ill let my songs on here but i wont upload any new ones 


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